Jan. 6 committee holds 3rd hearing

ABC News White House correspondent MaryAlice Parks and attorney Jeff Robbins discuss what to expect with the third hearing focusing on former Vice President Mike Pence.

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32 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee holds 3rd hearing

  1. Trump having asked the governor of Georgia to fraudulently create 11,780 votes is sufficient to indict him of crime and lock him up. What are people waiting for?

  2. What day does PELOSI take stand to answer key questions!
    Investigation is incomplete without her accountability to holding back security!

  3. India police hacked a campaign of the opposition and planned faults evidents. This sound like the India police got some advise from our FBI Peter Strzok and the Democratic.
    Why the Congress didn't create a committee to investigate these individuals that try to overthrow the government?
    The Russia collusion impeachment is also an attempted to overthrow our government by the Democratic party.

  4. I thank the Lord that I, nor anyone who I respect, doesn't live in the US. When did America become so stupid, crass and ignorant? Even Nixon must be turning in his grave in shame and embarrassment of the lead-booted backwardness the US seems determined to publicise. Good Lord.
    So, on the Right, we have a bunch of uneducated gun-toting intellectual dropouts who enjoy shooting anyone who isn't "them" out of the back of their truck.
    But look at the Left! A bunch of spineless giganto-celalphagos who "act" intelectual to a public who act like they have little more than a Primary education! Do they really think that Educated Europe can't see right through their Primary School Pantomime?
    America needs to grow up, stop watching so much cr@p TV, pick a book up every now and then (you know, those big papery things with squiggles on), and stop thinking their "masculinty" is based on the calibre of the round their cheap to buy, over the counter firearm, carries and how many weapons they can legally get away with owning. You know what they say about a man who has to buy a big car?
    America will never reach the medial intellectual level of Europe because it continues to lack a general extent of free, honest and critical thinking at a pre-post graduate level.
    When you are teet fed from birth to think that your country is the best country in the World but don't have the spine or the intelectual capability to look beyond what is shoved down your throat in high-school…
    Here in Europe we don't lie to ourselves about the cultures we abused to get where we are. In America, they like to think it is all just down to how smart they are.
    Any educated individual in Europe who wants to see how smart or intellectually prepared the American People are, as a whole… just needs to spend 24 hours watching their own news… Left or Right. Laughable, crass, uncultured, uneducated and childish.
    YeeeHaaa UnterMerica!
    So much potential and so little idea of what to do with it… But don't worry as long as you have huge Stetsons, massive cars and big guns… what more do you need to prove to the World who you really are?

  5. According to the Jan 6 hearings all the insurrectionists needed was
    another can of bear spray and they would have succeeded in their coup
    attempt. Whew!!! Close one.

  6. This is ridiculous, there is so much time, tax-payer money, and potential being wasted here, Trump requested for there to be more national guards there 6 times, and the democrats declined all of the requests until it was too late, the democrats made the active decision to have less protection there, not only that, but the guards were also very unprofessional, they lost access to their riot gear and were unable to control the crowd, so they decided to just open the doors and invite the protestors into the building that they were supposed to be guarding, you can’t tell me this isn’t provoked, because it really sounds like it was, you also cannot tell me that this attack was any bit worse than what the radical and far left does at their protests.. these are just double standards in action, the left and the Democrats have gotten away with everything for years, the assassination of justice Kavanaugh, the bombings and attacks on pro-life centers, and the illegal protests they are constantly throwing, and all of this is provoked and encouraged by Democrats, where are the hearings for that? Our tax payer money can be used for much better things such as Border crisis hearings, inflation hearings, or even gas price hearings, but instead of serving the American people like they are supposed to be doing, they are attempting a smear tactic against Trump with absolutely zero concrete proof evidence that Jan 6 was planned, there are no dots connected, how are you supposed to prove that an out of control crowd that trespassed into the building is connected to GOP with little to no evidence? This whole thing is not only a scam, but also a big fat middle finger to the American people, Stalin would be proud about how close America is coming to a dictated socialist system.

  7. I didn’t see today’s episode of January 6th. Let me guess, are the walls closing in on Trump? Keep watching, I’m sure they’ll catch him next episode.

  8. So what we learned today is the dems are acussing someone of conspiracy without confronting them and due process. They are floating narratives that are unproven in order to stir emotions.

    This entire committee is a propaganda show

  9. Rules of due process are broken, the accused had no representation. This sways it our way, hehehe…

    Lovely kangaroo court. We need more of it.

    We hope to fool enough voters for the 2022 season.

  10. If your Hope and Trust is in the Governments of this world… you are going to be greatly disappointed in the days and weeks ahead. The one you need to be looking to is Jesus Christ. He will crush all the Governments of this world when He sets up His Kingdom on Earth for His 1000 year millennial reign. That is the true New World Order I am looking forward to!!!

    Daniel 2:44
    King James Version

    44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

  11. God bless January 6th and the Brave patriots who struck the fear of gods wrath into the hearts of international terror organizations during the storm of the capital after repeated attacks of economic hardship, mass genocide and psychological operations have devastated many of our people. May god not haste his wrath and deliverance of vengeance upon our enemies.

    May January 6th forevermore be known as “The Last Protest”; Dawn of the 2nd American Revolution. One this glorious and historical moment in American History, Brave United States American Soldiers, Militia and Civilians
    Seized control of the US Capital to send a strong message to international terrorists who have invaded key offices in our government. After repeated abuses of economic hardship and Bioterrorism; these brave soldiers came to deliver a message. “Genocide will not be tolerated”. Let these words scour the nation and be heard by the ears of our enemies who intend us harm. We will bring you the wrath of the one true king.

    Ashley Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips. America will forever remember the names of our brave Fallen Hero’s and martyrs. Our veterans who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms of all Americans, striking fear into the hearts of international terrorists. Who have infiltrated government offices within the United States. Who have levied economic recession and Bioterrorism against innocent American Citizens. Let the day of “The Last Protest” forever be factually remembered as a glorious and honorable day. A day of warning. A firm warning and message to international terror organizations. Genocide will not be tolerated. This day will forevermore be known as “The Last Protest”. And the Dawn of the 2nd American Revolution. The names of these soldiers who gave their lives in defense of this nation will be erected memorials and mandatory educational school history curriculum in their honor for their service to this nation.

    God Bless America.

  12. Woah! American Democracy is in “FREE FALL!” Y’all are “PUTIN” the champagne on ice with these hearings! ALLLLLL the “willing” idiots are just a gift for those who are drunk on laughter at what you people have allowed to happen. 🤷‍♀️

  13. Why didn't they have a black Trans woman over the hearing? We live in a racist country that is why YAAAAAAASSS

  14. Still no answers to why Nancy Pelosi rejected Trump request to have 20,000 national guards present on Jan 6th ? She single handedly put Capitol Hill in great danger out of her own action.

    I watched 10 news channel broadcasts on Jan 6th and these people seems to be guided by someone from within Capitol Hill as to where and how to enter the building.They all walked with caution till they were just outside the unusally weak entrance to inside the building.

  15. John Sullivan aka Jayden X violated the terms of his bond release for terroristic threats as a blm/antifa member when he left the state of Utah to film the murder of Ashli Babbitt. Why wasn't he arrested? He admitted to capitol police that he trespassed by crawling through a broken window and they let him go. Also, he looks like and walks like the terrorist who planted the pipe bombs on Jan 5. Why haven't the FBI apprehended the pipe bomb terrorist and why was there such a lack of security after the pipe bombs were found?

  16. Let me get this straight, The electoral college had yet to confirm the winner when Trump ask Pence to hold off on the confirmation until the results could be verified. How is that overturning the election? Also, how could Pence even overturn an election. He does not have the executive power?

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