Florida’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Takes Effect today

White House reacts as Florida public schools start implementing so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law.

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20 thoughts on “Florida’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Takes Effect today

  1. School is supposed to be about learning. Not sexuality, personal preference, or relationships. Children should be free to learn and develop their own lives without the bombardment of "learning gay life" school is not about all that. God have mercy we need Jesus.

  2. I don't know why our government doesn't remove( IN GOD WE TRUST) on our coin money ? Our country has become so ANTI GOD is it any wonder that our weather has become so much more violent and frequent! And deadly diseases that killed millions! Our BIBLES clearly say that homosexuality is an ABOMINATION TO GOD!! Yet we are so freaking careful to make sure they are not even talked about in a negative way. What has happened to what use to be a CHRISTIAN country. People marching with signs because they are angrily PROTESTING Roe V Wade was overturned. This is NOT about women's rights for freaking Health Care !! It's about having your unborn babies ripped from their mothers womb because they are using abortion as birth control!! You are going to bring the wrath of God down on us ! For a country who 75 percent claim to be Christian I am shocked at the degree of immortality and a complete lack of the fear of God in this country! God says in our BIBLES that he knew us before our mother's did and that he breathed the soul into each of us from conception! It's going to be a sad day for all of you people who are not following Gods laws and choose to do just the opposite of what he has said we are to do and NOT do. One of our commandments is we shall not kill ! It DOESN'T say it's ok if it's inconvenient for a pregnant woman to have her baby ! I can speak about this because I was rapped at a young age and didn't get an abortion but carried her to full term and gave her up for adoption. I am 72 now and through the years I have watched our country going to the devil and not caring about mortality. Or maybe you have become atheists and don't believe in God at all and therefore don't think you will be judged for disobeying God ! Well I feel sorry for you because God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are very real and you will find out . The bible has so many WARNINGS to us , yet people are ignoring them. And to all the " Christians " who are NOT taking a stand for God and against all the ungodly things happening in our country now, shame on you ! You need to read your bibles and you will come to the scripture that says there will be MANY PASTORS AND CHRISTIANS IN HELL!! I was shocked when I read that in my King James bible and I asked the Lord to show me how that can be . And he has shown me and still is. Do not be fooled by the preachers who tell you once saved, always saved . It's not biblical !! Don't make the mistake of depending upon the pastor to TELL you what's in the bible ! Too many skip through it and you will never know the whole word of God ! I was in my 60s before I learned the whole word of God because I sat in church my whole life and listened to the pastor while he skipped scriptures through the intire bible. America is LOST, and people it's going to get a whole lot worse if our country DOESN'T go back to the God fearing country it once was. Stop with the racial crap ! God created all of us and my bible says NO MAN IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER !! I wasn't born yet when our black brothers and sisters were slaves and so horribly treated. That was a long time ago and many young men gave their lives up to free them . We need to stop living in the past and get our eyes on God and what he wants from us. There's good and bad people of every race. It's a good thing God DOESN'T judge us by our race ! There are some behaviors people do that we are to not be part of , it's in scripture. America has become complacent to the things that God abhors. Remember Sodom and Gamora ? Wake up America before it's too late!! .

  3. As a teacher , you let it known every day that sex, religion, and politics are not a discussion in class. It's up to counselors to handle sex topics in private.

  4. "Webster's Dictionary would have to be rewritten for Doomaass to have the Authority to do such. Using the INTERNET with hokie pocus B/S is OVER. LAW Violating "Freedom of Press" 47265-7294-0473🇺🇸

  5. why shd TEACHERS (which will ALL have a different opinion on the subject) confuse children with their own biased opinion? then every other class the kid gets different info about ALREADY CONFUSING subject matters? Leave this subject to be discussed at home…not in the schools

  6. So if a straight teacher discusses his/her marriage in class, will he/she be fired? Because that is also a sexual orientation. And will the boy and girl sings on bathrooms be removed in schools? Because those are also gender identities.

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