Man pulled from rubble of Ukraine apartment building

Footage released by Ukrainian authorities shows a man pulled from the rubble of a destroyed apartment block in the Donetsk region.

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29 thoughts on “Man pulled from rubble of Ukraine apartment building

  1. has russia ever addressed the reason they target residential buildings so often? surely that isnt something that goes unnoticed by the rest of the world, right?

  2. Zelenskyy needs to surrender in order to save his people. There’s a reason why there’s not a lot of vids of the Ukraine army anymore, it cuz most of them were killed. There now recruiting women, it’s getting desperate out there.

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  4. Imagine if the Biden family didn’t do illegal dealings in Ukraine, we wouldn’t even know this was going on. Never mind the billions we borrow from China and send there.

  5. Amazing and so sad at the same time. Countless innocent lives lost for nothing. This man was certainly so relieved when he realized people were there to help him.

  6. This would have never happened if Ukrainians listened to Putin’s warnings not to deal with the corruption of NATO. Now look at your pitiful conditions. Your loosing badly and will never win – NATO is using/treating you like cannon fodder.

  7. Could be fake? I hope not, but news has a history of faking stories such as, so bad when you have to question but that's a lot of debris on top for him to seem to be unharmed

  8. They want war but they send your children and friends to die, and when it's all over you come back homeless and have problems,

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