‘My party has utterly failed the American people’: Rep. Adam Kinzinger | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., on “This Week.”

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23 thoughts on “‘My party has utterly failed the American people’: Rep. Adam Kinzinger | ABC News

  1. The death threat against Adam just shows the Far Right is out of control at the moment! Enough is enough! Thankyou Adam! Unlike my congressman Tom Emmer who chose not to speak out nor hold Trump accountable you are a man of honor! I chose to vote for good moral character people like you!

  2. I am sad for the American People. How can this be fixed, with unscrupulous people like the former President being allowed to tell lies right from the start without any consequences, except to make a large number of you believe his lies and help in the destruction of a great Country. Not once great, still great. In spite of the treasonous Republicans in your midst.

  3. This is a shame all is the democrats want is for trump not to beable to run again. That’s all they are after. If you want the truth then use the time to find out why this happened like other things that were done or not done how about Nancy’s polosi or don’t want to bring that up.

  4. If the GOP had any sense and wanted to win the independent and moderate voters they need to win, they'd dump Trump like a turd in the macaroni bin at the Country Buffet and put straight talking honest people of character like Kizinger at the top of their heap but their shadowy controllers and Jabba the Hut gluttons and sickos like Murdoch will never let that happen. Kizinger is a good man, too good for the current lying crazy squared GOP. Unfortunately I as an independent will not get a viable 2nd choice from today's GOP and will by default vote straight Democratic if only to preserve Democracy and insure a just sustainable recovery and transition away from dwindling, toxically suicidal fossil fuels. A Republican autocracy would destroy not only democracy and the 260 years continuum of constitutional rule it would upend the stock market, retirement social security, medicare, all institutions and would wreak chaos and destruction on everything we all take for granted. Dictatorships are never good for long for anyone. You'd have to be insane to vote Republican in 2022 or 2024 until they fix their own crazy zero plan alternative reality (there ain't none) racist, corrupt, greed and power crazed neo nazi mob ruled freak show that is the current nationally and internationally embarrassing and dangerous GOP.

  5. I may not agree with any policies Rep. Kinzinger likes, but he is a good man. I understand his embarrassment with his Party. Many times I feel the same way about being "White"
    America has a long way to go. We are not progressing. In fact we are becoming less civilized. How dare we claim to be great or best. Great Countries do not have mass shootings, many targeting children. The Beast Leaders don't lie to their constituents and incite divisionism among the people.
    We can be Great and Best but only if we elect good honest Leaders who address the violence in people, disarm them and implement programs to improve equality and the improvement in the quality of life for the 90+% of us who struggle everyday to meet basic needs.
    That is not the path we are on today. For Americans to see Trump and his enablers in prison with no opportunity to ever hold Offices again would be a good start. Traitors may think twice about their corrupt actions and the rest of us would know our Country is strong enough to move forward toward better days.
    We are still on the edge of the cliff. What will we do in these next two elections will go along way toward deciding where we will go

  6. I don't think any of the people commenting can distinguish between corrupt politicians and honorable people. It's like you believe whatever they tell you with no question. The left used to be the party against the establishment(Kennedy Democrats) but have since blindly followed them. Stop following and ask the important questions. Have any of your lives improved since Biden took office? Has the division become whole? Are we respected as a country around the world?

  7. Exactly!! I have been saying this for the past 6 years. why in the hell would these chump supporters want to have a dictator?? it makes no sense!! that is not America!!! He has those people fighting against their own freedoms!! How back asswards is that?! If you don't like freedom go move to North Korea!!!!

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