Why Juneteenth is unique among American holidays l ABCNL

Gregory Carr, chair of the department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University, speaks on educating Americans about Juneteenth and how to support the Black community on the holiday.

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23 thoughts on “Why Juneteenth is unique among American holidays l ABCNL

  1. Easy to see why California does NOT recognize this holiday; they are very racist and prejudiced.
    Easy to see why Louisiana observes this holiday; they love community festivals.

  2. No disrespect to the Black Americans who had the best intent at heart when pushing for federal recognition of Juneteenth, but you truly ruined this unique Galveston, Texas Holiday that was extended to the entire state of Texas, the Southern states that comprised The Confederacy and eventually the greater Black American community. Juneteenth has been co-opted not only by corporations and the government but by Kwanzaa/Liberation/Pan-African extremists. Our ancestors, who created Juneteenth, truly deserve better. They requested to be remembered via red, white and blue…not red/black/green/yellow. Juneteenth is NOT summer Kwanzaa Professor Carr. Stop disrespecting our ancestors. If you want a summer Kwanzaa festival then have one on a day that is NOT Juneteenth – like Black Liberation Day on May 25th or Haitian Flag Day on May 18th. I've noticed that you only disrespect Black American holidays in this manner and not any other ethnic group of The Diaspora. SMH. Do better.

  3. It's unique because it's not a holiday and it's for one group of people only – way to sow division! Congratulations on your moronic video.

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  5. While I think July 4th is most important because that’s when we created a country which would eventually free families that had been enslaved in Africa, then later sold to foreign slave traders, and then brought to N America. I can also understand for many the importance of a day that marks freedom for all citizens.
    But that being the case, shouldn’t August 18th also be at the top of the list? In 1920, (50 yrs after all men could vote) women were finally given the legal right to vote. That day marks true freedom and the right to be represented for all US citizens.

  6. HAHAHAHA LOL Is this supposed to impress us how many books this guy has in the background. 🙂 There is Zero chance he's read even a fraction of them. Strategically placed there to make us think he's knowledgeable or something. Pretty funny.

  7. I’ve lived in the USA for 40+ years of my 60+ years of my life. I came from a mixed race society and NEVER in my life have heard more divisive ideology like today than when people were actually oppressed. I find these“ invented holidays”,pride month, kwanza and more ,for a country like ours, kind of racist itself, divisive and hateful. These acts are dividing us, not unifying us.

  8. It seems… odd to give Blacks a separate "independence day". We are Americans all and as far as our country is concerned, July 4th is our Independence Day.

  9. I don’t care to celebrate their freedom. Legally they are free, but many black people still have the mindset of a slave, of a victim of slavery. Look at all the noise they made in their BLM movement and demanding reprerations. Oh yeah, you still see yourself as victim of slavery, so why bother to celebrate?

  10. "father's day" makes democrats uncomfortable, the labyrinth of nonsensical ideas that they embrace now, twist them in knots, and those ideas are all confronted by the simplicity of "father's day".

  11. Juneteenth is our only holiday created because we needed something to complain about Trump for and he held a rally in Tulsa Oklahoma on june 19th 2020. Now it's a federal holiday mostly celebrated by white liberals and street gangs.

  12. blacks, whites , latinx, (lol) etc. are all suffering from inflation, so "Juneteenth" isnt going to save the dems from their absolutely STUPID policies and pet cultural issues.

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