Don’t buy the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro… (Alternatives)

In this video we go over some of the reasons why you may or may not want to buy the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro, and list some alternatives for your consideration.

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00:00 It’s a good gaming phone!
00:38 Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro – Brief Overview
02:02 Why you may not want to buy the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro
03:01 Alternative #1 – Poco F4 GT
03:36 Alternative #2 – Nubia Red Magic 7
04:29 Alternative #3 – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
05:21 What do you think?

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Author: rafaelnieves72


41 thoughts on “Don’t buy the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro… (Alternatives)

  1. The only one I'd consider is the nubia and if I bought it the most it would play is minecraft and emulators. I just don't get the whole gaming phone thing.

  2. The Red Magic 7S Pro which is launching soon is probably the best alternative for people who are looking into the ROG phones. Same processor and probably a cheaper price.

  3. I have Rog5 and that was like half the price of rog6 for almost the same features. Same headphone jack, same battery, bypass charging, reverse charging and more. Whats more rog5 did not come with ig, facebook bloat while rog6 has introduced them.

  4. I got the Red Magic 7 Quasar and I couldn't be happier. All the latest specs plus a headphone jack for $730. You can't really beat that.

  5. The biggest draw for me for the ROG Phone 6 is the 6000mAh battery and the headphone jack. The Red Magic is tempting but i wish they would put a a slightly larger battery, just got longevity's sake.

  6. Can Americans please stop making up pronunciation for foreign brands? In much of Asia, Asus is pronounced as 'A Ser S', not 'A Soo S'.

  7. No one should buy a snapdragon 8 gen 1 phone for gaming again, you should all wait for the redmagic 7s and 7s pro if you want something affordable.

  8. Android is broken. No matter what specs you get on a phone the os is core. Android hasn't innovated for a long long time not to mention has started to develop bugs rather than developing itself to take advantage of the hardware. All android is going to be at most is a mobile console.

  9. The only reasons why I would avoid this phone:
    – No Expandable Storage
    – Too large
    – Average camera

    Reasons to get it:
    – Headphone Jack
    – Flat screen without notch or punch hole
    – Notification LED

  10. You lost me when you referred to the UK separately to Europe 🤦
    The UK is part of Europe, a physical area, not to be confused with the EU.

  11. No offense mate just a little shallow Imho. Many alternative with a snapdragon gen 1 chipset, but not many come close to the performance. The reason behind is THERMAL THROTTLING is a thing! I would had maybe agreed with you if you were pushing the Black Shark series. Nubia Red Magic 7 ain't bad the problem with this phone is like has it thermal throttling turned off. The result = insanely high temperature to the point it is not comfortable to hold. You guys got so many phone over there? Maybe try testing and pushing each their limits for more than an hour? This video just seems lazy, lack of knowledge and research.

  12. It has an 8 (Plus) Gen 1. The difference between the 8Gen1 and (Plus) version is substantial. For one the (Plus) is made at TSMC. Compared to Samsungs inferior node. 2nd is a 10-15% performance boost along with 10°c lower Temps. TSMC is why I stuck with the Note20 Ultra which used the TSMC made SD865+. The OG SD865 is also made by TSMC but Qualcomm quickly jumped ship from the Samsung made 8Gen1 to TSMC for the 8+Gen1. The main reason, MediaTeks D9000 (which was made by TSMC) performed better in Temps and CPU/GPU tests and games. So, of course they couldn't have that. They had TSMC fab up the 8plusGen1. That's also the reason ASUS waited to launch the ROG Phone 6.

  13. I kinda feel like you said so much and nothing at all. I'd say the biggest issue with Asus ROG phones is the software. Is a buggy mess. There are random glitches, crashes, and broken features. When they fix certain bugs it breaks others. I owned a couple of ROG phones but ultimately went back to Samsung (before ROG I had an S7 edge) and bought an S22 Ultra. To be honest is so much more phone for the money. I know it does not have the cooling or the shoulder buttons that the ROG has but you can buy adapters on ebay if you really needed them. The camera is leaps and bounds better than the ROG's as well as a WAY more polished software. Also add the radios on the ROG devices dont support many carriers and the phone is not that common so finding cases and screen protectors is pretty limited. Lasty the water resistance rating is hit or miss wich is mainly why I switched. You can dunk an S22 Ultra on a pool and it will be fine, not so much with ROG phones. Dont get me wrong I love ROG phones but there way too many compromises to "daily drive" them over anything more mainstream like an Iphone or a Samsung. You really have to go against the grain to use one everyday. Keep in mind I compare it to the S22 Ultra because these phones are expensive and it only makes sense to compare to other flagships.

    Hope this helped.

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