Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe dead at 67 after assassination l GMA

Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a gunman during a campaign speech Friday in Nara, Japan.

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37 thoughts on “Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe dead at 67 after assassination l GMA

  1. Chinese media very happy with over Shinjo Abe sir incident . Wakeup Japan make strong militarily and destroy your fking enemy … Support from India

  2. Shinzo Abe was the true supporter of Indo – Japanese Co operation in various fields. He was the close friend of India.. We Indians lost of true friend. This is also the big failure of Japanese security system. Salute to Shinzo Abe for his contribution .. ! 🇮🇳 🇯🇵

  3. ¥~!@!¥¥¥######The Japanese have yet to sincerely apologize for the heinous crimes committed in World War II, denying the Nanjing Massacre, denying the issue of comfort women, denying the 731 unit that conducted human experiments, Shinzo Abe is the representative of Japanese militarism, this man should be damned

  4. 🇧🇷 What is this creature that killed Shinzo Abe ?? A beast? A demon? On this planet called earth, there are monsters and demons in the human form. They are everywhere . How could this being take a innocent, useful and long term knowledgeable life? This creature cannot be called as " human". For each wise human life who is taken, a living library is burned forever. Earth is saying to this being: your death will NOT MAKE ANY difference for me. What have you done being ? What are you? You are not worth to eat the earth's fruits. A human life is more valuable than ALL things present on this world. Yes, it is ! Why? Because a wise single human life can change the entire world. Humans are this world the real building and destroyers.They can be the essence of good and bad. Humans are the ones responsible for ALL LIVES ON THIS PLANET. Only for being HUMAN your value is , literally, astronomical. And even so, some humans take their own lives. How can they? A single human life is more valuable than many planets on the universe. Inside each human life there is knowledge and power to change the entire universe. Yes! There is! If you cannot see that, please you must reconsider your being. Humans ARE real angels and real demons and monsters.. They are the only ones responsible for this world and ALL lives present on it. For each innocent creature' s life humans take in an unjust and coward way- they call these wonderful creatures " animals"- they will be responsible. From one single bee, flora, to the magnificent blue whale. For them, all things were given, from them, all things will be charge .

  5. Scared visit Japan now , no trust, no security , you are suddenly shot, you don't know, even you are visitor only, even in US, mass shooting are rampant.

    All over the world SOP, security in public places must be secured by trusted and qualified security officers.

    Secured places visitors / tourism tend to increase.

  6. 1 shot in Japan in a year compared to over 14,000 in America.

    America a third world country that the rest of the world use as the butt of it's jokes.

  7. Shinzo Abe's killer, probably saved hundreds of thousands, perhaps, even millions of lives. Nuclear missiles in Japan, targeting China & Russia would surely have caused reciprocal actions by these targets.

    A little history lesson for that airhead, Lee Hsien Loong, who was so chummy with him.

    Shinto Abe's maternal grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, was to be tried as a Class A war criminal, after WW2. He ruled Manchuria and was called Monster of Manchuria coz of his cruelty. He was imprisoned for 3 years, but later released, coz the Americans needed him, to help run Japan. He served under Tojo, the Prime Minister during the war. He later became Prime Minister of Japan (1957-60), while his son Shintaro Abe (Sinzo Abe's father) became foreign minister (1982-86).

    The family history, shows that Abe was a blue blood in Japan’s politics. Japan’s imperialism & extreme nationalism, have been LDP trademarks. Their biggest obstacle today, is China. Abe, is the mastermind in the moves for the further containment of China, & in the formation of QUAD.

    Since he returned to power in 2012, Abe had embarked on an unprecedented anti-China mission, changing his country's pacifist foreign policy! Abe, funded nearly all anti-China think tanks in the US to advocate for the US's containment strategy, against China. He also bankrolled, many Western media to spread anti-China propaganda. Trying to discredit China's BRI projects, he offered what he called 'better alternatives'. He engaged in shuttle diplomacy, to create an anti-China coalition in Asia, spearheading the formation/revival of the Quad.

    In a nutshell, it could be said, Abe was the critical figure, who engineered Japan's hostile change toward China. He is also responsible, for Japan's increasing re-militarization! Good riddance!

  8. ok, with this it's clear that GUNS DONT KILL, people kill. japan has very heavy laws against guns and this didn't help in this assassination.

    Never disarm honest people, because delinquents always find a way to get armed.

  9. World …. Became like hell 🤦‍♀️😭….
    Imorality , violence , no value and respect for life , trying to reverse the original in a fake and disaster…the JUDGEMENT DAY is approaching ….. GOD ALMIGHTY …. Is the CREEATOR , the ONLY ONE MASTER OF PERFECTION …. and ONLY HIM has the last WORD.
    But …. People moching HIM , try to destroy the FUNDAMENTALES , VALUES AND MORALES ….
    The consecvence are here 🤦‍♀️😭…. And the INFINIT CONSECVENCE HELL … Hell for Eternity will be. After JUDGEMENT DAY .
    We all see it …..the violence is at most high level ….. but many do NOT belive or accept ….
    Prime minister Abe , is gone in a barbaric and demonic way …. 😭Letting us with broken hearts …💔
    Condoleance for the family and people of great country Japan . 💔😭😭😭

  10. America president Lincoln by a gunman assassination long time ago, it's history repeat again

    who is planners for assassination action ? 🤔? 🤔? 🤔

  11. He was our hope. He tried to take Japan back from those who intend to destroy Japan's economy, health, future, tradition and dreams of our young people. We will not surrender Japan. Wrong History is also being taught at schools even in Japan. Japan did not invade East Asia in WW2. East Asia was colonized and explored by the British, the Dutch and the US. Please study Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam History or just check W_pedia. They were all being explored by those powers at the time of Japanese "occupation". They all fought against European and American powers and were defeated and they all got their nationalist movement restarted because Japan expelled the colonizers, then they all got their independence. History books are teaching a lie about WW2. Please know the truth. Our PM truly fought for us…

  12. The arrested suspect with his contraption seems to be a decoy to hide a sharpshooter with a telescopic rifle from a window of nearby building. His security and the cameraman seem to be hand in glove with the killers

  13. This is a grievance. Troubled shooter once again, no signs, no warnings but surely someone will come forward for this aggrieved assasination. Glad he is in custody. Killing anyone is abhorent to moral society, Japan my heart goes out to you. While it is fraught, disgusting reality of the USA do not let it sway your gun laws. BE FIRM. 頑固に


  14. The war in Ukraine🇧🇧 is meant to open your eyes to see the reality in the financial system.Rear estate firm and other business es are also close,, only crypto holder's and crypto investors are spending money with ease….

  15. Rest in peace, Sir! 🙏🙏🌻🌻🌻 I think the whole Vietnam is sharing this loss with Japan just like other countries in the world. Love and Peace

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