Travel chaos as record number of Americans expected to return home after July 4 | GMA

The TSA has screened more than 9 million people at U.S. airports since Thursday, while thousands experienced delayed flights and cancellations over the long weekend.

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48 thoughts on “Travel chaos as record number of Americans expected to return home after July 4 | GMA

  1. I really don’t care about people traveling !!! If you have money to travel then you don’t mind waiting in long lines … no thank you my time is more valuable than a trip

  2. This is just the test run for Thanksgiving and Christmas. People will be stuck then..they never learn. Staycation.

  3. The public’s misunderstanding and uneducation on how airlines/airports work just makes things worse… there are airport hired and FAA hired individuals who are in shortage which all work in concert for flight operations where the airlines have no control over. That’s just one of the dozens of things outside of an airline’s sphere of influence

  4. At least you guys got to enjoy some time off. A lot of us had to and continue to work major holidays without much leeway nor say in order to put a roof over our heads, so excuse me when I say I have little to nothing in my empathy tank.

  5. Bet you all that a lot of people are going to get fired from their jobs due to this. Some airline people are just lazy to do their jobs. If you can't do your job then get out. Let someone else that is qualified to do better than you.

  6. What happened to the 45 billion dollars the government gave to the air industry to prevent this from happening? Funny how our tax dollars evaporated without any accountability.

  7. Good. All the pilots should strike. It's a tough job and you don't even get paid much. The world should become a disconnected place now. No need for immigration or travel. Nope.

  8. I wish I could travel to the u.s .. but it's really so hard.. but it's fine cause i'm gonna travel to Australia..
    Finally i'm really so happy😭😭💔

  9. FOOLS!!!
    Unless it is absolutely necessary … knowing what's going on in the airline travel industry … avoid flying anywhere … avoid the headaches and STAY THE "F" HOME FOOLS!!!

  10. i flew out thursday at 6am nonstop and flew back home monday july 4 at 5 AM nonstop. I have no problem whatsoever. The key is to fly early as possible and make sure it’s nonstop

  11. This is why I don't go out on major holidays anymore. The amount of stress and wasted time isn't worth it anymore. My family and I celebrate our separate time now.

  12. This is a failure of the private sector and no one else's. American airlines have never been known as the best but even when it comes to pricing they're losing. I've been looking at prices for a November trip to southeast Asia. The US airlines are anywhere from $500 to $1000 more than their foreign competitors.

  13. 50 million dumb ass people killing more gas speeding Covid and spending money they say they need and want more free money from the government

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  15. I guess old age is setting in on me.
    I have been to 16 countries and 26 of 50 states and have no desire to travel by air. Never mind the cost,
    medical, cancelations
    and fellow travelers.
    Uncle Sam doesn't want Americans traveling…

  16. Maybe if they paid their TSA officers more, they could handle all of these people. At my airport, they have only one security line because the TSA staff is down 75%.

  17. Airlines upper management and CEOs are truly a failure. Airports are incredibly uncomfortable. Prices all around are unacceptable. Personally airlines don't care about anyone. Just as long as they get your money.

  18. this is been going on for several months now I don’t know why people still insist, I’m paying the higher prices for these airline tickets just not to get nowhere. There are trains, there are buses, there’s even your own vehicle. Taking any one of those will help you save a lot of money, and a lot of aggravation. I am an Amtrak customer through and through.

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  20. Not much different than the traffickers bringing folks across the border.. you pay a ticket price to be delivered somewhere and the driver just randomly decides to drop you off hours away from your destination. Shameful.

  21. I don't feel sorry for them. They got all that COVID money and didn't retain their employees. They probably forced some people into early retirement. And then gave themselves big raises.

  22. Airlines were given billions of dollars in Covid relief. What to the taxpayers get for that bailout money? Higher prices and crappy service.

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