Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade after five decades | Nightline

The decision by the court’s conservative majority is expected to lead to abortion bans in nearly half the states. Inside the battle over reproductive rights.



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26 thoughts on “Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade after five decades | Nightline

  1. If its against the law to have an abortion, and you can't afford to travel for one, here's an idea, don't get pregnant. All I hear is how its wrong that you can't get one if you get pregnant. Use contraceptives. They are free. You say you are mature enough to make decisions for yourself, show us that you are mature enough to protect yourself. 400,000 "OOPS" pregnancies each year doesn't say much for your argument. Ask a couple that have been married for 50 years if they had a child every year, or if they are responsible for their actions enough to use some type of control.

  2. 428,000 children are in foster care right now , will the number double ? Want to adopt a rape baby , or a baby of a 12 year old , raped by her father or brother ?

  3. When I was young there was no contraception , no safe abortion . If I had gotten pregnant , I would have found a back alley place or committed sucide – period !

  4. you dont need to abort your child in America, just wait for them to start going to school where they will be killed in a mass shooting.

  5. I was recently screamed at for politely ending a date. She started making jokes about the time she went to get an abortion and all this crazy stuff happened to her. I paid the check, thanked her for her time and wished her a pleasant evening. She started screaming "how dare I f—ing judge her, who did I think I was" etc. Small price to pay for dodging a lifetime of misery.

  6. Time zones are crazy. In Australia it’s 9am, In Rome it’s 1am, and in America it’s 1942 where minorities and women are still by old white men!

  7. Why such an outrage overturning Roe vs Wade? It gives the states the decision and if you want an abortion and live in a state which has banned them, jus go to a state where they are legal.

  8. Hope there is enough people willing to adopt all the disabled kids that will be born now. Adopt a child who will remain a 6 month old trapped in an adult body forever, non verbal but makes high pitch squealing noises all day and night, banging head on walls/floors constantly, spitting, biting, can’t walk, throws things, fights diaper changes with the strength of an adult, needing special clothes so they can’t eat their poop in their diaper….my nephew is 18 and like this. It’s the saddest situation and the most disabled being I have ever seen. He doesn’t respond to love or hugs nor shows any affection to his parents. Eventually his parents will be too old to handle him and he will spend the rest of his life in a home medicated, strapped down and in a room. Nice life eh. I can guarantee no one would want to adopt my nephew if his parents didn’t care for him, they can barely find carers to help them, they stay a day and don’t return because it’s all too hard. He can’t be left alone for even a second, you can’t even use the toilet if your left alone with him. Don’t even get me started on rape victims, now you need a law that castrates rapists who impregnate their victims. How about all the babies that will be born with terminal conditions like their heart outside their body…they will suffer in pain until they die a few days after birth…lovely…those poor parents who will be forced to carry a child knowing they will birth a baby who will die…don’t force religion on women, a hypocritical religion at that! What about women who will die if they become pregnant and forced to give birth…women who have severe medical conditions. Birth control is not 100% so what…these women must remain in a sex free life? What about disabled people who get raped? People who have a 95% chance of passing their disability onto their child….no one seems to be thinking about these poor women. Abortion solves many peoples mistakes, helps many victims and saves a lot of children living in poverty and in unwanted situations. America, you better pour money into public hospitals, mental health care & disability facilities. You better give single mothers welfare that actually pays their rent and puts food on the table too. Pro life…I think your pro pain and suffering. All those poor drug addicted babies that will be born to junkies addicted in your fentanyl crisis smh, no words for your stupidity America.

  9. Woman ; have done so many abortions that now they think they have the right to kill an small human being and then after the abortion is done they turn the go in public and claim to be CHRISTIANS get it straight you have a choice close your legs, killing a human being is NOT your constitutional right period.

  10. More women convert to Islam – a male-dominated misogynistic religion than Hinduism which says Women are Equal to Men, have Female Gods!
    Women forced to live under the Burkha jail in western countries and women walk right by without giving that poor women a 2nd glance – abuse of women is accepted!
    Which is why women continue to be abused this way – their rights trampled, because they don't fight back
    Well, Elections are coming – so we shall see if all this outrage talk will result in the right votes

  11. Abortion should be illegal nationwide. It’s a clear violation of the baby’s right to LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  12. She said for a child who has been raped to have an abortion will not solve any problem. What would would solve a year old rape victim, who turns out to be pregnant problem?

  13. So the same morons that cried insurrection and said trump tried destroying democracy are upset over the Supreme Court that upholds the constitution? America is joke. Time to start spaying and neutering these fucks…

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