Teachers Rally Against Gun Violence | Nightline

Some teachers are demanding stricter gun laws while others undergo training to prepare for a potential school shooting.


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38 thoughts on “Teachers Rally Against Gun Violence | Nightline

  1. Failure of Evangelization of the TRUTH is the main cause/culprit/source of rising ABORTION, LGBTQ+++, and GUN related crimes in the world… and not the Politicians nor the Supreme Justices… the failure also of the PARENTS to teach and educate their CHILDREN the importance of Gospel TRUTH in their lives as they grow older…

    Parents nowadays are more focused and busy on material wealth, nice houses, fancy cars, better schools for their children, more savings for their retirement, etc… that they forgot the most important aspect of life which is the SPIRITUAL food for the Soul of Mankind…

  2. "They should be" ah the utopian thinking, always productive when you remove the concept of reality and ignore a million third variables. Sorry frumpy teachers, you don't get to take my rights because you'd rather focus on carbohydrates than protecting children. Just the threat of a weapon deters crime, you could carry a black water pistol and that would help. But no protesting after your three consecutive grand slam breakfasts, that'll help and you can post it on the gram.

  3. if the second amendment is "UNREGULATED" and if hurting our nation, our people and our states by the causation of it being unregulated than the second amendment is the infringement not the one being infringed upon. State and the federal government HAVE limit the type of arms and IT has been done, too protect the people of the people. Example flamethrowers, pact howitzer, cannons, bombs, and rocket launchers.

  4. People, and Parents with a Military Background , its up to us to protect our kids! Coordinate with other parents and take turns chaperoning trips, guarding the school , DONT WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO HELP US!

  5. Only Americans would have armed teachers.

    Next an American teacher will pistol whip an unruly student.

    Next an American teacher will shoot a black student because they were sitting next to a pink unruly student.


  6. Q. Why do Americans walk around imitating a flock of chickens saying "like, like, like"?

    A. So they can attract game animals and shoot them with AR15s.

    Q. Why does an American need an AR15 to hunt?

    A. Join the rest of the world where mass shootings don't exist and are extremely rare…

  7. Over 275 American mass shootings this year in the ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings.

    'Amend' means 'to change' or 'put right'. The US constitution has already been amended 27 times.

    Ban Americans from international travel to control the spread of stupidity and amend Amendment 2.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: School shootings B: Masks..

  8. You can either remove the guns, or give guns to the teachers.

    Now… The people who have watched the 2. season of Prison Break, may remember this conversation between Brad Bellick and Alexander Mahone:

    Captain Brad Bellick : "We don't need you. We're hot on these guys' trail, and it's just a matter of time 'til we nail them."

    FBI Agent Alexander Mahone : "The problem I find with being on a trail is that by definition you'll always be behind your prey."

    – Which is the point here: By giving guns to the teachers, you're not preventing anything. It's actually just another way of saying, that you expect something to happen. But by removing the guns, you're preventing the chance of this happening significantly, because you deal with the problem in advance.

    America, try and PREVENT problems from happening, instead of thinking of ways to solve them WHEN they happen.

  9. Life evolves just like nurses everyone is having to do more with less staff all these liberal dumb asses can’t see the forests for the trees it’s not the guns it the lack of involvement in the child’s life they can ban all weapons and nothing will change and the child Hogg is so immature in his thinking just like all liberals so sad that they are so ignorant.phony bolony if teacher can’t evolve with society’s break down they don’t need to be teaching most teachers now are just interested in spreading their politics anyway

  10. I have so many arguements against that teacher. She irritates the soul out of me, all teacher needs gun and it’s not like their gonna leave them in open their gonna need a small safe obviously

  11. Thank you Teachers! Love and blessings to children and the teacher's that want to protect them! End Gun Violence! Remove The Guns! It's Time for a Change in our GOVERNMENT! Our Government is greedy and corrupt! All they choose to do is line their own bank accounts! Look at all the weapons sales in states and 164 countries on top of that! These weapon makers need to be held accountable along with Congress and House of Reps…………….dont forget Nancy Polosi and Mickey Mouse Crew…………..give them the big heave 'hoe! YESSSSSSS! God bless America, God bless our Police Officer's. The best thing, is the 'child' that turns to God with prayer and tells the world about it………….not one of you None Believer's better say one word…..not one.

  12. Let’s make murder illegal….Then the law abiding citizens won’t kill people…

    This is how the gun debate sounds to me. Why? Because making laws only applies to the law abiding….And they aren’t killing anyone anyway. The focus should not be in gun laws…It should be in protecting our schools. Focus y’all.

  13. I’m all for protecting the children. This should not turn into a gun control debate. The focus should be on protecting the schools like we protect other important buildings. We keep gunmen out of courthouses, airports, and other government buildings. We can put the same resources in our schools.

  14. Start enforcing the laws already on the books past 3 shooters were under watch they did nothing ! Almost as if they wanted it to happen and quite frankly I wouldn’t put it past the democrats they are sick people.

  15. We need similar laws to Switzerland. Most everyone there owns guns, and gun culture is huge. There, if you break minor laws, you lose the right to own a gun, because if you can't follow simple rules, you demonstrate you are irresponsible. For example, if you get a DUI, that means you have poor judgment and probably shouldn't own a gun. But I see why the far right doesn't appreciate ideas like that, because it might hinder their plans of genocide.

  16. I can't get my mind around the fact that teachers need to be considered first responders. You can't have an easily accessible weapon in classrooms with children who can mistakenly get their hands on and cause a disaster. On the other hand, if the weapon is placed in a not easily accessible location in the classroom, teachers won't be able to get to them fast enough. This doesn't work. Other solutions need to be found.
    You can buy a gun legally 3 years before you can drink legally. Wtf?

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