Giant stingray is thought to be world’s largest freshwater fish l ABC News

Scientists said the world’s largest-ever freshwater fish — a stingray weighing in at about 660 pounds — was caught in Cambodia’s Mekong River.

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31 thoughts on “Giant stingray is thought to be world’s largest freshwater fish l ABC News

  1. This is exactly why I don't easily dismiss strange and unknown things people have seen in the wild. I believe there are even more incredible things unseen and alive on this planet, I hope we humans don't kill or ruin them with the crap we expell in the air and water.

  2. The stingray seems almost prideful like it's enjoying and knows what the attention is all about. Glad they didn't eat it and let it go.

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  6. That Steve Irwin killing dinner plate couldn’t hold a candle to the size of a giant catfish. The title and video is clickbait. Almost the same bait that caught the attention of this stupid f*cking creature.

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