Mike Pence tells senior advisers to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

The former vice president has been accused of calling the Pentagon when the Capitol was under siege on Jan. 6.

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37 thoughts on “Mike Pence tells senior advisers to cooperate with Jan. 6 committee

  1. Trump knows he lost. He demand everybody around him to overturn the result at all cost. This is simply to save his neck! And to ensure cash flows into his pockets. Those who continue to support him are those who want to further their interest…as he is the best tool.

  2. If US Attorney General Merrick Garland does not bring an indictment against the former president, he will greenlight future White Houses to commit widespread crimes, said Kimberly Wehle, an ABC News legal analyst. There will “literally” be no more checks and no more balances.

  3. I don't like Mike Pence but he saved democracy,
    Some day there will be a statue of him holding the constitution up . all his senior adviser's told to cooperate with the January 6 committee . Trump is in deep sh-t !!!! So Vote blue get these corrupt Republicans out of there !

  4. Why doesn't the Jan06 call RAY EPPS to testify at this public hearings????
    After all, he is THE ONE PERSON actually caught on video, wearing a MAGA hat, and telling Trump supporters to
    "Break into the Capitol building". In that same video he also seen being BOOED by the MAGA crowed for his absurd suggestion. Why wouldn't the Jan06 Committee want to more about this guy????? #MakesYOUwonder

  5. He did what he was supposed to do on 1/6. He acted according to his role and considering the pressure he had, I think it was very courageous.

  6. Haven't you betrayed Donald Trump enough?

    "Our Enemy is always the Leader Science?"..

    "It's stop torturing Trump, Prisoners who report the news" -Thanks..

    Realizing, recognizing, understanding, knowing, and remembering how you truly are a willing participant in the true devil's hell on earth, and understanding how the government betrays everybody sensibly, practically, and realistically, for your own good.

  7. The more I listen the more it sounds as though there was a conspiracy and/or premeditation to kidnap or murder Pence which would've allowed 45 to stay in office. Perhaps, Pence was warned in advance when he refused to leave the building in a waiting limo. Please tell me this didn't happen, I pray this didn't happen.

  8. Well.. after kissing Trumps behind for four years……..😳😳😳😳correct. That day Mr. Pence was the only day that you did the right thing.. just that day Mr. Pence. The GOP has blood all over the US Sir……

  9. The former monster 👹 , master puppet's Vladimir Putin including the insurrectionist's carnages, rioters , caotics'puppet butt grimacing, Racketeering are the greatest Gritter , the world 🌍 never faces ! . May God richly continue to blessed America ! .

  10. It was his duty to vote on the investigation of the election, he and most of Washington voted not to look at election fraud investigations on January 6th. They voted not to even look at the evidence that day, be honest about what happened.

  11. After hearing "hang Mike Pence" being repeated over and over again, he should have been the FIRST to testify before the committee. The FIRST. Pence is a worthless puppet and will continue to be until he speaks up! He'd better not run for ANYTHING. The MAGATS hate him now and you see how the treat those they consider to be Rinos. (Look at Texas) If there is no accountability for what's happened, I give this "country" five years tops!!

  12. These people are against trump because their corrupt politians,there make any excuse to impeach trump,there in it for power,not the American people who trump was for.rigged voting machines to switch votes, corrupt America. Politians covered it up,like they cover slot thing,s up.americs will become more corrupt if you allow them to stop trump being realected.unfdr trump there would be no Russian invasion of Ukraine,where crooked politians are making millions selling arms.unfer trump they could,not do this,that's what you want to realize.

  13. There should be a special place in HELL for Trump and his family and friends.Imagine being soooo EVIL to bilk people of THEIR last DOLLAR,80%of THIR donors are 1paycheck from starvation.

  14. 400.00 a second! Keep donating maga fools ! As they try to steal Social Security away ! They call it an Entitlement.. No , you paid into all your lives and Medicare to.

  15. This is VERY VERY SERIOUS. What trump tried to do to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. All Americans. It’s time to WAKE UP. The former POTUS. Is a SOCIOPATHIC/PSYCHOPATH. PEROID.

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