‘Role of the Supreme Court is to be in step with the Constitution’: Carrie Severino

ABC News’ Trevor Ault spoke with Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino about the conservative movement’s major victory as the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

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30 thoughts on “‘Role of the Supreme Court is to be in step with the Constitution’: Carrie Severino

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  3. Abortion is not a constional right, and it's not federally outlawed either. It belongs to the states. Get over it. If you want to kill your baby, go do it in a leftist state.

  4. I have to completely disagree with the statement of the Supreme Court only supposed to be in step with the constitution.

    The constitution is in serious need of amendments and since it’s impossible to do that since congress is extremely divided, it’s up to the Supreme Court to judge the law on issues that relate to the constitution.

    Roe v Wade was a question of privacy and whether the government has the authority to invade such privacy.

    The question was if citizens have a constitutional right to privacy and the Supreme Court said yes based on the 4th, 9th, and 14th amendments.

    This decision also brought up the question of if that privacy extends to abortion.

    Either way, the Supreme Court is always beholden to the people that they serve, not just the constitution. They are public servants and should be making decisions that are in the best interests of public because there is literally no court higher than them to deem laws or other court decisions unconstitutional and illegal.

    This decision is an embarrassment to our judicial system, our country, and to the world. We’re supposed to be a beacon of freedom, yet we’re taking away rights that were established 50 years ago.

    I’m also of the decision was driven purely by politics, rather than due process and justice considering the fact the Chief Justice Roberts voted against overturning Roe despite the fact he is opposed to abortion. He knew that keeping Roe in place was what was best for the American people and didn’t let his own beliefs get in the way.

    Meanwhile, the other justices had been very vocal about what they believe and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that all 5 justices who voted in favor of overturning Roe were against abortion.

    The Supreme Court is meant to be unbiased and I feel like they failed today. They failed the American people and by proxy, the very constitution they are meant to uphold.

  5. A win to distract everyone from the war with Russia and upcoming recession. What better way to distract people with everyone fighting each other.
    The good old Government once again working with the fake news and social media to overhype everything so we can focus on abortions and 2A.

  6. This is so unfair. I'm a man and I'm due for labor in 7 months. Planning on having an abortion. Gosh darn.

  7. The word abortion isn't in the constitution. Just because the far left media keeps LYING to you and telling you it's a right doesn't make it a right.

  8. It’s silly to interpret a living-document which was written so long ago as is. Just like the Bible. Written by mortal and imperfect men. None of those authors could know what six billion people on a planet meant.

  9. 2:49 This is the more important point; three LIFETIME justices lied to the Senate during their confirmation hearings. Using weasel words doesn't make their answers honest.

  10. Not sure who the host was but for a young man he was exceptionally good. As for her, very interesting though was amazing at redirecting to false comparison and a bit of magical thinking but she made some good points. Very respectful conversation and well done. Sadly I believe 13 states already got a full ban or soon will which she totally danced around to take away attention. With this Supreme Court, they are coming to arm the hell out of everyone they can and remove as much personal choices to take us back to the 19th century. Violence sadly will probably erupt in our land, though my guess is within about a decade as I’ve seen this before. It boils slowly but then it quickens when it hits a point.

  11. The “Right to Abort” was NEVER a “Constitutional Right.” Why do they keep saying this? It just wasn’t. The sad irony in this is that now Democrat cities will be burned down by Democrats in Democrat states where abortion is still legal. smdh

  12. Why wasn't "legal expert" Carrie Severino able to point to where in the Constitution these "rights" exist? Ohhh, because they don't and they aren't actually rights. RIP, Roe v. Wade.

  13. Fun fact: the overwhelming percentage of abortions occur in the black community. This begs the question: why do liberals insist on murdering blacks?

  14. I use to be pro-choice UNTIL I watched a Doctor's 5-minute talk about abortion. He was testifying in front of Congress. He's performed thousands. The Doctor describes in graphic detail the entire process of "aborting" a baby!! Absolutely changed my mind….100%!! The video can be found here on YouTube!

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