Man charged in alleged rape of 10-year-old girl who crossed state lines for abortion l ABCNL

Jeff Crossman, a Democrat running for Attorney General in Ohio, discusses the case of a 10-year-old girl who was allegedly raped and forced to travel across state lines for an abortion.

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42 thoughts on “Man charged in alleged rape of 10-year-old girl who crossed state lines for abortion l ABCNL

  1. No they don’t. The circumstances of this rape preclude the rule, in other words she could have got the abortion in Ohio. Do some journalism, you know pick up a phone, your job is not to just sit there like a parrot.
    But No mention of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT that raped that child, Hey Kamilla do your job , the border .
    Yes candidate you will say anything even lie to get elected

  2. There’s a very special place in hell for this scumbag … This is what the Biden administration signed all United States citizens up for. And the clown from homeland security . Time to impeach for what he’s done with our national security . Welcome to the Biden Harris Sh$& Show 2022 ….. Just think 2 more years of insanity!!

  3. Why don’t you report that this rapist is an illegal alien? Why did the Indiana doctor report that the rapist was 17 years old? Why did the mom say her child is “fine” as she defended her daughter’s rapist? And the Ohio AG never said the child was a liar. He said nothing had been reported to his office. Stop spinning this story.

  4. Don't trust liberal media reports on anything; especially this mysterious 10 year old girl! Democratic liberal Politicians can't be trusted either!

  5. The Take-Away is that if you are an Ohio resident and you have a healthy 10 yr old who is menstruating, you need to give her monthly pregnancy tests before you get any compassion from that state.

  6. How come this bald guy didn't answer the question??? She asked him if there was an exception that would allow the 10 year old girl to get an abortion! And he just started crticizing Yost! WTF??? Come on baldy, answer the effing question! Punk!

  7. Sounds like bullshit.
    USA today fake news. How does a parent not have any responsibility for their child?
    Absolutely this is why we need mandated abortions for all Democrats.
    I present the motion to the floor!
    Does anyone second the motion?
    Give Democrats what they want!

  8. This needs to be acknowledged and the mother needs to be investigated "The mom spoke to Telemundo while hiding behind the door of the Columbus apartment that was also listed as the home of rapist Gerson Fuentes, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

    “She’s my daughter,” the mom, who refused to give a name, confirmed to Telemundo of the girl who would have been just 9 when she was abused and impregnated.

    “She’s fine. Everything that they’re saying against him is a lie,” she insisted of Fuentes, who confessed during police interviews to raping the youngster at least twice, according to court records and officials."

  9. Ex-Police Chief Convicted of Child Rape Gets 16 to 32 Years A former Pennsylvania police chief convicted of rape of a child has been sentenced to 16 to 32 years in prison, state prosecutors – Associated Press July 16, 2022, at 12:05 p.m.

  10. I'd like to find out who FORCED her to go to Indiana! I think it was a publicity stunt and the girl could have gotten an abortion in Ohio. I also heard that this Doctor Caitlin Bernard has a history of not reporting rapes.

  11. Too bad the girl wasn’t a citizen living in Texas… where that governor said – out loud – that their laws won’t include abortions for rape victims because they’re going to stop rape in their state.
    Really Abbott? You’ve possessed the power to stop rape and now you’re only going to use that power now that there’s an anti-abortion law in place?!

  12. I wonder if they will mention that the 27 year old man is an illegal immigrant who snunk into our country during the Obama administration! Or how about the fact that no one charged the rapist until everyone on the Right questioned the accuracy of the story?!?!

  13. Why did they wait till she was more than 6 weeks????? She could have had one if they did it immediately!! What happened to the MORNING AFTER PILL???????????????

  14. They should of held this monster down with no pants or under wear and let 3 pitbulls go to town on his genitals 😡😡 sick and where was her parents??? I watch my kids like hawks just sad for the little girl she didn't ask for any of this what a failure on the part of the little girls guardians!!!

  15. This is exactly why safe medically supervised abortions in ALL states MUST remain legal. abortion is a necessary tool to prevent things like this…a 10 year old mother! Its unfathomable to me that this will now be a crime to save a 10 year old r@pe victim from giving birth. Pure evil

  16. This AG is just another cruel right wing proponent of controlling women, and inflicting further pain on a child, her family, and the doctor. That doctor understands what compassion, common sense, and working for the public good is.I hope she will be safe

  17. So wondering how a 10 year old got pregnant? Hard to believe that the 10 year old was already having menstrual cycles. Even harder to believe that Joe was privy to this case before the state police, district attorney, and attorney General had any knowledge of this case. Then like magic suddenly a suspect is charged and just so happens to be an illegal immigrant. Feels like bs and if it is true, the democrats and Joe should feel terrible for using the little girl as a political tool

  18. Funny democrats let the rapists in and will give him a light sentence and say it's this 10 year olds fault while blaming republicans for abortion rights so this girl can erase the blemishes created by democrats

  19. They're hiding the truth about the perpetrator because he was an illegal immigrant, and that doesn't play well for the agenda the news is trying to spin.

  20. So…. abc…. you make this all about the abortion…crossing state lines, all of that … but what about the rape itself?…. what about THAT??? IF this man is guilty of it… I'm not judge , jury and executioner…but I DO have a problem with the news making it more about the abortion than the actual rape….. so pathetic.

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