FDA plans to ban all Juul vape products

The Wall Street Journal reported the FDA plans to order all Juul products off store shelves, one of the most popular e-cigarette makers in the United States.


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48 thoughts on “FDA plans to ban all Juul vape products

  1. I'm sure JUUL saw increased sales when the government made it so difficult to order ecigs online. There's something the kiddies don't understand. Those of us who are using vaping to quit cigarettes have more than one addiction to deal with. One of the psychological addictions is the addiction to holding something between two fingers. When you've been doing that 20 times a day for 45 years as I have, that can become a need. Vape batteries that are the size of a pack of cigarettes can't fulfill that need. Original ecigs — back when it was a great cottage industry — were shaped like cigarettes. Most companies don't make them that shape anymore because they're selling to kiddies. Such devices are available from a few sources online. But now we can't get them delivered. JUUL can be held like a cigarette, and they are easy to find. If the government wants to punish JUUL they could reverse whatever ruling made it impossible to have these devices delivered. After all, people can order guns online, and no one has ever committed mass murder by vaping.

  2. I can't get supplies to help me kick cigarettes, but any idiot can buy an AR15. I've had 4 heart attacks. I had such horrible reactions to the patch and the pill that my docs told me to try vaping. That is working. But now they're making that almost impossible because we have to live "for the children." But we can't control guns. "It's OK if you gun down 19 kids. Just don't vape near them." 😡

  3. This ban doesn't even seem legal… stinks of corruption. Where is the evidence JUUL willfully sold products to minors?

  4. So a vape company shouldn’t market to kids, but saying that they shouldn’t have sweet flavors is absurd & beside the point. How many sweet flavors of Vodka & other liquors are there? Chocolate liquors, cotton candy vodka, every fruit flavor imaginable but that doesn’t seem to be a concern (nor should it be). We can’t pass bans punishing adults because some kids might want to try it. Parents can monitor & punish their kids appropriately. Parents can even buy over the counter drug tests for nicotine if they’re that concerned (sold in stores & online). Stop using “the children” as an excuse for everything. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. Juul only sell tobacco and menthol flavors now. There are no flavored Juul pods like Mango anymore. So you Ban Juul Tobacco and menthol flavors but cigarettes have been selling tobacco and menthol for decades.

  6. Everyone knows an 18 year old who has had his mind poisoned by internet conspiracies with a AR-15 is no harm to anyone, while an e-cigarette which has helped millions either quit is the worst thing on earth. Think of the kids.

  7. perfect i will get fired from my job because the nicotine madness now 😡 my boss he will lose his nose i will be mad for no reason without juul thank you government i will apply for the unemployment

  8. I stopped smoking because of juul and I found out when I went to get more pods. Gone. I found a gas station by my house and bought 12 pods to wean myself off.

  9. The FDA HAD NO REASON AT ALL for banning Juuls and I hate how they think they can do whatever they want. Like why tf y’all ban this when cigs and alcohol are still wayy worse than juul Like what a bunch of old ass dumb people working their!! It’s just soo dumb that they really ban juul instead of cigs, dip or the other things that actually kill and hurt u faster. It’s soo dumb like why didn’t they do this 2 years ago when it was first bad but no they do it when juul is at its best because they don’t like em. Like they must not like money at all either because this is the dumbest thing they have EVER done since this country elected Biden as our president but tbh this is even more fucking retarted to hear that they have done. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites man that’s all this world is a bunch of dumbass hypocrites who think they know what’s good or not when they still haven’t legalized weed everywhere like what the hell are those dumb fucks doing because it’s not the welfare of any of us oh no no and it’s not even to make money. They just dumb asf to be dumb asf I guess lol

  10. The Government and the FDA are turning into a Joke. Abusing power and deciding which company’s can survive and which can’t. Likely corruption in all these decisions. Legalizing Pot, allowing fentanyl to flood over the border, aiding drug abusers with tax dollars OK, but NO to E-cigarettes that they don’t like? What is this, hopefully They will challenge this in court, it is clearly another targeted hit job. They don’t even make sense anymore. If the worse thing these young adults do is smoke a E-Cigarette. I’d say that’s a plus in todays society.

  11. I don't remember the last kid I saw with a Juul, they aren't the primary issue anymore. I guess its a start?

  12. How can the FDA ban Juul products from the market and not banned cigarettes off the market which has killed millions of people over the years, cigarettes causes cancer and they allowed it to stay on the market, SMH, how hypocritical of them, the greed of money boy i tell you.

  13. So is the US also going to ban beer because teenagers have ALWAYS managed to get their paws on that too??? That's a swift NO and that's literally how ridiculous this is. And I absolutely agree the tobacco companies have a hand in this. Marlboro is missing a few grand from me alone.

  14. Hopefully this is a step towards banning all vaping! Something needs to be done quick because people won’t realise how dangerous vaping actually is for a long while

  15. I can still go buy blueberry beer, a pack of cigarettes, fat food.. sorry fast food and choke it all down with an energy drink. They want you to have cancer and diabetes.

  16. My grandpa smokes cigarettes and I go to he even says cigarettes are more better then that juul by the way it’s more cheaper to the cigs

  17. The more you tell people not to do something the more they want to do it stop the anti somking / vaping campaigns it’s just telling kids “hey don’t do this.” Which will make them want to in my case as an 18 year old Who just graduated the old people (law makers and politicians) trying too hard to control everything are just making kids want to rebel

  18. The same day this gets banned. They come out with a genetically engineered tobacco plant with less nicotine. Now you’ll smoke twice as much to get relief. But consumed twice as much chemicals that are bad for you.

  19. I've been using juul for over two years now, got me off cigs and saves money. What about all the other vape products on the market, not to mention cigarettes are ok? This is beyond ridiculous. More top shelf stupidy from the worthless fda.

  20. Anyone who thinks this is about your health is seriously lost. This is just a tactic pushed by large tobacco or an overreach of power to push more chaos and outrage into this country. What a joke.

  21. How does this makes sense, regular cigarettes cause 95% more cancer then vaps do, but they leave cigarettes on the market….I hope all Juul smokes get together file a lawsuit against the FDA for unconstitutional practice, as these vast saved me from smoking and my health fas improved, so many people are gonna go back on regular cigarettes and die from all the poison, chemicals, paper and tar they have in cigarettes,…sue the FDA!

  22. Thank goodness the government has come to save me from myself! Hopefully they'll ban candy, desserts, and chips next so I will be healthier. Yay government!

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