Capitol riot, Trump’s false election claims among biggest issues in primary races

ABC News contributor Mike Muse discusses Trump’s influence on primary elections and the political climate as nation celebrates Juneteenth.


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37 thoughts on “Capitol riot, Trump’s false election claims among biggest issues in primary races

  1. So .58 think Trump should be charged huh? don't believe that in the least.But when you are involved in any way,shape of form then the predictable will happen.This poll is a forgone conclusion before it even took place.

  2. One of the problems is not only that the Republicans keep saying lie after lie keeping their base from hearing the truth. We have been having media saying over and over that Republicans will take over that Democrats are not doing enough which is feeding into the repeated messages. Stop with the message you are sending out as well.

  3. Now that I see how people in the USA believe the ultimate liar Trump and his minions about the 2020 election . I see now why people send money to preachers(who are very wealthy)
    because they tell them that if they do they will also get money from……GOD? .I am sorry to say that you have cornered the market in gullible people in America!

  4. You’re either a nation of laws or you aren’t. If 1% of Americans thought he should be charged and he broke then law he should still be charged.

  5. Why are we worrying about something over & done with and the country survived when there’s $5 gas & dry weather putting this next year’s food in question? Or the fires that will soon start in the west and lakes that supply the west coast are bone dry? Washington is not the center of the world. It’s a fine system where even if a group gets delusional we still hand over the government without a civil war

  6. Since Biden took office…. Record inflation, record fuel prices, record prices on everything, record crime, record hate crimes, record mass shootings, record illegal border crossings, stock market in free fall, interest rates up making Americans pay more for mortgage and credit card payments, middle class Americans struggling more than ever, Americans more divided than ever…. Democrat and media response….. nothing is Biden’s fault. Democrats are destroying distract from all of Biden’s failures and they to save their pathetic asses in the midterms

    Funny, when the Democrats / Liberal rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country the Democrats demanded the police stand down. When the Democrats / Liberals held hostage an entire section of Portland the Democrats demanded the police stand down and refused to allow the military to intervene all while peoples business and homes were looted and burnt down but Democrats are outraged Trump did not call for more help at the capital.

    The hearing sounded a lot like what the Democrats did for 4 years and are still doing.

    The Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election for 4 years.

    The Democrats supported and encouraged the Democrat / Liberals who rioted, looted and burnt down cities across the country. Democrats demand police stand down and did not send in the military to help.

    The Democrats attack and encourage their supporters to attack anyone who does not support them. Anyone who does not support the Democrats must be silenced. Anyone who does not support the Democrats is automatically called racist, sexist, homophobic. Anyone who runs in an election against a Democrat is called racist, sexist, homophobic and people will come out if the woodwork accusing them of sexual assault. All the Democrats race baiting, hate and division leads to more racism, hate and division and sends a message that it is OK to attack anyone.

    What happened on Jan 6th and what lead to it was wrong but the Democrats do the exact same thing and nothing is done about it.

    It takes a very very special kind of stupid to vote Democrat

  7. Bullshit, there is no way 58% of All 330,000,000 Americans believe former President Trump should be charged with a crime for not doing anything wrong.

  8. Sad that only 58% goes to show how many ignorant Americans still think this evil grifter is not guilty of these crimes keep believing the big lie just sad

  9. Sorry ABC news , your record on truth sucks !! You lied about the 2016 election for 4 years. You are lying now. The big lie is that there was no fraud in the 2020 election. You always use these tool words like "widespread "fraud and wouldn't have changed the results. You are the fraudulent liars not conservatives.

  10. Yes fellow Democrats, these are the most pressing issues, this is what we need to focus on like a laser! We need to hammer on these issues everyday until election day in November, all that other stuff is just noise, Russian disinformation designed to influence our elections.

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