Mass migrant death in tractor trailer highlights ongoing immigration crisis l ABCNL

ABC News contributor, Maria Elena Salinas, reports on the deadly tragedy in San Antonio as part of the ongoing immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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44 thoughts on “Mass migrant death in tractor trailer highlights ongoing immigration crisis l ABCNL

  1. So it's an "ONGOING crisis" now?

    At what point did ABC realize this was a crisis, because prior to this they were toeing the democrat line like little suck-ups, refusing to acknowledge the crisis, even as little children were sex trafficked, left stranded in the desert, women raped, people drowning, drug cartels hijacking these migrants ….

    Remember "Kids in Kages"???, and the drama you made of what amounted to nothing compared to what is happening to these human beings under YOUR choice for president!

  2. That's they're fault!!! You should of stayed in your country….. instead you treed to sneak into our country……. THATS THERE FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS NOT THE US FAULT!!!!!! THATS MEXICO FAULT!!!!!

  3. To all the incredibly unintelligent, uniformed, and disgusting people out there saying “that’s what you get for coming illegally”— you need to do some research before you make any conclusion about the migrants, the countries they’re coming from, and our US immigration system. This isn’t about whether our borders are secure; this is about a broken system in which people who are desperately fleeing the horrific conditions of their countries (e.g. the Northern Triangle) have no way of coming legally. When you and your family are at risk of death or starvation, do you think you would wait 20+ years to be able to ‘enter legally’? No. Be happy and grateful that you were able to live in a country that doesn’t murder it’s citizens regularly and steal the CHILDREN for the brutal army.

    And before you question how long it takes, my dad applied for his sister to enter legally and she waited 15 years, died, and still never got a visa or green card. This is how it is for SIBLINGS of American citizens from Latin American countries. Do you really think there’s a way to come legally for most people? You people are so gross and ignorant. Even asylum seekers are turned away at the border, so don’t you dare judge them for the decisions they made & the way they risked their lives and their children’s lives (many who died) for the slim chance they would make it and have a safe life.

    Do some research and have some compassion. Be grateful it isn’t you and know that if you were in a similar situation that most people from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, etc. are in— you would do the same. Anything to save your family.

  4. Where is Our Border Czar in all of this … Kanala has got to be the only XO in history not expected to be responsible for the lives of those people traveling under her authority.

  5. These deaths are 100% the fault of Joe Biden, who sent the world a message that if they can get here–no matter how they do it–they can stay. Those bodies should be laid on the White House lawn, and Alejandro Mayorkas should be forced to dig each grave.

  6. Let's start our own Border Safety system. I think we are allowed by Law to protect our Country if given permission by Landowners. Biden & Harris don't care about Hispanics. We can organize & defend on our own. Also, add the 500 Americans who OD last nite from Fentanyl on top of 53 he baked to death last nite. Rise Up America or lose it to someone who left Americans in Afghanistan. The press is controlling and aiding in these deaths, right before our very eyes!

  7. At least this is less migrates Biden has to transport across the U S in those ELECTRIC VEHICLES that don't use gas. Lol

  8. That will make them think twice about illegally coming to the United States. Y'all better file your paper work and come the right way

  9. POSTCARD FROM AMERICA. Homeless line the beaches and city streets.

    Title 42: Americans are infecting Mexicans. Covid deaths: US 1,041,562 Mexico 325,638.

    Pinkies stole California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico & Western Colorado from Mexico.

  10. it cannot be said enough, stop breaking immigration laws to enter this country illegally. the law is there for your protection as well as our national security. apply through legal channels, people! america is a melting pot, we are always willing to take in talented professionals with valuable skills, as well as proper asylum reasons. it's not worth it to risk your life, while committing a crime.

  11. 50 + migrants die inside a truck at the border. They were left to die in the heat. All part of the southern border invasion that Biden , and democrats have caused. Over 500 dead so far. Tons of fentanyl coming into America to kill god knows how many people. For what? Dirty filthy politics. Trying to increase the census. With hopes they will vote democrat. Hopes to increase government. Big government is the last thing America needs. Wake up America. Biden. His administration, and the democrats are destroying America. Not only for us, but for our children.

  12. This blood is STRICTLY on joe bidens and Kamala harris hands. Also let's not forget our fallen in Afghanistan. Say their names……..

  13. If they had applied legally this would never have happened. Where is Biden and Camalia Hairass the border Czar. BIDEN HAIRASS WHERE ARE YOU. Applying to come into this country legally WOULD save lives.

  14. Can’t point fingers that one person when everyone is involved in this situation is honestly bullshit that they haven’t came up with a source to come together and stop this because if this has been going on for so long why do higher up people in the office continue to let it happen?

  15. These people were willing to risk their lives to enter the USA.
    Not to smuggle drugs or kids like Republican's tell you.
    They take the risk so they can live.
    More will end up like this the longer we keep telling people to just take a ticket and wait in line on the other side of the border. In a year or so- we will call their number.
    We should make a deal like Trump did with the terrorists that took over Afghanistan.
    We will trade 5 illegals for every 1 Republican in office.

  16. Well the problem is you will never put the blame where it actually goes you will forever blame trump for the lack of leadership we have today

  17. LP reacted d ryt way, she is Kayantanii.UNO need of over drama, or over consider ations. She don't deserve *considerationsh. Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,, ജീവിതം തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു, പഠിക്കട്ടെ.

  18. I literally voted for Trump in 2020 and now I wish I voted for Biden because disasters are going on under Trump and Biden is starting to get them fixed, I'm along with you Biden, you'll always be my President, and I'm voting for you in 2024 if you run!

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