My New Ferrari Died Immediately Upon Picking it Up; we found a $2,000 Part FAILED!

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I bought this Cheap Ferrari 360 that sat in a foreclosed house for the last 7 years; and while we were initially able to get it running, it only took a few minutes for it to break. Today we go through and find everything wrong with it, and if it was worth buying.

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47 thoughts on “My New Ferrari Died Immediately Upon Picking it Up; we found a $2,000 Part FAILED!

  1. I'd say the 2 JL Audios aren't the best, but it's definitely a step up if you're in a small cabin like a Ferrari. But then again, I've never been in a Ferrari, so I have no clue how good the sound system would be. May not even be worth it to waste the space but who knows :p

  2. 1. Definitely do not jumpstart your Ferraris, especially these older ones. If you do you'll get exactly what you have, electrical damage. Either swap in a fully charged battery, trickle charge it, or push start it (and yes, you can push start an F1 transmission if it is the single clutch variety).

    2. Your green 360 almost certainly had a leaky hydraulic piston replaced at some point in the past if it has screw-type attachments for the lines. They were still using the crimp-style connections on the F430 convertibles, but there are companies out there that will repair them and upgrade them with screw connectors.

    Good luck on the new 360. The green 360 was what first brought me to your channel, so it's good to see things going full circle.

  3. Cringey. I'm no car expert but I wouldn't simply start a car untouched for 7 years and no background. How much did he get this?

  4. Large capacitors in the ECU are used to filter out incoming voltage spikes, etc. They will dry out over time and lose their functionality. I would guess that the age of the ECU is the cause of the cap failures. They should really be simple to replace, given the simple board architecture.

  5. Sam, there's a company in the UK that does ECUs. Not sure who but I heard around $500 a piece. Ratarossa may know who. Think around Birmingham, UK

  6. I can see where a voltage surge could damage a car's computer depending on how well it was made and design. Try disconnecting the battery before you charge it.

  7. Subscribe to the channel and Sam will let you come help him get his stepmom (Cory Chase) outta the dryer (she's stuck) 😉…. Lmao 😂😂😂

  8. Jump posts are usually installed because the battery will be inaccessible. Using a jumper box at the battery should not be physically able to throw a spike or damage the ECU.
    But every time you start or stop the engine, either the starter or the alternator will throw a very fast (microseconds) spike of up to 600 volts. So if Ferrari did not protect the ECU or use capacitors rated for 600 volts, THAT'S something they could share in common. A simple design error. Could be a spike clamp on the ECU board that has simply failed over time, as they all will. No visible sign of that, you'd have to see if there is one and then check it.

  9. Hey Sam long time subscriber here, and I must say that I like how you are becoming more regular in your video content again. I’ve really enjoyed your channel and everything I just don’t want to see it up and gone like some of the other channels out there. My big wish is to some day actually get to meet you and even wrench on a car with you. Even though I’m not you tuber I am a retired mechanic and would love to help out.

  10. Why do people buy these cars? They are money pits. Expensive. Not reliable. And appear to be junk. But I guess you own a Ferrari and that’s all that matters?

  11. Sam definitely isn't afraid of a little undercarriage damage…. I mean undercarriage damage never stopped him "hanging out" with his stepmom (Cory Chase)…. 😉 Lmao 😂😂😂

  12. Just make sure you have a good electronic tech test ecr values and do the cap job. You do not want to deal with lifting traces and then having to run bodge wires. Are they Illinois capacitors? There was a faulty batch in the early 2000’s that are known to go bad.

  13. Well Sam look on the bright side, at least Ferrari built in that self recovery system in the gas tanks to burn that thing up and get your money back out of it in via insurance.

  14. Dan from Normal Guy Supercar just did a replacement for the convertible top. They show how to replace the blocks and dremal out the crimps. Just a few hundred bucks. But still a great score on the Ferrari.

  15. What is the company you sent the convertible top hydraulic cylinder to? I have a Mercedes with the same hydraulic cylinder failed.

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