Trailer: ‘Mormon No More’

“We were creating the perfect Mormon family, and then I fell in love with my friend.” The lifechanging story of two women who left the Mormon church for love. The all-new documentary “Mormon No More” is streaming June 24 only on Hulu.


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  1. "Another way" to what though? Mormonism teaches there are many "ways" but only one straight and narrow path to Eternal life. A life with and like God's life. God's plan is for his children to be happy in the end, almost regardless of which path we choose. After the gift of resurrection which ALL of us will receive, most of us will be happy and comfortable with the judgement we are assigned to. Only a very small percentage of His children end up in everlasting torment. This is reserved for the most evil. Certainly, an otherwise good person who chooses to live a homosexual life will not be doomed to everlasting torment. God's Plan is more merciful than that. They just won't be able to experience Eternal progression in the way God does. Damnation isn't fire and brimstone for all eternity. It is a "dam" to Eternal progress. It is still a pretty darn good existence though. This is the doctrine as I understand it.

  2. I'll tell you the whole story in a sentence. She had a happy family but then got a mental disorder and left everything for someone else with a mental disorder. very sad

  3. Thank you for producing this! It finally feels like our stories are being told. Everyone should know about the atrocious practices being led by the Mormon church. Love trumps religion

  4. I find it so funny how there’s a lot of brainwashed individuals in here ,brainwashed by their own “victim mindsets” ..

    “am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

    Stop blaming others for your own misery

  5. You can be gay all you want ..but you still need the opposite sex to procreate 😂😂😂 … if you’re going to be gay ,figure out how to make a baby on your own .. don’t use gods way to make a baby 😂😂 “maybe there IS another way “

  6. Fortunately, in real Christianity people who have made their "authentic" sinfulness their lifestyle can repent, be changed to ex-pervert, and avoid eternity in hell, as countless have. I hope these women discover the gospel of grace. This is what God in his holiness and righteousness says of the LGBTQ cult:

    1. A DETESTABLE ACT, regardless of whether we are still under the law of Moses – Lev 18:1, 22.

    2. AN ABOMINATION, regardless of whether we are still under the law of Moses – Lev 20:1, 13.

    3. LAWLESS AND SINFUL – 1 Tim 1:8-10.



    6. LESBIANISM – Rom 1:26-27 (specifically verse 26).


    8. MAKING IT AN IDENTITY: "they proclaim their sin" – Isa 3:8-9 (See ESV).

    9. TRANSGENDERISM: AN ABOMINATION, regardless of whether we are still under the law of Moses – Deut 22:5.

    10. The "malakoi" in 1 Cor 6:9-11 (μαλακοὶ – effeminate, sodomizees, passive homosexual partners, men who dress like women) are among the unrighteous and will not inherit the kingdom of God.

    11. Chaste relations: (1) heterosexual (2) monogamous (3) marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:1-2 (ESV); Genesis 2:24; Matt 19:4-6.

    12. THE ATTRIBUTION CLAIM OF "God made me this way" – James 1:13-15 (ESV) (ἐπιθυμίας / epithumias; root: ἐπιθυμία – desire, craving, longing, desire for what is forbidden, lust).

    13. Marriage isn't for everyone. Matthew 19:3-12; 1 Corinthians 7:8-9.

    The LDS Church has doctrine that conflicts with the biblical teachings of #s 7, 8, 12, and 13 above, which results in unregenerate, discouraged, and very depressed sinners (not just the sexual perverts) stuck in a performance-based religion. It doesn't have to be that way.

  7. This was beautiful 😍 and made me cry numerous times. So heartfelt and the love is soooo there ♥️ mad respect for the husbands and families for understanding and loving no matter what. Great watch thank you for sharing!! And putting the kids first!! Above all feelings. Man, people can also take some lessons on conflict resolution with your spouse. Amazing how they talked through it with understanding 👏

  8. But like what happened to the husbands? I’m sure this will be delved on more but I kinda feel bad that they kinda just lost everything. I hope it’s a good outcome 🙂

  9. I love how they still walk around the temple, talk about Mormonism more than Mormons and live the Mormon principles but don’t want anyone to know. They’re more Mormon than most Mormons. 😂

  10. that ending line is beautiful. "What no one tells you when you're Mormon, there actually is another way." ❤️❤️
    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  11. I’m not gay but I support the LGBTQ community and this I why I don’t like religion nor was I ever really religious because of this reason. It sickens me that people are so brainwashed into any religion at all and it tells you in a damn book how to live your life. There’s more to life than following a religion that governs your life and shoots down who you truly are as a person. Live how you want not behind a book called the bible. The universe works with you not against you. And TBH church is such a waste of time and resources it shouldn’t be a day of worship but a day of rest on a Sunday because Monday comes next the worst day of the week not to mention but Football Sunday 🇺🇸. If your family can’t support who you are then you are not the one who is lost, it is they who are lost. The good news now these days is that anyone against LGBTQ is always under fire for their negativity and it shows that the future is not on the religious side. In the end mankind never really needed religion nor do we now, if you want to believe in something it’s very simple you just need to believe in yourself and love and that’s all the power your need.

  12. ! I find it hypocritical how they critique how they grew up learning about Mormonism and felt “pressured” .. yet they have gay pride flags all over the house ,clothing on their children basically doing the same thing ,instilling THEIR beliefs unto their children ..the irony is real

  13. I think the homogeny of thought also applies to regular heterosexual Mormons. I agree, when you grow up knowing only ONE THING, your vision is dwarfed. It’s like looking in a microscope and not realizing you’re actually in a bigger environment than just the microscopes optic field of view.

    Heartbreaking for the husband who lost their wife’s, however. I hope they moved on.

  14. wait a second, so we have TWO CHEATER and this is good? not it is not. We are a society of justification. by yalls logic, their husbands could cheat and it should be ok. Logic matters, you can't pick and choose morals. Cheating is either good or bad.

  15. I am back commenting- I love Mormons so much, but when you get close to them, there is a strong hypersensitivity to “right” and “wrong” as well as outward appearances presented to the “world”. I’ve never felt such fear coming from individuals as they move through this world representing their Faith. I truly believe Mormons love their faith, have bore witness to revelations, believe in the prophet, and they believe they commune with God- but often Church in general, not just LDS, makes it very difficult for someone to live authentically. I believe that you can still love God and represent who he is without following rules.

  16. I get a headache every time I step inside a LDS church.

    The segregation the cult puts people through is absolutely appalling… I hate that religion exists… I hate that I grew up as a Christian, only to learn about the ways people use it to exploit for power.

  17. Mormonism to an abomination before God….no matter how much they try to get us to accept it we cannot, nor can we condemn it but we will never accept it as normal…

  18. How is this news? It is a personal story that has no newsworthy value. I’m not upset that it is advertised on YouTube. I’m disappointed that ABC news is advertising as news and YouTube logarithms put it first on the results when I search “news” and expect to see stories about current events occurring in the world. Not just another endorsement of the LGBT movement.

  19. "What nobody tells you when you're Mormon, is that there actually IS another way". THIS. I would be so much better off in my life if I had learned this at 16 instead of 46. I've never been happier than the last 8 years since leaving the religion.

  20. There's life outside mormonism and is beautiful! No more waiting for the celestial kindome and a planet near Kolob, life is here and now! love it! live it! enjoy it!

  21. Amazingly I left the church in time so that when my youngest daughter came out as gay, she never had to go through any of that trauma.

    Life is hard enough. That anyone would choose a faith that adds to the emotional pain through simply being oneself seems unfathomable to me now.

    Be who you were born to be.
    Feel what you are meant to feel.
    Distrust anyone that claims to speak for a god or gods, for they don't have your well being in mind.
    This life is the time to experience as much of it as you can.
    You deserve to feel safe and loved doing so.

  22. “What nobody tells you when you’re Mormon is that there actually is another way” It’s so so true. As a queer exmormon, my happiness was and still is constantly scrutinized as not being genuine because I’m no longer a part of the church.

    The structure of the Mormon church, and so many other churches is so toxic and harmful. The belief is ingrained in totally believing parents that they will never see their family again in the afterlife if they don’t obey, so it puts a lot of pressure on everyone involved.

    It’s SO freeing to realize that there IS another way, and that the Mormon church (or any other church) does not have a monopoly over true happiness. It’s just so devastating to lose relationships with loved ones during the already life shattering process.

  23. The power of the mind-prison that is the Mormon experience is really hard to understand unless you've lived it. So glad people are talking about this and normalizing choosing a different path if the one you're on isn't fulfilling you.
    Also, please advocate and vote for restricting the power of these abusive religions. Again, I don't think the general population understands how indoctrinating and abusive the church is or how strongly they program members to defend the church. It's honestly scary. They do not deserve a tax-exempt status.

  24. I love the Church and its teachings…my niece is in a lesbian relationship and even if she doesn't come to church anymore she feels the love of her family and local leaders with no reserve. It's easy to say all the leaders in the church are bad or Homophobic..the "mormon" church follows the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Bible and the Book of Mormon. If someone stop believing in it that does mean that church is not true or its members are bad people. Everyone is able and free to make decisions, either to leave the church or stick with it.

  25. Members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints No More doesn't roll as well… maybe the next prophet will let us refer to them as Mormons again 🙂

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