ABC News Prime: Interests rates raised; FDA’s major vaccination step; A look at Operation Lone Star

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21 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Interests rates raised; FDA’s major vaccination step; A look at Operation Lone Star

  1. Ohhhh Trump better get gone. He likes Russia and Putin well he can have them. See if they want him. Lol…. Or he could do something else he is a Coward and Punk.

  2. Democrats desperately trying to twist the narrative and distract America from what a mess Democrats are making of our country and the world

  3. Hand picked committee to push Democrat narrative and America laughs at them
    They hired a TV producer and a storyteller to create this propaganda show on TV about Jan 6. That should tell you everything you need to know about it.

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  5. Vaccination of children against covid a very bad idea for many reasons. Children are at extremely low risk for any covid problems, and the vaccine is not designed for recent variants anyway. These emergency use authorizations are not the same as a proper study for vaccinations that go on for years. Yes, emergency use for older adults makes sense and saved lives, but giving six month and up is doing an experiment on our children.

    Big pharmy with FDA in their pockets is a threat.

  6. Americans need a tax break. Sending our American hard working dollars to another country before helping Americans who work hard and need help is unthinkable. Americans are in need of financial help to. We’re giving and getting less back. The Federal government gives us nothing. We work and Federal and State tells us what we have to give in taxes to send to other countries. Don’t forget the Social Security taken and who knows if some will be able to see those benefits. Wall Street is stealing the American dream, and Greedy landlords and property owners not seeing their doing themselves in by being greedy. I could go on. Some of us don’t want a handout. We work hard, so why should we suffer? $2,000 and up rent? SMH

  7. Attack on the Capitol 🤣😅 you dibsh**ts got nothing to report on. Always the same crap. You msnbc cnn are all in the toilet. Without ultramaga DJT you got no news🤣😅

  8. I wish people would wake up and understand it doesn't matter who is in political office. Left or right. DOES. NOT. MATTER. They are just a puppet for the people pulling the strings. It is the same agenda on both sides no matter who "represents" us. News flash: no one represents us. This is being intentionally done to cause food shortages and force people to electric vehicles. The government is aware it will harm us. They hope it will. Fyi, the government is just a corporation. A company. Like McDonald's. They have no power. All elections are fraudulent because by way of secret ballot, any means of recording the result automatically makes it void ab initio, i.e. recording election results makes the secret ballot void. So there is no accountability. An election by a corporation has no force of government because they are a company. Therefore, there is no rule of law, anywhere. It's just a color of law. So…voting doesn't matter at all. The only way to stop this is revolution: stop being dependent on the system. Grow your own food. Make your own electricity. Use solar power. GO off grid. If you aren't dependent on them, they collapse.

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