ABC News Live: Biden delivers remarks at end of NATO summit

President Joe Biden wraps up his Europe trip after NATO declares Russia its “most significant” threat.
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32 thoughts on “ABC News Live: Biden delivers remarks at end of NATO summit

  1. I don’t know a single person who voted for this guy. And if any of them had, they sure as hell aren’t speaking up for him now.

  2. It is another sanctimonious summit that the NATO can be strengthen while the balance of world essentially detested that hegemonic effort NATO unity (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was founded in response to the threat posed by the Soviet Union. This is only partially true. In fact, the Alliance’s creation was part of a broader effort to serve three purposes: deterring Soviet expansionism, the revival of nationalist militarism expansion into eastern Europe through a strong North American presence onto the continent of Asia territory such as China , and encouraging European political integration into the world at large.The leadership of NATO unilateral bombardment of Libra The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) carried out an aerial bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War.

    The air strikes lasted from 24 March 1999 to 10 June 1999. The bombings continued until an agreement was reached that led to the withdrawal of Yugoslav armed forces from Kosovo, and the establishment of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, a UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The official NATO operation code name was Operation Allied Force whereas the United States called it Operation Noble Anvil;[29] in Yugoslavia the operation was incorrectly called Merciful Angel (Serbian: Милосрдни анђео / Milosrdni anđeo) as a result of a misunderstanding,and support effect in Afghanistan speak otherwise a sanctimonious entity to bully only weak and defenseless

    In addition, Communists aided by the Soviet Union were threatening elected governments across Europe. In February 1948, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, with covert backing from the Soviet Union, overthrew the democratically elected government in that country. Then, in reaction to the democratic consolidation of West Germany, the Soviets blockaded Allied-controlled West Berlin in a bid to consolidate their hold on the German capital. The heroism of the Berlin Airlift provided future Allies with some solace, but privation remained a grave threat to freedom and stability.The new Key Battle Ground after Ukraine would be the Sea of Japan and South China Sea and the Oceania side of the Pacific Ocean.Subsequently lets take a look at :-

    I don't see how NATO can win,if Russia has the backing of China – both control basic commodity for War.oils (Russia control 40% of the oils production in the world and rare earth (China control 70% of rare earth in the world for top military equipment for plane ,drone,missile)in the world .No NATO Nation has a Navy comparable enough to threaten China and this is basically China Home Ground with a strengths of 1,000,0000 arms ,air ,Navy force.China's Entire Navy can assemble around these Seas and outnumber the US Carrier Group by 40:1 or 50:1 and their Shore Missile Batteries can pulverize the entire US Carrier Group.Its the sheer numbers of brave ,intelligent and determine unprecedented fighting force can melt any other the world resources to fight.Both can use the latest China completed BeiDou in June 2020, and much has been made of the system and its features thus far. 3 But BeiDou is only the latest GNSS to come online since the United States developed GPS in 1972,Beidou a two way quantum technology stat elite system which started operation in 14 Apr 2022.Anyone wants to guess how Russia latest precision is getting better by the day after 5G implementation by Hauwei???

    China superior shipbuilding ,producing ship like dumpling is unprecedented it doesn't have a Global Fleet like US. Its entire NAVY is amassed around South China and Sea of Japan and Oceanic Part of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.China has a massive supply of Aircraft ready to keep flying sorties while US has a limited number of Aircraft on their Carriers to dogfight or carry retaliatory strikes.Short Term: Japan and US combined cannot dislodge the Chinese Navy even if we assume these Navies devastate the Chinese with 1:10 Losses. The Entire Japanese and US South China Sea Assault Group would be obliterated and China would still have 72% of its Navy Standing.

    Naval Units have to arrive near South China Sea from US and UK and Australia that that may take a few weeks, by that time China could simply go to a Nuclear Option.It is reckoned that China hyper-sonic missile can obliterate any country military base in a min,so Bye Bye Japan, Bye Bye Australia , Bye Bye South Korea , Bye Bye Taiwan.If China ever feel any existential threat.Hell China can even launch a handful of Nukes on California and New Mexico and Arizona and Texas

    China is fighting very near its own Territory and has ready access to its Entire Weaponry and Forces and Ships.NATO is fighting miles and miles away from their territory and has limited resources.Plus right now a Huge Chunk of NATO Fleet is monitoring the Barents and Baltic Sea where Russia has a Formidable Fleet – capable of pulverizing Cities.

    Russia could be badly bloodied but Cannot be defeated by the NATO Army but can cause huge damages to NATO via strategic tactical nuke if any existential threat if any do happen .Both Russia and China are too Powerful Today.Proxy war by Anglo Saxon is too lame nowadays,everyone ,everybody know that NATO is invented by American to stop communism expansion by soviet union.It is now disintegrated,this only proven rights by Putin and Xi that Anglo Saxon nation do not wants to give up it sanctimonious rights to divide and conquer mentally to rule the world forever .

    It is the democrazy world that idiotic leader are elected ,thanks to the Stupidest and dementia President in US History and the sanctimonious Stupidest Woman on Earth named Ursula Von der Leyen and finally a pathetic oversized PM clown from UK who only specialty is lie to its citizen who has nowhere else to go but Ukraine pledging needless budget to prolong the war- Both Russia and Countries are firmly against NATO imperialism behavior with valid reasons and rationality

    NATO was originally formed to strengthen their Alliance to fight communism ,but ever since the resolvement of soviet union disintegration,"not one inch expansion" was throw caution to the wind and the sheer stupidity of adding worthless countries like Latvia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania means a lot of DEAD WEIGHT and needless expansion into any part of the world particularly the south China sea.It is not difficult to comprehend why N.Korea is another strategic partnership in sanctioned economy can survive and have hyper-sonic weapon of mass destruction in a polarized world while a democrazy country struggle for hyper-sonic missile .

    So Unless Russia one the world biggest energy commodity and goes against China alone ,world second largest economy will dethrone USA the combination of-China and Russia will get the better of NATO in the short term and threaten Nuclear War to avoid Long term defeat."It is them against us "speak volume why among 193 country ,only 43 to 48 country is against sanction on Russia while the rest of the world is secretly ruled for a win by Russia between a hegemonic democrazy world against a fair equitable world

  3. BIDENS ADMINISTRATION A Democratic Socialist slow coup of our Nation
    More like Demonic
    Culture of Death, Drugs, rape and Human Trafficking and Children Abuse using Illegal immigrants just to gain more votes
    Culture of cooperation with the Mexican Drug lords
    Culture of HATE SPEECH, Protecting Domestic Terrorists Groups like the BLM and Antifa
    Culture of RACE Bating, White Hating, CRT and DEI to control Business, Schools, and put families against each other
    Culture of the Federal Government is over the STATES and the People
    Culture of Cancel, If you don't tow the Democratic Socialist Line you will be silenced, financially abused and targeted
    Culture of World Climate emergency to hide the Fundamentally changing our Nation promise China Joe made
    Culture of getting the US back in bed with tyrants and Dictators for their gain not ours
    Need I say more?
    ALL PATROITS OF ALL PARTIES including DEMS – VOTE Republican this time – SAVE OUR COUNTRY

    Hey DEMS – #WalkAway hh lgb fjb

  4. Fake news propaganda machine of the Nazi party also known as the dems.a.demons all in the pockets of your elite masters. All part of the Axis of Evil nothing but the walking dead

  5. wonder how long everyone is going to let him just destroy our nation. sad. do you also sometimes cry about it? a lost and changed history by the forces of these evil freaks? very sad indeed. God bless.

  6. Biden you are a failure you and nato russia gonna be piss you guys promise not to repeat history but now because of the warmongers we gonna repeat it again you guys have to uninvited them like really this is a bad idea you people know this whole thing will go nuclear in the future you guys gotta do it Sweden and finland should never join in you guys you people ain't this desperate I know to just listen to a bunch of people that don't have no info on war history you guys are just making it worse banned finland and Sweden now or in the future we all gonna die care about your American people please because their is no turning back once it happens

  7. aware US can give everyone medicare+lower inflation so wages regain value but need to punish all those whom want to stay in Syria like Schiff/pelosi? remain illegally in syria etc=constant print money

    george bush 14 years ago said he wants ukraine in nato foreshadow nuland f word 2014 coup

    current ukraine gov is proxy since obama drew red line just like he did in syria arming rebels prior to ukraine gov bomb eastern ukraine on nuland orders

    wesley clark foreshadow reveal 2000 to 2012 all rig for kill iraq to syria

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