Climate change likely to blame for record-breaking heat, experts say

At least 510 people died from heat-related issues in Spain between July 10 and July 18.


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  1. These factors—the cooling Pacific, the yet-to-cool Atlantic, and the
    historical reduction in recent solar activity—suggest that a staggered
    cooling period could continue. Absent from most headlines about global
    warming is a discussion of measures suggesting that the warming has
    ceased and a cooling may have begun. For example, deep-ocean heat
    content has not increased during the past five years. Looking at just
    one year, from January 2007 to January 2008, we find that
    satellite-derived atmospheric temperatures indicate that Earth was about
    one degree Fahrenheit cooler at the beginning of 2008 than it was at
    the beginning of 2007. The United Kingdom’s Hadley Centre ocean and land
    temperature records show cooling in the last seven to ten years…

  2. Looking at the climate change denial and self-proclaimed experts in these comments is a relief: climate change caused by a few of us and supported by many of us will kill ALL of us. But that's probably for the best, for the earth in the long run. This species was a complete failure.

  3. Less than 2% of the U.S. electorate cares about this, the product of psychotic fanatics and zealots and white woke people.
    Let's ask about the carbon footprint of Al Gore's floodlit mansion, the carbon footprint of all Joey Biden's planes, helicopters, and automobiles, and John Kerry's private jets!

  4. There are more Volcanoes erupting than ever before. That is why the climate is changing! Humans have such a small effect on the climate. Just 1 Volcano can change the weather of half the country. Imagine what 50 can do… God is allowing His Holy Angels to reap down the earth! Prepare and make way for Jesus Christ!!! It is nearly time…

  5. lets revers climate change in our life time!!!

    we are the human race we can do better than slowing the speed of climate change.. if we dump carbon in wet environments at convergent plate boundary's the carbon will not rot back to the atmosphere.. so if we dump our plastic and other carbon trash into the gulf of Carpentaria (Australia)the Caribbean sea or the Mediterranean sea , we could build land into the sea. if we grow and bulldoze a forest that collect carbon and dump it into the sea that carbon is GONE!!! if we regrow the forest and do it again, 2 forests are now under the sea.. the same land can dump more and more carbon and make land at the same time. we just have to dump more carbon than we emit and we can burn coal and make coal faster…

  6. 12 of the 15 deadliest U.S. weather events ranked by number of deaths – hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, fires, heat waves – all happened before 1950! Biden/Democrats' climate change policies (war on fossil fuels) are forcing us to pay outrageous prices for gas and food! Moody's Analytics says the typical American family will have to spend another $460 a month – over $5,000 a year – because of Joe Biden's inflation! THAT IS MORE OF AN EXISTENTIAL THREAT TO FAMILY BUDGETS THAN CLIMATE CHANGE!

  7. In 2006, Al Gore predicted all the nation's coastal cities would be under water by 2020! HOW DID THAT PREDICTION WORK OUT? Just 45 years ago – a mere blip in geological time – scientists were warning of the coming new Ice Age when blizzards and bitter cold gripped half the world winter after winter! The earth has undergone warming and cooling periods for hundreds of thousands of years! Plants thrive on carbon dioxide. It's nature's way. During warm periods, food was abundant and civilization thrived. During cold periods food was scarce and people starved!

  8. BTW! With, OVER 341,000 "Wind Turbines" on the PLANET, Scientists from Harvard University’s "School of Engineering" and "Applied Sciences" FOUND that, if Americans REDUCE the amount of "Carbon Energy" and SWITCH to energy generated by "Wind," the DRAG from "So" MANY "Wind Turbines" (Would) PREVENT "Flowing Air" that NATURALLY "Cools" the EARTH and, WITHIN the "Wind-Turbine-Hosting" region, US temperature "Became" 0.5°C WARMER!

  9. So many people are deflecting and denying the truth of Climate Change, honestly I can't wait for Climate Change to wipe out Humankind

  10. I have never felt this hot in my entire life, I nearly passed out, Global Warming is accelerating faster than anticipated

  11. The money oil companies put into fueling the denial of climate change is really working well for them; definitely money well spent.

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