July 4th mass shooting

A person of interest has been arrested in connection with a mass shooting at a parade outside Chicago that left at least six dead. ABC News’ Mona Kosar Abdi has the new details.


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  1. The answer, actually, is marijuana due to the unregulated potency of THC. People are fine while on it, but the peak of hyper rage hits around 24 hours post cessation. That's when any given individual will find out if he/she is capable of physical acts of violence, and if they are, homicide is absolute not out of the question, even if that individual would never have committed those acts otherwise. They may contemplate the injustices suffered by another person decades ago, and want to exact revenge as if that injustice had just recently taken place. Unlike opioid withdrawal, the individual will experience an extraordinary amount of hyper energy coupled with rage. This begins to fade within the next 24 hours, but anyone could be at risk during that window of time. Anyone. This didn't happen prior to the increase of potency after legalization. However, the potency itself is the problem. Marijuana does not need to be criminalized, but rather, the THC potency must be subjected to regulation. The potency even causes life-threatening seizures, and yet, neurologists will tell you it's been known to help prevent them. If you press the issue further, they eventually concede to admitting that they have known of people to seize during or after their first ingestion of THC. Once THC potency is regulated, you will immediately see a drop in these violent occurrences.

  2. Put a gun ban at the moment. Assess the mental state of the people. Device a plan to eliminate or mitigate violent tendencies. (In schools etc.) Implement strict gun laws. Slowly lift gun ban

  3. Its quite unfortunate that there are no steps for America to prevent mass shootings, as it is quite impossible. However, we can limit the time we spend outside near people, make sure more people have access to guns, gun training, and take weekly trips to the gun range to improve their accuracy, and make sure all schools, stores, and outside places have plans to evacuate the people if there is another shooting in the fastest, safest route possible.

    Removing guns is impossible because it'll disarm people who got guns legally and it will prevent those people from defending themselves against murderous, savage criminals. Almost all criminals, with the exception of a few, prefer to use illegal methods of obtaining lethal firearms. Instead, we can increase the amount of people that obtain lethal weapons as a self-defense item to use against the criminals.

  4. The death toll is possibly alot higher. Judging by my info, 25 were killed, + the 6 mentioned in the news, plus the dead shooter, that's a total 32 casualties. Man people are FUCKING NUTS!

  5. Any gun restriction laws should have bans based on certain immutable traits that have emerged as patterns in these mass shootings,.

  6. Another day ,another mass shooting. When they ever learn I ask to myself. Answer is clear Never. They never learn. They are American they don't learn they only teach. But how can you teach without learn. 🙈🙉🙊

  7. I say this to people who are not willing to do anything about the gun laws: get ready for the next round. Let's see how long it will take until the next shooting.

  8. As long as you continue voting GOP, you will continually see mass shootings in the US….and continue burying your family members and children….when the limitless freedom of an individual trumps the good of the many…

  9. US needs to do something about their F&%$"# guns!! It is out of hand!! A lot of those guns come ilegally to our countries toó! Them are trade for drugs!! That's why there so much killing everyday !! Kids are handle with guns too!! This need to Stop!!!

  10. So let me get this straight social media is able to ban people from saying certain things but when you have a individual that are having conversations about mass shootings there not banned are y’all investigate people social media pages for posting drugs but can’t see people who post about mass shootings years before they actually do it is crazy

  11. Another scumbag loser with an assault rifle and a high capacity magazine. Good for indiscriminate killing, not much else.

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