Exclusive photo shows Mike Pence, family hiding during Jan. 6 Capitol riots l GMA

A new photo obtained exclusively by ABC News shows then-Vice President Mike Pence and his family in hiding after rioters broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6 and he was evacuated from the Senate floor.
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38 thoughts on “Exclusive photo shows Mike Pence, family hiding during Jan. 6 Capitol riots l GMA

  1. Pence did a brave and correct thing standing up to the thugs, but he needs to finish the job by coming foward to expose the criminals to protect our future! Speak, Mike Pence! Speak! We need your testimony!

  2. trump demands loyalty but of course has none… if any of us threatened or went after the VP we'd be in jail facing serious charges but yet trump is free to give terrible speeches…lie endlessly and pretend he knows how to play golf

  3. Leftist marxist atheists and media are the enemies of own country. Anti-nationals. Fifth columnists.

    Leftist marxist atheists support illegals over citizens. Insult tax paying real citizens. Disrespect elected leaders. Kill patriotism.

    Destroy individuals. Destroy families. Destroy trust, innocence. Destroy friendship, goodness, holiness, modesty, puriry, honesty.

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    In face of superior argument, the inferior argument becomes violent.

    Donald Trump vs low cognitive Joe Biden coverage palpable of bias. Dangerous selective reporting.

    How good it will be if controversies not manufactured in first place.

    Leftist marxist atheists are gutless to condemn Islam terrorists.
    But overt Christophobes. Attack Christians knowing their non-retaliatory stand and becoming celebrities. Imagine if the majority community rebels.

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    Atheism never produced a line that is comforting on a death bed.

    That's why I left atheism.

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  4. Pence needs to speak up and the truth in court…
    UNLESS he concocted this story with ZTRUMP..because he is a cowered?
    Pence ivanka ZTRUMP familie know what was going on…clearly….somebody should have the integrity &Tell the truth.
    Just replay the jan.6th ZTRUMP speech & his kkk.
    Ppps PROUD boys
    There is the traitors hateful eggen the people on to go against USA to storm the capital..!!
    Shame on the people who did not arrested Trump right there and Donjr.
    .and familie..
    If Obama or any President would do that they would be arrested .. any one trying to storm or get into the capitol like that would be arrested.
    How much money did TRump pay

    Let's find his $$
    .taxes. get his computer ex mistresses.

  5. Ginni Thomas wears the pants in that family, her husband is a Fricken Supreme Court judge for god's sake, she just walked all over him and died what she wanted, now look! It didn't get that far sugar.🖕🤤

  6. We're at a turning point in history. Down one path, January 6 will be remembered as a warning to how close we came to losing our democracy. Down another path, January 6 will be remembered as just another point on the timeline of how the United States eventually fell.


    Most of the time as a politician stands up

    Along with the truth, their brain sits down.

    Promising anything and everything to anyone

    While posing to the public, to be on common ground.

    The higher the office the greater the corruption

    As candidates compete for those dead presidents of green.

    While we're taxed to death to fund their pork

    Our cost for everything has become obscene.

    Thank God there are some better than most

    Not squeaky clean, but more honest than others.

    Regardless of party, they deserve our vote

    For they share our thoughts like sisters and brothers.

    Politicians who wish to be revered by history

    Must earn their fame by living the truth.

    Any who continue to mislead and deceive

    Must be shunned by the voter at the booth.

    It’s not a priest that gives us our freedom of religion

    It’s not a reporter that gives us our freedom of voice.

    It’s not any judge, lawyer, politician, preacher or teacher

    But the blood of a soldier that has sacrificed by choice.

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

    Google = Most Published Poet

    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!

    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  8. Elizabeth Cheney you chose to go with the globalist elites, that is your choice. You cannot blame anybody else for your career end, you took a chance, now you will have to start selling ice cream on street corners !! All my little progressive friend, self inflicted !!

  9. Trump has made fools out of way too many people.

    Trump was not, and is not, a conservative he actually is the epitome of a RINO

    He may have dodged the draft for military service but he's no pacifist he has thrown many people under the bus, stabbed many people in the back, and he continues to financially bleed loyalists to financial ruin.

    Over approximately 7 years we have gotten to know Trump very well yet for 99% of us we continue to view him through the lens of a normal individual that is fundamentally a wrong way of looking at him.

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