President Biden, world leaders talk Ukraine war at G7 summit l ABCNL

President Joe Biden attends the G7 summit in Austria this week to meet with other world leaders over potential sanctions on Russia.

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45 thoughts on “President Biden, world leaders talk Ukraine war at G7 summit l ABCNL

  1. Biden, keeping the Late Term Abortion agenda rolling in the Ukraine.
    God Bless the Democrat Party degenerate agenda Party for their advancement of inclusion in Ukraine.
    It is making it a better place for all of Europe.

  2. Losers cannot be choosers. Losing land or the whole world for life is not right. Life is above everything, worlds and words. Who knows what everybody's lives have store for them. Your kids won't be there when you won't be there. Losing land not life is not right. Wastage of life and lifetime over land is not right. Go save refugees in other countries. Patriotism is towards citizens, people first and land, cites afterwards. Anybody saving lives is more patriotic than bourgeois life losers for land. Land saved can be reattacked and retaken. Life is priority. Winning is lifesaving. Killing is not winning, saving, evacuating lives is winning. Land is baggage, leave. Land is stage trap, love is not. Loved ones can be free,relocate elsewhere and live happily. You and zelensky, go to EU madam.

  3. No Oil help for Biden Administration
    The world has turned their back on Joe Biden .
    The world welcomes US Taxpayer money with no return . Promises to Europe with Gas ……. Failed promise.

  4. That picture shows a group full of idiots that don’t have a clue what they are doing. They look like a group of little kids laughing while people are getting killed and families are getting crushed by inflation

  5. I think the Western leaders has a plan try to depopulate a certain group of ppl by using the war to increase poverty & starvation. But it may backfire, in the end Africa is going to be Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & End.

  6. Why is it so important for the West to support Ukraine War even if their country fail. Western alliance is only focusing on Ukraine and neglecting their own ppl, their ppl are starving, homeless, no baby formula, high gas cost, low supply chain, very high cost of living and leaders don't seem to care.

  7. The United States will never stand alone in a war or a war with Russia. Which is currently 100% proven true. That is why Russia is keeping NATO together. The United States of America has been a tiger on paper for so long, but now it has turned into a fox for fear of Russia. No matter how much the Western world propagates, their power is nothing but Russia's. All the countries in the world today believe that Russia is the only country that can defeat NATO. Moreover, if China, Iran, Turkey, India and North Korea form military alliances with Russia, then their combined power will turn into a NATO rat.

  8. not world leaders there the world's leading pigs! Supporting terrorists in middle east Asia & Africa including nazis in ukraine. If any of these dickheads could stop Russia, it would've been done long ago. Dream on you idiots!

  9. Are these so called world leaders partying and having fun while their people are suffering? They look disgusting.

  10. PUTIN &THE MAD DOGS OF MAN 2022 !!

    Wherever dwell the mad dogs of man

    There is corruption, plunder and hate.

    In every city, town or village

    Those who promote distrust deserve their fate.

    All are born as an innocent child

    Till misled by others along the way.

    God has always loved His children

    Though it breaks His heart when they stray.

    The mad dogs of man never repent

    For they have no sense of shame or sorrow.

    Worshiping dominance and the dark side of life

    Abusing victims as if there were no tomorrow.

    God gives us the will to sin no more

    And to overcome evil unwilling to cease.

    The mad dogs of man must be stopped

    Who murder, rape and destroy world peace.

    Samson, Solomon, Moses and David

    Were chosen by God to stand tall.

    They faced great odds and the fear of death

    Refusing to ignore their call.

    The time has come for the people of Earth

    To band together to restrain the horde.

    Standing firm against tyranny where it exists

    Putting the mad dogs of man to the sword.

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart

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  11. G7 scumbags just got back from the bilderberg meeting. What should we do with all the worthless deplorables to combat climate change. I know let's start more wars. Good idea Joe, we thought you were brain dead.

  12. The UK and USA general public tax payer DO NOT want to provide weapons of mass destruction to the Ukraine. Rather than ignore Putin, we want Zelensky, Biden, Blinken, Johnson and Truss to re-open talks with Russia. It’s the UK and USA who are prolonging this war and actually help killing the Ukraine citizens. Let’s STOP the west from interfering with other countries cultures… isn’t that then actual democracy instead of the USA/ NATO/ UN dictating what their version of democracy is. Let’s make them never forget, politicians are here to serve us, the general tax paying citizen @USA @UK @Canada

  13. lmao, how tf does it happen to a major news media to mistake germany for austria. austria isnt even a G7 member.
    and why would thn germany host the g7 summit if its in austria?

  14. It is embarrassing how dumb these Reporters are. In the studio they say Austria and then then Reporter in the Field acknowledges and agrees she's in Austria. Shame on you ABC

  15. Mr Alexander Lukaschenko is a real dangerous man! He could start a war with nukes without asking Mr Putin.

     Russia will soon supply nuclear-capable missiles to allied Belarus, according to President Vladimir Putin.

    © REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin – Russland wird nach Angaben von Präsident Wladimir Putin bald atomwaffenfähige Raketen an das verbündete Belarus liefern. Wie Putin am Samstag bei einem Treffen mit dem belarussischen Staatschef Alexander Lukaschenko ankündigte, wird Russland "in den kommenden Monaten" das Raketensystem Iskander-M an Belarus liefern, das auch mit Atomsprengköpfen bestückt werden kann. Putin äußerte sich zu Beginn seines Treffens mit Lukaschenko in St. Petersburg.

    Lukaschenko sagte zu Putin, er sei besorgt über die "aggressive" Politik der Nachbarländer Litauen und Polen. Er ersuchte Putin, eine "symmetrische Antwort" darauf aufzubauen. Konkret nannte er mit Atomwaffen bestückte NATO-Flüge nahe der belarussischen Grenze.

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