Jan. 6 committee hearing abruptly postponed

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots announced Tuesday morning that its hearing set for Wednesday has been postponed and offered conflicting explanations as to why.



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42 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee hearing abruptly postponed

  1. What do you do when a large percentage of the population supports violently overthrowing the republic and rule of law which is the constitution? A crime clearly spelled out in said document. A popular sentiment upon which trump wants crowd surf back into the white house. A rage filled population of which 59 % would be OK with another civil war. 2024 is going to be a hell of a year. Tyrants of every stripe will be storming the capitol.

  2. I guess 14 months of "investigations" is not enough time to edit out of context clips that shows Trump did nothing wrong. Two failed impeachments, a $40,000,000 two year Muller investigation and now this total sham. Don't worry Democrats they have him this time.

  3. that is a rip off but how do people be that stupid, naive is the racism the biggest is that what's running the people the people that's prejudice that's all I can see because that's all Trump and his cronies are in it for the power and the money and the other people just letting their racism play on them that's a hell of a price to pay

  4. Many thanks to the Jan 6 committee for doing a lot of work for exposing whom to investigate in the new congress of 2023. Heck just start with the committee itself starting with lying Schiff (Russia Gate Conspiracy chief Lier) and ex politician Cheney

  5. David Nuir a Liar! Preaches the Kangaroo Court of the Dems, NO EXAMINATIONS BY THE Republicans! This is Stalin Court, and the ABC News Too Stupid to ask the committee questions! ABC LIARS, DAVID NUIR A LIAR UNABLE TO GET THE TRUTH! David Nuir a Liar! Preaches the Kangaroo Court of the Dems, NO EXAMINATIONS BY THE Republicans! This is Stalin Court, and the ABC News Too Stupid to ask the committee questions! ABC LIARS, DAVID NUIR A LIAR UNABLE TO GET THE TRUTH!

  6. the constitution does allow for a challenge to the certified electors. Liz Cheney does not tell the whole truth that the certified electors can be challenged and overturned with an audit. The constitution calls for election results to be maintained for 22 months in case of an audit that could overturn elections, It has been done in the past.

  7. T-rump you r despicable. You r the one who let this country down not VP Pence. Sorry but u r the sorriest PRESIDENT this country has ever had. U r a DELUSIONAL LYING, TRAITOR. You r the Jim Jones from Guyana
    Everyone of your followers n U need to b given lengthy prison sentences without parole. I am sorry your daughter didnt have the Guts enough to contact the VP the morning of Jan 6th to ask him to help relieve the president of his office. He was not n had not been n the right state of mind to perform his duties.I thank God that this NATION had Mike Pence as VP because he held steadfast to the law n what was the right decision for this NATION. The rioters that threatened Mike n Nancy's lives should b n PRISON for life. This country has become lax with the judicial systems decisions against these traitors. I PRAY THAT THEY BRING CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST T-RUMP N THAT HE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL HIS ACTIONS AGAINST THIS COUNTRY N IS SENT TO PRISON TO ROT. ITS VERY OBVIOUS DONNIE DIDN'T STUDY THE CONSTITUTION, BECAUSE IF HE DID N HE UNDERSTOOD IT HE WOULDNT HAVE PULLED THIS CRAP OUT OF HIS ASS N SPREAD HEINOUS LIES N RUMORS ABOUT HIS FELLOW MAN. I PRAY GODS WILL BE DONE BECAUSE VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD. T-RUMP YOUR DAYS R NUMBERED N JUSTICE WILL B SERVED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. BUT I PROMISE IT WILL B DONE LEGALLY N FAIRLY. SOMETHING OF WHICH YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT!!!!!!!!!@!!@!@!

  8. How much more time and money are they going to spend on this? I sure wish they'd start spending all that energy on gas and grocery prices, our open border, etc.
    Americans are strapped, how about concentrating on us for a change?
    America last with this administration!

  9. Bill Barr told Trump his election fraud claims were not true. His daughter Ivanka told him too. If you still think the election was stolen your stone cold dumb. Trump lied to all his supporters and he tried to steal power. There is tons of new info here. This is about way more than the storming of the capital. This was planned and had he been successful we would no longer be a democracy. Biden is old and he sucks at being president but at least he will leave peacefully when the time comes.

  10. It appears this thread has been hijacked by traitors. I wonder if some of the people commenting here were rioting at our capital on January 6th and belong in prison too. So the essential argument is that the evidence is too compelling? Yes, it is very compelling and well put together. Evidently, it has to be for people to get it through their stupid heads that what happened was a Really Big Deal and every single dummy who was there (other than journalists and officers) belongs in prison. Following the call of Trump isn't a good enough excuse but he too belongs in prison. I hope we get the justice we deserve and he follows the other anti-American traitors to his place behind bars. #VoteBlue

  11. If anybody actually believes these hearings are going to change anything you're a fool. As a matter of fact there's a good chance Trump will be reelected in 2024. Look at what's happening in the primaries… all the fake election Republicans are already winning in their states. And wait until the midterms. Basically this country is f*****. Anybody who is not aware of that at this point must be blind

  12. What a shame. We don't get hear about the Congressman who spoke with people from his state in the hallway of a capital office building? What a shame (sarcasm). The committee is corrupt. There is no honest investigation without addressing the Epps issue in other words the involvement of the FBI / DOJ in this event much as they have been involved in other events. Garland and the FBI have both refused to answer questions relating to Epps. Garland is a liar. He can answer those questions. His sleazy corrupt ass doesn't get to choose what questions he does and does not get to answer relating to 01/06. The corrupt DOJ had no problem spreading slander all over the news particularly in the home location of those poor people that he persecuted (many who did nothing other than go in the building through open doors). The corrupt sleazy DOJ has no problem spreading that hate and slander literally suggesting that some woman who wandered in the building through an open unguarded door and left less than two minutes later did something significantly wrong which is BS causing her to lose her job, etc. At most, it was a minor misdemeanor. The way those people were treated is despicable. Garland is despicable. Epps is one of the most culpable people involved. He was urging what happened and seems to have given the final go ahead. Any investigation that ignores that is corrupt and a sham. If Garland, Wray and the other corrupt FBI agents who have refused to answer questions don't answer the questions, they need to be prosecuted for contempt of Congress and they need to be arrested and put in shackles just as with Navarro.

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