LIVE: January 6 Hearing: House Select Committee Presents Capitol Attack Investigation Findings

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33 thoughts on “LIVE: January 6 Hearing: House Select Committee Presents Capitol Attack Investigation Findings

  1. Maybe Trump didn't win the 2016 election after all. No one from the Democrat party even suggested. Once the true Republicans party realized trump was a mentally in man, only then did they stand up against him.

  2. There is no defense for the indefensible. Schemes were implemented, laws were broken, democracy was/remains threatened. Wake up Trumpers – you were used, bled of your dollars, lied to and conned by fear and anger. It's not too late to take back your lives and sanity and listen to facts and data showing you have been and are victims of the scam of this century. Get your lives back from "alternate reality" to the real world. You're smarter than 45 and crew give you credit for!

  3. An exceptional committee, whom remain fastidiously on point! And an acknowledgement of appreciation for the ABC commentators, as well as the streaming service.

  4. Dems, and the Republicans who remain in the land of reality, must reach an agreement: We will all stop (temporarily) pushing our economic and social agendas until we have gotten together and passed the laws in Congress that are necessary to protect our Democracy and Constitution from the MAGA cult. We must all pledge to vote, together, for the candidate, Republican or Democrat, that still resides in the land of reality–until we can secure our democracy through appropriate legislative changes. Once that is done, we can return to our respective corners and get back to rationally discussing, debating, and compromising to create policies to give us a country we can ALL live with.

  5. Trump should deploy the National Guard to save the Capitol. What happens if the "vote fault" is true and disclosed the next year 2023?

  6. Smart Asses! This is all the fault of the: Congress, Proud Boy, BLM, Capitol Police, the Film Maker, and the Antifa. Capitol police should broadcast with speakers to disperse a crowd of people away from the Capitol. Trump already got two innocent Impeachments, and he had nothing to do with the insurrection on Jan. 6 2020.

  7. If it was up to me, every one of those mindless ANTI-AMERICAN Trumpuppet who was involved in harassing any election helper like Lady Ruby should never ever ever be allowed to VOTE again. It is clear they don't have the intelligence to vote, they are sheep, dumb sheep they don't get to vote, they become lamb chops. yum yum. #GoLadyRubyUSA

  8. the mother and daughter, They MUST made right, what can I do, they need to know, this breaks my heart. IF TRUMP AND THAT SCUMBAG WALK then no one should ever be arrested again. I will stand with these wonderful great women. GOD BLESS THEM

  9. 😂American tax payers have to pay for this foolishness crock🙄 DESPERATE DEMCRATS love frowing money away time when U.S. is in a mess!!🤔🥜🥜

  10. Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks Joe Biden sucks

  11. Ultimately, this will come down to Merrick Garland and whether he will choose to prosecute Donald J Trump, or whether he will once again turn his back on the United States and choose to obstruct justice as he has been doing repeatedly since accepting the position of Attorney General of the United States of America. I find it to be very sad that the head of the Department of Justice is allowed to repeatedly violate the trust of the American people by wilfully neglecting his duty and yet suffer no consequences for his criminal betrayal. Donald Trump is, without competition, the most notoriously criminal and dishonestly corrupt person ever to hold the office of the president. Failure to convict Donald Trump would serve as a red flag to any country considering doing business with the United States and would cost the United States dearly and for many generations to come.

  12. God bless January 6th and the Brave patriots who struck the fear of gods wrath into the hearts of international terror organizations during the storm of the capital after repeated attacks of economic hardship, mass genocide and psychological operations have devastated many of our people. May god not haste his wrath and deliverance of vengeance upon our enemies.

    May January 6th forevermore be known as “The Last Protest”; Dawn of the 2nd American Revolution. On this glorious and historical moment in American History, Brave United States American Soldiers, Militia and Civilians
    Seized control of the US Capital to send a strong message to international terrorists who have invaded key offices in our government. After repeated abuses of economic hardship and Bioterrorism; these brave soldiers came to deliver a message. “Genocide will not be tolerated”. Let these words scour the nation and be heard by the ears of our enemies who intend us harm. We will bring you the wrath of the one true king.

    Ashley Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips. America will forever remember the names of our brave Fallen Hero’s and martyrs. Our veterans who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms of all Americans, striking fear into the hearts of international terrorists. Who have infiltrated government offices within the United States. Who have levied economic recession and Bioterrorism against innocent American Citizens. Let the day of “The Last Protest” forever be factually remembered as a glorious and honorable day. A day of warning. A firm warning and message to international terror organizations. Genocide will not be tolerated. This day will forevermore be known as “The Last Protest”. And the Dawn of the 2nd American Revolution. The names of these soldiers who gave their lives in defense of this nation will be erected memorials and mandatory school history curriculum in their honor for their service to this nation.

    God Bless America.

  13. This is no hearing there’s no outcome of guilty or not guilty with this this is a full valued production by the Democrats to make sure Donald Trump does not win in 2024 if he decides to run

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