US, UK security chiefs issue warning on China

FBI Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum discuss how China is a threat to both countries.


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23 thoughts on “US, UK security chiefs issue warning on China

  1. Give me a fking break. This is just another distraction, and propaganda. China's infrastructure is crumbling, roads, bridges, buildings, all just falling apart. Russia is losing to Ukraine, in part because of the Chinese junk they're using. On top of that, they just sent a bunch of the oil released from our reserves to China. And we're supposed to believe they're a threat to us? Other than cyber, we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Stop the fear mongering. It's bullshit, and anyone paying attention sees right through it.

  2. Right! it is better to spend a hundred billion dollars on the army of Ukraine, which is the most corrupt in this region, than to make life easier for the citizens of your country with this money in the crisis created by Biden and the people behind him, while blaming Putin who did everything to prevent the conflict in Ukraine!!! and those people who try to tell the truth about it are persecuted and silenced! you can call it a bot, but that's why it's a democracy.

  3. Who gave the English permission to speak?U have no right to speak about world peace since u crowns mess up other peoples lives.

  4. In the last decade China has built 300+ schools, universities ,highway ,bridge , ,wind ,5G network and hospital whereas America has build 200+ new prisons in the state of California alone along with building an endless supply of firearms. So whilst Chinese people are getting health care, education and graduating. Americans are on the streets without food, health care nor a home.

    But Americans is good at in doing is always on smearing campaign ,coercive diplomacy on those country that is cannot control and bully,sanctioning them if you are against USA,but sanctioning Russia a self sufficient economy with 40% resource of the world is counter sanctifying USA and its alley with unprecedented inflation for the last 40 years.but the love of their beloved guns which they will only end up using it on each other and end up in one those newly build prisons that are popping up everywhere throughout the country to meet big-man-Tyrone so they can drop the soap on him.Likely after the mid term election,USA will be torn and broken country and civil war could be the with some state detesting why it should support other economy

    What China is doings to slowly decouple from US and isolate its economy , they are focusing on advancing themselves, their technology, their economy, their military, their wealth. Whilst America is so concerned and worried to the point where America's attention is all on them instead of the internal issues that is going on within America. Eg – Entailment Hearth, Homelessness, gun violence, mass butchering, elementary schools, starvation, no healthcare, divided country with racism, hatred, fentanyl overdose, gangs, police brutalize, human rights violation, mass illegal immigration, collapsed financial system, extreme economic downturn, record high inflation and great depression.

    If anyone interested and genuinely curious as to how China became public enemy number one to the world and how can we trade with China but want to nuke them in the same breath?China is NOT a public enemy of the world. Only the US and its subordinated allies think that way.According to voting records of the United Nations General Assembly, many 193 countries, two third of most countries of the world will vote for and with China than those voted for and with the US.

    According to Jimmy Carter, China loves peace and USA is the MOST warmongering country in the history of humankind.How do you describe a country which spent 95% of its entire history at war? They have no hesitation to go to war with anyone who do not follow what they want you to do for them and their ideology.Listen to what Jimmy Carter said about USA and China :

    "Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody?" Carter asked. "None. And we have stayed at war." The U.S., he noted, has only enjoyed 16 years of peace in its 242-year history, making the country "the most warlike nation in the history of the world," Carter said. This is, he said, because of America's tendency to force other nations to "adopt our American principles."

    USA is the MOST hypocritical, idiotic, warmongering and bullying regime keep interfering other countries' affairs for their own gains.
    Jimmy Carter took call about China from concerned Donald Trump: "China has not wasted a single penny on war"
    Former President Jimmy Carter said Trump was worried that “China is getting ahead of us,” and he suggested the president was right to be concerned.

    China and the US have very different mentality.China believes in trade. The more countries of the world get richer, the more China can trade with them and get richer together. Therefore, China is trying to get rich together with as many countries as possible.The US on the other hand believes it must keep as many countries and peoples of the world weak and poor, and many even dead, so the West can continue their domination of the world ideologically, politically, and militarily.

    As long as China is not under US's control and China does not stay weak and poor, the US will continue to demonize, badmouth, insult, sanction and attack China and Chinese people non-stop and wouldn't stop to want to destroy China !

  5. Then why doesn't the usa just go to war with China? Thats right usa cant even win a war in the middle east. The usa lost in Iraq Afghanistan Vietnam. usa is failing. usa cant even protect its own kids in its schools

  6. This is just more racist rhetoric against the Chinese. The biggest threat in America isn't the Chinese. It's all the school shooters and nazis running around the streets of America.

  7. China wants to enslave the world but too many Western corporations and politicians are greedy and only think about making money from corruption for themselves. China does not respect Western society. Western countries will fall to communist China because China see Western democracy is weak, plagues with in-fighting, no unity, no real leadership!!! China believes soon their military power will grow strong enough to take the world.

    While China and Russia has the stomach to fight in prolong wars or even escalate to nuclear destruction, Western countries do not have the stomach to fight for long or too afraid of nuclear conflicts. China's and Russia's solutions to conflicts is military aggression, while Westerners only want to talk and talk and talk. China and Russia see Western democracy is a failure and the people under democratic system are cowards.

    Western countries citizens will share the same fate as Tibet – lost of sovereignty, genocide like the Uyghurs, lost of freedom like Hong Kong, economic collapse like Sri Lanka and many other countries fallen to China's debt trapped diplomacy.

    Unfortunately Westerners citizens don't care about their fate. They only care how much they pay at the gas pump, their Mc Donald's happy meals to be cheap, cheap imports goods sold in Walmart, fentanyl for their drugs addiction, gay rights, etc… Just wait until China rules their countries and out law everything; the women will be raped just like the Uyghurs in concentration camp; men, women and children will be forced into labor factory sweat shops for Apple and Amazon. Don't be fool, Jeff Bezos is a real communist at heart who lived in the US, benefited under free economy system to get rich. Jeff Bezos is one of China's biggest supporter and their key top agent!!!

    In summary, China will rule the world because Westerners are too stupid and afraid to get into a real fight with China. Might as well bow down and kiss China's ass now just like many American celebrities already had, i.e. John Cena, LeBron James and the entire NBA, all of Hollywood movies industry, American politicians.

    When the US and the rest of the free world fall, you can thanks to your politicians and your corporate leaders for pandering and giving communist China free aid via your 401K investments into China's system, help China build their military might from all the technology thefts in US high tech industries, as well in the US universities. Yes, help China to grow strong and powerful with your retirement money which have been diverted by Wall Street into China. Yes, help China economy grow richer so your economy grow poorer and more of your people are homeless. Yes, please continue to share with China your technology innovations so they can build weapons to kill you and your children one day soon. All bow down to China and kiss their asses.

  8. USA can't even keep their own kids safe in school, yet they want to call China a threat. FBI is just spreading more racist propaganda. 🖕. China is a great country but most Americans are just brainwashed idiots.

  9. China is not the one that invaded Iraq Afghanistan Vietnam or many other poor third world countries while killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. FBI also tried to cover up for that sex offenders Larry Nassar.

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