Coast-to-coast heat wave

Twenty-nine states are under excessive heat warnings today as the Southwest suffers through record drought. ABC News’ Christie Ileto has the latest.


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44 thoughts on “Coast-to-coast heat wave

  1. If UPS trucks had AC consumers would have to pay more for their stuff. I say NO to AC. Drivers should be tough and deal with it. They make $50. hour plus benefits. Not bad for a delivery man without a high school education.

  2. As long as Republicans control some of the house and senate we will never get anything past that will better any of our lives.

  3. "From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 4:17

    "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." Matthew 5:39○

  4. Just build a dome over the state of Arizona with working water sprinklers that run through out the dome, create huge refrigeration units on the ground through out the state and keep Arizona cool and give it water when we want too. It's the perfect plan. This Bill needs to be supported with my cut California away from the mainland with a giant sail located in Sacramento.

  5. I live in california, and this is the coldest summer Ive ever had…..its like 80 degrees for me this whole summer, the hottest it was this summer for me was 83 lol 😂

  6. Well In California we are used to hot weather in the summer.
    I placed
    Like the Central Valley triple
    Is normal
    Well as in bothers low desert and high desert, and the inland empire. Even the Sierra sees 90s in the summer.

    It’s nothing new. We expect hot hot summers.

    What has changed though are the reliable weather patterns.
    The seasonal weather patterns have been out of wack for the last decade.

  7. still no talk of halting evictions
    still no talk of making all homeless shelters free
    eviction is violence
    homelessness is preventable
    every homeless death is blood on the government's hands
    Every single person involved in the eviction of a homeless person who dies of heat stroke or hypothermia should be held responsible

  8. If the concern is over working the system by plugging in more air conditioners and to keep them at a certain temperature due to that, what will happen when everyone's driving around in electric cars that will all need charging?

  9. They say americans are using to much electricity, and to suffer with less, When in fact its the corporations
    that are consuming all the electricity. But they won't tell you the Truth.

  10. "Our eyes ever wasted away, looking in vain for aid; From our watchtower we watch for a nation that could not save us."

  11. UPS needs to start putting air conditioning in them trucks. This weather is only gonna get worst. They are going to have worse problems if the drivers die from heat stroke.

  12. Truth is we are all working too many hours for so little money… They want us coming home with no energy not a drop left , when people have families then they say we aren't raising our kids right. We'll gee I wonder why…

  13. You can't "tackle this issue" at this point, Joe. This has now reached the end stage – welcome to the Collapse, everyone. Try to go down with some dignity, humor, and humanity.

  14. I truly believe that as sinful as we all are, God cannot send the sun closer to us to burn us to ashes because his Love for us is just too great. STOP GLOBAL WARMING, STOP GREEDY CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, STOP LIAR POLITICIANS

  15. The corporations and politicians counting our tax money and their profits destroying the environment is causing this. That's why politicians deny and reject GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE. They're playing with fire. We're a few degrees from the world burning.

  16. magically companies start to care about their workers dying from heatstroke because it will put a hole in their wallet for this years profits.

  17. Literally all of Arizona. I work in a warehouse and it IS TOO HOT!!! I don’t go outside anymore in the summer…

  18. We have known for decades that climate change was real, manmade, and a disaster. Liberals have been screaming to take action before we get to the worst of it. Yet, they've been blocked at every turn with straight-out denial by conservatives. And here we are. People are dying, it's going to keep getting worse, and it's going to be far more expensive to mitigate the damage than to have worked to prevent it in the first place.

  19. yes you can do more VIRUS – CLOSE THE BORDERS & STOP PROVIDING FOR PROSTITUTES! men are not obligated to provide for their families but I SUPPOSE TO PROVIDE FOR PROSTITUTES!?

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