SCOTUS ‘burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had’ with Roe reversal: Warren | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., on “This Week.”

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34 thoughts on “SCOTUS ‘burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had’ with Roe reversal: Warren | ABC News

  1. It's not only about abortion, it's ACTUALLY about COLLUSION BETWEEN THE WHITE NATIONALIST REPUBLICAN PARTY AND ORGANIZED RELIGION TO GAIN MORE AND MORE POWER OVER WOMEN. If they really cared about babies, they would have mandated VASECTOMY. Its a sure thing, less costly, less messy, and much safer. What it's really about is CHURCH & STATE GOT TOGETHER TO DOMINATE AND CONTROL WOMEN. Fight back at the polls in November. When we VOTE we win. WE'RE THE MAJORITY. Do it!

  2. So your trying to override democracy, what a democrat surprise, your not the democrat party your the communist party, a pro life state, where the majority are pro life if they do not want abortion in their state, what gives you the right? The supreme court over turned Roe versus Wade, some people have waited 50 years for this and you think your just going to snap your fingers and reverse what has been fought for, for 50 years…

    No… just go to your crappy democrat states ..that kill babies… pro life states will focus on making people in the state happy and their family…

  3. When was it ever a “right” to kill another human? Warren, a political hack!!!! Deep swamp rat!!! You do not care about women! You care about yourself and your foul party!

    Women don’t have the right to kill their babies you devil! No matter what!

    Our court does some good things and you’re up in arms!

  4. If you're ideologically pro-life, this is great, but I suspect we're all going to pay for it. I doubt this is going to end the controversy surrounding abortion. I don't think anyone's going to have time to try to improve the economic situation of the working or middle class… and I doubt these conservative justices are likely to do anything that's going to do that. So, wealth inequality is bound to continue to get worse. This was one of the big things Senator Warren used to speak about. I doubt she'll have much time for that any time soon. My perhaps sinister thinking mind wonders if this is somehow by design? Even if some stability were to come with overturning Roe and Casey… although I strongly doubt it… justice Thomas is looking for someone to give him an excuse to overturn same-sex marriage or access to contraception. One thing seems certain… this court has plenty to keep us all busy such that the working and middle class will never be able to get together and do anything to forward their shared interest in getting the rich to share more of the wealth.

  5. The legitimate Indian is questioning SCOTUS, Roe v. Wade was not only wrongly decided but it also introduced a concept that had not existed before, the SCOTUS actually wrote "LAW" and "POLICY" two things they are NOT allowed to do, Law and Policy are the prevue of Congress and the President, but what would a fake Indian law professor know about the law?

  6. They let the people choose in each state whether to make it legal or not and idiots complain. Welcome to democracy.

  7. Warren is violating the supreme court ruling that says let the states decide. She's talking about coming into states like mine where we banned abortion and smuggling in abortion pills? Biden is talking about doing the same. Those are criminal acts that violate our state laws. Warren is also talking about setting up abortion clinics on federal land in states that banned abortion? We better get out in the masses and vote Republican this fall, because if they get a majority, they're gonna stack the supreme court with a bunch of left wing judges. They're crooks that don't play fair. If they don't get their way, they cheat.

  8. I think the Court has just stepped in it big-time. Their logic on Dobbs opens Pandora's Box. There will now be an avalanche of cases that question various "settled precedents" which have absolutely nothing to do with abortion or personal rights. I think the Court is gonna struggle to be consistent in its rulings. It's gonna be a bit chaotic for a while.

  9. That's right…just expand SCOTUS until they only rule in your favor! That will create confidence in the court! /s
    Whether you like it or not…whatever argument you try to make or not…Trumps appointees were empaneled with BOTH a presidential nomination AND advice and consent of the Senate. There was nothing unconstitutional about it and there was nothing unconstitutional about what the Court did on Friday. The real issue for the left isn't even Roe v. Wade. The Roe overturn is just a rallying cry to mobilize the useful idiots who don't understand what's really at stake. The real loss is that the left no longer has the numbers to use SCOTUS as a way to create legislation through opportunistic litigation and lawfare (which IS unconstitutional).
    If precedent means that the court is unable to revisit and correct a bad decision, then the left must tacitly admit that SCOTUS took illegitimate action in overturning Dred Scott. But they won't say that which reveals that there is nothing untoward about what the Court did and they just don't want THEIR favorite decisions overturned.

  10. Trump questioned the legitimacy of the election and they want to prosecute him. She literally just questioned the legitimacy of SCOTUS as a sitting Congressman, SHE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED NOW.

  11. States have an election….
    Count the votes….
    Majority wins….
    Pass the law !!!!!!!
    God bless the United States
    each and every one 🗽🇺🇸✌️

  12. The United States government has lost all its legitimacy, not just the Supreme Court. The Democrats have failed to prevent an autocratic movement of religious fundamentalist Republicans from taking over this society. Since they failed, and since they will continue to fail, we the people will now destroy this Christian taliban.

  13. She's lying, before RvW it was up to the states, it was with them for over a hundred years.
    Another lying old bitch saying whatever they want to spread propaganda.
    Our country is never gonna be reunited with lies like this.

  14. That women is an example of an immature little girls who crys like a baby when she doesn't get what she wants, and talks nonsense and wants to change the rules and stack the deck to get her way. She represents the mindset of all Solistist DEMOcrats and others in her party. USA is imploding because of the DEMOcrat terrorist and the main stream media that supports them.

  15. The problem with Warren and her ilk is that when outcomes go their way, it’s all great. When they don’t, their outrage has no limits.

  16. Warren has never been one to mince words. She calls it like it is. We need more Dem leaders to have this conviction and this courage.

  17. Abortion was NEVER a constitutional right! This corrects a grievous error made long ago. The courts should correct errorneous LGBT rulings next!

  18. If the Dems actually implement their despicable Court-packing scheme, America will be in serious trouble. It would be almost surely the most dangerous situation we have faced since the 1960s, at least, and possibly since the 1860s. These are harrowing times.

  19. Under Roe V Wade, the lives of 63,459,781 babies have been destroyed, so Senator Warren should accept the High Court's decision to end this unconstitutional barbarism as pro-lifers had to accept 50 long years of the left telling us abortions would be "rare."

  20. Abc you pander to some of the most sick in the head corrupt people that do nothing for any American people what so ever unless it’s perverted or immoral!

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