‘The government should stay out of your bedroom’: Sen. Maria Cantwell

ABC News’ Trevor Ault spoke with Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell on the fallout from the overturning of Roe v. Wade and how it may impact voters for this fall’s midterms.

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47 thoughts on “‘The government should stay out of your bedroom’: Sen. Maria Cantwell

  1. Biggest holocaust ever. Bigger than deaths from world W 1,2, athiest communism combined! Man cannot murder babies. Why would anyone allow woman right to murder life? It is not their right! Adults planning to have children or not always been before. Not after life exists!!

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  3. There are so many ways that a woman can make decisions about their body. But when she becomes pregnant there-are TWO lives. Two bodies. Every woman who want to have an abortion after the fetus has a heart beat should watch how these babies are extracted from their bodies. Their limbs are pulled off. The skulls are crushed.

  4. If you witnessed life before roe versus wade you would have a better understanding of what could start to happen in this country. Healthcare will not help if abortions' are illegal. I see orphanages in the future. Government run orphanages. All three branches of government should chip in! Emergency funding is needed before they get here. Free hospitalization to term! The roe wade funding bill. This is a chance to be great!

  5. It's f***ing funny how Marie Cantwell and Jay Inslee wanted to force everyone to get jabbed or they couldn't go to work. But now they're b***hing that it's "my body my choice" for "medical decisions that people make with their own bodies". Did you care about them when you were trying to stick them with a needle? This is a backlash from the right.

  6. RBG said hanging these rights on "due process" was flimsy, had a shelf life and that these rights should be under equal protection.

  7. Lyou should stay out of ppls bedroom too loser BITCH! You're a liar, killed ppl knowing ppl were going to die on Boeing aircraft…your chains of pain are forged awaiting you

  8. Supreme court’s juges must not be in Supreme Court for life ..,
    This law need to be changed ..,
    Imagine the same judges interfering with people rights for entire life ?? Inacceptable

  9. Um…that was the whole point… it is NOT a Constitutional RIGHT given to you by your Govt to abort your babies…its up to YOU and the States that do it still in Drs Offices..

  10. Maria Cantwell lies through her teeth.
    She says the government should stay out of your bedroom, but she supports the government discriminating against you on your sexual orientation.
    She and the Democrats have made NO MOVE to legalise polygamous marriage or prostitution, and instead criminalises the behaviour of people based on their sexual orientation.

  11. Who is the truly demon in USA? Who murder one newborn or who is pro life? Pro abortion group believe that only exist your body, that there isn't one spirit and that one newborn don´t feel nothing when is murder. The pro abortion are assassins, are devils that due to your own proud and due to your materialist mind believe that never will go pay your own bill of course after your death into of the hell. Maxine Waters, Democratic congresswoman, she is one truly devil transvestida that spread with your own poison tongue for all corner in the USA your own poison.

  12. Oh that is rich since it was the government that went into the bedroom to make abortion legal. Try having self control then you won't have to put a baby to death for your wrong decisions.

  13. So let's lay it out no more abortion the process of adoption in this country is overwhelming why those who can go to other countries to adopt. Are we ready to find dead babies everywhere, coat hanger abortions unwanted children more dumpster babies. Next they want to rid of contraception be so careful what U wish for could be a disease infested country sett up for everyone to become pride nation and who is gonna repopulate then just my opinion believe what you choose.

  14. I love how its my body my choice when its roe vs wade, but all these double masked, triple vaxxed green haired freaks wanted everyone to have forced vaccines on everyone, so much for body autonomy

  15. The govt is just saying that abortion is not in the constitution and your elected representatives now are in charge of what happens in your state. F the feds, this is all about money. Abortion is BIG BUSINESS

  16. your birth control and condoms are next then who you sleep with and what race these freak justice need to be stopped they are coming for our rights 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. ABORTION STILL EXISTS IN THE USA. The US Federal Government will return each individual State the Right to decide their own abortion laws for themselves.

  18. I live in deep blue Rhode Island, a police state where i am not safe in my home from public officials who use gun toting badge wearing apes like the gestapo.
    Abortion is just another drip in the bucket. Democrats are not going to save us from anything, they are exactly half the problem. Stop acting like you are the victim or an innocent bystander. This country is not falling apart despite your efforts, it is falling apart as a result of them. Show me the Democrats doing anything but campaigning on our societal issues in the last fifty years. Not one of you has the balls to talk about our complete lack of human rights here. Instead, you talk about each issue as if it is a separate offense and even then, give us half measures at best. We do not need Black rights, women's rights, Asian rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, bisexual rights, trans rights, immigrant rights, Native American rights, elderly rights and Latino rights, we need human rights. That is what each one of those half measures is masking. All those people have to beg democrats to allow them rights equal to a white Christian. That is the bipartisan side of our government, you are all a bunch of virulent white Judeo/Christians who have no interest in humanity.

    You made this mess, you are not the solution.

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