Lisa Marie Presley said actor Austin Butler ‘honored’ Elvis in new film portrayal

Butler spoke with Elvis’ daughter in a “20/20” interview about portraying the “King of Rock and Roll” in the new “Elvis” film.

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26 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley said actor Austin Butler ‘honored’ Elvis in new film portrayal

  1. I know watching these biopics (or maybe they should be called myopics) movies are the in thing now, but for those who actually read books still and want to know the real story of Elvis Presley, Id suggest reading or at least listening to the audiobooks of these two definitive books by Peter Guralnick:

    Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley


    Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley

    Sounds like this movie is kind of jumping on the Elton John and Freddie Mercury movie train. Both had much fiction in them. Both were historically inaccurate and only about 75% truth.

    I mean I get it. People dont want documentaries for entertainment and creative license is taken. But honestly, these biopic musical dramas are not very truthful.

    From what I gather though the lead actor seems to capture the essence of Elvis well. And I am sure the Presley estate will clean up nicely. This movie will no doubt help Lisa get back on her feet financially. That is not a knock on her. Why not get some cash? Her father wouldnt want her in debt and that extra pressure on her.

    Having said that, I take anyones opinion involved in possible profits from a movie that is under the pressue of debt with a huge grain of salt. Maybe they are a fan and believe what they say. Or maybe they want the movie to make even more money than the Mercury biopic made. Showbiz folks. Never can tell what the truth really is. Especially when it comes to the hype.

    Would love to see a series made from those two books though. Now that would be awesome if done right.

  2. I’m sorry but he does not look like Elvis to me lol, and Susan Walters played the best Pricilla Presley hands down 🙌 but I am very excited to see the movie. But still, Elvis and Me will always be my favorite! ❤️

  3. Butler looks like he did a good job on the movie. Movie looks interesting.
    Gotta say though, he looked a lot more like John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" , more or less.
    Still, cool that Lisa Marie gave her seal of approval.

  4. Good to see her again!!! She's been through so much in this life!! She lost her father at a very early age, then the passing of Michael Jackson who she claimed she loved so much despite of their separation ..And finally the most heartbreaking one for her was her son's passing 🙏🏻 what a brave woman Lisa, losing the most important men on her life should be devastating

  5. That's is so awesome 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 😎 👌 👏 👍 😍

  6. When I drove to Colorado last year I stopped in Memphis to see Lisa Marie's son and dad's grave site. As well as his mom, dad, grandma, baby brother. It was a truly special place his home. I'm glad Lisa Marie is participating on this latest project in this wonderful way to honor her dad. She's been thru so much and my heart extends to her and all her family. My heart breaks for the loss of her son. I hope she is ok.

  7. He doesn’t even look and sound like him….how they chose him to be Elvis is head scratching! Sorry but Las Vegas Elvis’s would of done better than this dude…just the truth

  8. Nice to see Lisa trying to function after what she's been through you're always in my thoughts Lisa and yes it seems like the movies going to be good I like the fact you guys are in The Jungle Room

  9. I hate how she's just seen as "Elvis' daughter". She earned the nickname as "Princess of Rock and Roll" and deserved to be known AS herself. What a badass woman.

  10. My heart breaks for her, the loss of her son has left her utterly broken. I hope this film about her father gives her hope.

  11. Lisa definitely has her dad's face! My opinion he started going into the dark after his mother died. The divorce and not seeing his child regularly added to the darkness!

  12. Sweet, Sweet Spirit!🕊💙🙏🏼💙🕊🎶
    God Bless You Lisa.
    You’ve had such an unimaginable hard two years since the passing of your beautiful beloved son, Ben. May your heart be comforted to know your beautiful loving daddy & your son are together in Paradise.

    It’s really nice to see beautiful Lisa Marie.
    Elvis has always been so proud of his lil Yisa!
    He always protected his lil button nose Yisa & loved her with all his heart & soul and I’m sure he’s looking down from Heaven watching over Lisa & his grandkids!
    Elvis is singing lead with the choir of angels along with his best loyal buddies, like JD Sumner, singing his favorite Gospel songs!
    We love you, Yisa & are always proud of you!
    Please record more Gospel duets with your Daddy!
    A quote from Elvis, “The Lord really messed up on me when He didn’t make me a bass singer”
    “Until We Meet Again,
    May God Bless You,
    As He Has Blessed Me”
    Elvis Presley


  13. @ Michael King you started off saying something nice about Sir EP the King, then you went on later about how Johnny Cash n Jerry Lewis kind of famous before Sir EP, and then you went into him stealing from the blacks and lived a great life while they are suffering in his evil hands. where are you coming from? Have you done all your research to come up with this hatred. were you there at that period or just riding on the band wagon like everyone else? Go watch the movie and do your research please. Don't be a hater. research and find the truth. No one else had the guts then to stand up for black music. he put his career in line for believing in what is right, and did give a shyte to the white mass. I respect that more than anything else. I saw a black man who hated Elvis from his childhood to-date becoz he was told Elvis stole from blacks. his friend persuaded him to watch the movie. reluctantly he did, and was an eye opener for him. after that he went and research Elvis and the legendary black musicians then. he was shocked that all the lies he held onto to-date was unfounded. Mike you have some strong views on here and contradicted yourself. Some people may not read or caught on to your comments when you replied but Give Austin and EP a break. This movie was well researched and as the saying goes Fool you. There will be more seeing the Movie than those who criticized and don't. so it don't matter, his legacy will still go on. fan from New Zealand

  14. Listen if Lisa could say that! Then you know it’s good and Austin did what needed to be done. Because Lisa don’t play about her dad and she would not publicly endorsed this if she truly didn’t mean it.

  15. I don't know ihate when they say there's a new Elvis movie I said they will never be a new Elvis Presley movie out because it's not Elvis Presley it's some one imatating him I will watch the New movie but I now it's not him but

  16. My cousin and his wife saw Elvis in Vegas many years ago,he wiped his sweaty brow with one if his scarfs and threw it directly to her ,she nearly fainted .

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