Trump video outtakes to be revealed?

Sources say outtakes of the video President Trump made the day after the Capitol riot could be released. ABC News’ Em Nguyen reports on what they could show.


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35 thoughts on “Trump video outtakes to be revealed?

  1. Our corrupt politician elites and their lapdog operatives the MSM can’t stop talking about Jan 6th because they know they’ve been caught rigging the 2020 election, it’s called Misdirection!

  2. Even with being bombarded by the media 24.7 with bad coverage (95% of all reporting in trump was skewed in a negative way) Trump still managed to have a better rating than Biden, who the media does everything they can to report on him positively and cover up any negative reporting.

    Let that sink in….

  3. Trump was the Commander in Chief of the insurrectionists! He summoned that mob to Washington and waiting 187 minutes before he took any action-DISGRACE!

  4. Remember the Russia hoax, when Democrats lied, and lied AND lied for years even to their own constituents. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Same routine as the Kavanaugh, Gorsuch & Russia, they bring in another version of Christine Blasey Ford for sworn 'here say'testimony LOL. These "hearings" are literally ran by some the same liars who perpetrated the Russia hoax hearings which proved to be completely false created by the Democrats themselves and cost taxpayers millions & millions all to GET TRUMP. Its not just Biden who is corrupt, the Democrats hid Biden in his bunker from the American people, the press, because they knew he had cognitive issues and the early stages of dementia. Today's This committee is a collection of anti Trumpers Thompson, Raskin, Shiff, Aguilar. Just another attempt to smear Trump at taxpayers expense. Pelosi handpicking two Republicans RINOS, Liz Cheney & Adam Kezinger to make it appear fair and non partisan is not only slimy but an insult to your intelligence. Zero credibility for this firing squad. Democrats aren't even good at corruption.

  5. I can't wait for the tonight's hearing. Trump is clearly dangerous and evil. It's shocking that he is planning to run 2024


  6. What no News about Hillary Clinton’s Email’s? What no News about Hillary Clinton’s Russian Collusion? What no News about Mass Murderer Cuomo? More Opinionated Propaganda by Media Scum with no Integrity. Just another Witch Hunt by the Unpatriotic and Treasonous Democratic Party.

  7. Fouci is ouer bigest pandemic scheme knwn to mankind .america as we knw it has been betrayd by the radicl left and there was speed plan is to hury up and push snake poisen in arms many as they were wanting to do the bïg america kill off for there great reset. Bï pharma backd by biden nancy ther paid to distribute ths snake venum. Ths is angie stubblefild reportin

  8. And there lieing widn they say mild symptoms snake poisen isnt a symton. So here u go population kill off for the great reset nancy hillosy clinto obama liz cheney stil finger pointimg bash trump .ameria is sick of ur lïas we want euerythng that evil or dńt make since to be exposed to public today nancy wheres ur laptop nancy what are hiding from america hnw about ur plans on stealing trumps airplaine

  9. It's like the Nixon tapes all over again. And the infamous stretch that erased very specific points of the tape

  10. Wow u are so uneducated nancy polosi paid all those people off to dress up as trump suporters and since she was ouer the sucurity she turnd them away and she skillfuly made that happen .none of those people werep trump suporters . Nancy said to the investigater her office is off limits u knw why because all hes secret meetings had those poeples finger prints and dna there when they were partying with her before it happend

  11. The GOP remains the tool of pissed off destructive uber weathy bad faith actors with shitty intentions. Like David Bossie. These guys are a well funded, well organized team of corporate scumbags. The GOP is a tool of profound wealth and corruption. Trump just wants what Tucker Carlson wants. Tucker just wants what the Koch bros wants.. wants what rupert murdoch wants… what dejoy wants… what the sedition caucus wants… what the oil industry wants… what manchin wants… what the russian mafia wants… what the proud boys want….what citzens united wants… what putin wants… what the private prison industry wants…. what Lee atwater clearly specified in his Southern Strategy, the basic roadmap for the GOP's decades long gerrymandering and racial wedge issue griefing campaign. They ALL want To prevent voting, to harm americans with austerity, to profit from human misery, concentrating wealth and distributing liability. Preventing progress on climate change, human rights and justice issues. They had enough money to buy anything, so they bought the airwaves, the legislation AND ESPECIALLY the courts. YET!!! They still can't win a fair election where there is widespread voter participation.

  12. The problem with indicting Trump in most cases is proving his intent to break the law. Love him or hate him, he’s very good at playing dumb when he needs to in order to demonstrate that he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal.

    Luckily, there are no such difficulties with proving dereliction of duty as this is a crime of omission. The questions are: “was there an insurrection at the Capitol?” YES. “Did Trump know there was an insurrection at the Capitol?” YES. “Did Trump do anything to stop the insurrection at the Capitol?” NO.

    He’s guilty. Convicted. Lock him up. Game over and goodnight.

  13. They doing everything to convince you, that the election was not rigged. All the information is being held by General Milley, Scandal Pichai, and the leadership of the FBI. Make no mistake about this, when we arrest Pichai, it is them a domino effect. Everything lies with the 19 million bogus undetected ballots. All those new arrivals, that plotted the downfall of the US, must be returned to their native countries after prison. The j6 panel must be tried in a state that carries the death penalty. We not mucking about, this is real treason happening in our country.

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