Hundreds gather at gun control rally near Capitol

Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth and Rep. Brad Schneider were among the speakers who addressed the crowd Wednesday morning.

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38 thoughts on “Hundreds gather at gun control rally near Capitol

  1. I cannot think of one person I know that does not own a gun most own many and not one of them would give up that right so good luck

  2. Its crazy how people wants the gun rights more than the safety of children attending school. Children should be worried about getting shot at and should feel safe without armed guards

  3. Yeah, guns aren’t going anywhere without another war. Nobody wants war, so we will keep the guns. It’s a shame people are murdered, but the weapons evolve. Murders stay the same. These people want us to be angry. They’re cancer that preys on emotions.

  4. In United States v. Cruikshank (1876), the Supreme Court ruled that, "The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendments [sic] means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government." (It now applies to the states just as equally as the federal government due to incorporation using the 14th amendment.)

    This is a civil rights issue, and we will never let them win.

  5. You are so right public safety thats way we need to ban vehicles. Someone dies from a vehicle every 23 seconds. We also need to ban knives. We also should ban medication do you know how many people die from meds. We need to round up the homeless and lock them up so they can't hurt anyone. Really what we need to do is don't let people leave their home it's just to dangerous. We can just bring them thing's that is only safe.

  6. Over 95% of gun murders are committed with handguns. (If you don't math bro, that means less than 5% are committed with ANY kind of long arm, whether rifle OR shotgun.)

    So why are the Powers That Be SO damned determined to ban militia rifles?

  7. 44 Americans shot by other Americans each day. 315 mass shootings so far this year. The ONLY country on Earth that has school shootings.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: School shootings B: Masks

    The US constitution has already been amended 27 times and as easy to amend as abortion law.

    There are guns all around the world but mass shootings don't happen all around the world. The problem is Americans.

  8. As sincere as these people are, and as gut wrenching as their stories are, their efforts are misplaced. I am NOT attacking them in ANY way so quit typing until you've read the entire comment! I will be using statistics from the CDC and the FBI, NOT feelings or personal bias! One woman, in the video, stated that the leading cause of death for young people is gun violence. Not according to the CDC. NOT even close! The leading cause of death for ages 1-19 (36%) is "Unintentional Injuries." Accidents, drug overdoses, car crashes, drownings, suffocations etc. The second cause (26.3%) is suicide, most commonly by gun, overdose of drugs or motor vehicle, either by intentional crash or carbon monoxide poisoning. The VAST majority of the suicides by gun would still occur, by other means, if the guns were not available and, the decision to kill oneself with a gun should NOT be categorized as "gun violence." Violence, of any kind, is perpetrated on a victim by a criminal, insane, revengeful or angry person, just to name a few. Homicide accounts for 16.9% of deaths in this age group. Most of those homicides are family, friendship (intimate or otherwise) or gang related which brings the actual "stranger" related homicide (BY GUN) down to around 3% or less. By rifle that percentage drops to around .05%. In other words, a rifle like the AR15, should NOT, by the statistics, be where we should be focusing our efforts to protect and save our children. Bottom line, there are NO magic gun laws that will protect us, or our children, from being killed by a gun because it is NOT the gun that kills but the EVIL or arrant person handling the gun. Cars DON'T kill people either, it's the reckless driver, the impaired driver, the arrant driver that kills. Impaired drivers kill someone, on average, every 40 minutes! Period! Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet Chicago is one of the deadliest cities in the country. Highland Park Illinois has very strict gun laws including an AR15 ban and a red flag law. It didn't protect those at the parade! Why? Because criminals and lunatics DON'T obey the law! So why would we disarm the law-abiding citizen, and limit their choice of weapon, leaving them defenseless from the CRIMINAL? That doesn't make ANY sense. According to FBI stats FAR more people are killed by knives every year than rifles and, those stats show that of the 10,258 homicides by gun in 2019, only 364 were killed by rifles/long guns of ALL types, which, of course, includes the AR15 and shotguns. Though I cannot find a breakdown in the number of people killed by an AR 15, compared to shotguns, compared to hunting rifles etc., I think as prevalent as shotguns are, they would rank very high, possibly higher than the AR15. As a bit of comparison, although the stats I could find for youth accidental drug overdoses were between the ages of 15 and 19, (ages 1-14 were not included), was 772 deaths. I think most of us would agree that this number would be much higher if we had the stats for ages 1-14. This number, without ages 1-14, is much higher than death by criminals with guns or long guns. So, let's get serious about REAL solutions to the causes that are killing more of our children as shown by CDC and FBI stats. We need to get back to a major TV campaign on the dangers of drugs. We need to close the southern border and stop the unabated flow of drugs, and cartel sponsored drug dealers, flooding across our border. WE must get rid of these woke DA's who are NOT prosecuting the gun laws against the criminals who use a gun during a criminal offense! It's also time to get tough on crime and gangs again and quit prosecuting citizens who kill or injure a criminal while defending themselves such as in the case in NY recently, or the Rittenhouse case just to name two. Next, put multiple officers in every school and put in place locked door, and other security protocols, in place in EVERY school. Are these perfect solutions that will work each and every time? No! But there is NO law, policy or practice that will work every time. I truly wish there were a "perfect" answer!

  9. Majority of so called gun violence are suicides. The majority of gun violence is committed with handguns not assault weapons. The vast majority of mass shooting defined as 4 or more shot in a public place excluding the shooter are committed with handguns. How again is banning an arbitrary classification of firearm is going to help?

  10. This "News" coverage is a promise of a trophy for the next copycat. How much money is made from this story? I bet ratings get a boost, it's marketing/promotional scheme.

  11. Apparently the people that choose to live in these cesspool areas of the country are incapable of acting like civilized human beings.
    They seem to be clueless on the real issues.
    Every school shooting has had the shooter fall through the cracks to obtain the weapon used. We have schools with open doors. We have police that stand around and do nothing.
    Note to the person with the sign (you are killing our children) No lady you are killing your own children. You do provide armed guards. You don't incest of laws already on the books be unforced.
    You blame everyone but yourself.

  12. Notice the communist fist logo for all these left-wing protests?? These are generations of people fighting for fewer rights and want the government to enslave them

  13. Gunfire is becoming common at Kids sporting events, terrorizing our kids! 308 mass shootings! Most of those are by handguns! All guns are equally dangerous!

  14. There are more then 393,000,000 civilian owned firearms in the United States. Or enough for every man, woman and child to own one and still have 67 million guns left over. If you say guns kill people, then you can also say pencils misspell words…and cars drive drunk…and spoons make people fat! That is not illogical thinking. Therefore, since the evil is not in the guns, gun control will never solve the problem. The evil is inside the person using it. If you want to remedy the evil, go to where the evil is. In the hearts of people. My suggestion? Try putting God back into school and school books and see what happens. Guns, Pencils, cars, and spoons do not, can not possess evil.

  15. I mean its funny how the pro gun comunity blames everything and everyone but guns. How can the law of owning guns be more important then human life. Im speachless…

  16. They are practically taking peoples rights away everyday and people are screaming take away the guns. How are you going to get your rights back when you have no way to fight back?

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