32 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee prepares for prime-time hearing Thursday | WNT

  1. Con man selling snake oil leading stupid & ignorant people that can't separate fact from fiction !!! IQ test should be given to people that voted for this clown !!!!

  2. trump contacted pelosi ON JAN 5 TO HAVE LARGE NUMBER OF NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS THERE BECAUSE HE WAS ADVISED IT MAY BE A BIG CROWED AND SHE REFUSE, IT WAS WELLdocumented..they planned this all to prevent trump from running 2024. these are the sleezest people .look what they did with russian collusion and impeacements that were all proven false

  3. omg the lies never stop, no police were killed,T he white house police shot and killed a young women who had no guns, i cant BELIEVE the lies anymore and the highly scam vedeos that were edited. aoc was NEVER IN THE BUILDING THESE PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE , LYING PEOPLE, A SHOW. CHENNY CAREER SHOULD BE OVER, ALL MADEUP HEAR SAY. WAS WASNT PELOSI SUPENORED

  4. Your leaving the good part out . Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security for the Capital on January the 6th 2020 . She secured nothing and that act of negligence was done for a reason .

  5. What no News about Hillary Clinton’s Russian Collusion? What no News about Hillary Clinton’s Email’s? What no News about Mass Murderer Cuomo? More Opinionated Propaganda by Media Scum with no Integrity. Just another Witch Hunt by the Unpatriotic and Treasonous Democratic Party.

  6. "Under Attack!" ABC says. While you can see, waiving American flags Instead, with people just standing there, who were let in, by security. Defund ABC! Lots of Fake News!

  7. Bring on the rain , old saying from the Bowels . When chit getting ready to hit the fan. You can cry, whine and Bitch, however why should it affect you. Your the Don and the Don do nothing wrong. He w/o sin , cast the first rock and I will smoketh it. Get ready for the fireworks tonight 🤣😅🤣😂🫣😤

  8. When you Disgusting losers, ie. Democrat scumbags lose the house & senate, you’ll realize the public doesn’t give a sh*t about this b.S. Damn, dems are stupid! Lmao😎🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😂😂

  9. Atleast we have 1 1/2 Years left before the US democracy gets destroyed in 2024 when Trump gets into the White House again… because one thing is for sure the Dems doesn't have someone who is able to stand a chance against a 75 year old Manchild and is trumpertantrums and his Mob of armed censored with guns…

  10. Tax dollar tax dollars wasted on a play all they're doing is reading from a script this is so stupid there's nothing they can do that nobody tried to overthrow the government these God damn idiots are f**** stupid

  11. After Cassidy testimony of hear say witnesses it's pretty obvious this is all political theater set up to smear Trump for political gain. All on the taxpayers dime. This is third world country stuff.

  12. We ALL know they created this circus act to hide their own
    crimes… EVERY SINGLE TIME they point the finger to the right and accuse them
    of something…turns out….it is THEM who are doing it… SAME THING HERE….
    it is THEY who Overthrew the Govt…it was THEY who are the
    Insurrectionists..it is THEY stole the electionS… and who need to be on trail… This is just the NEXT Russia hoax because everthing they have made up to go after Trump…blew up in their faces…this will too..

  13. New poll, 78% of voters feel the country is headed in the wrong direction under Biden. While 71% want him to be a one and done president.

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