Decision on Trump criminal referral not yet made: Rep. Zoe Lofgren | ABC News

Martha Raddatz interviews Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., on “This Week.”

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50 thoughts on “Decision on Trump criminal referral not yet made: Rep. Zoe Lofgren | ABC News

  1. Watching this week on July 24th and Jonathan Carl is the host. What a joke he is he has no credibility in America at all. He has nothing more than a donor to the Democratic party and wishing and hoping that we turn to socialism. It's just like watching Fox News there is no credibility with any of them anymore. Our country is in bad shape because of Joe biden's administration. Someone should take away Jonathan's Carl's press credentials because nobody wants to watch his program I turned it off after 2 minutes. America we have to do better. I believe there's going to be a civil war between the people that love America and the people that hate America. I believe in the center of the country we have more people that love America than there is on the two coasts the East and the West Coast. We cannot let New York and Los Angeles run our country cuz we will be poor and desolate. We are turning into a third world country

  2. Go ahead Demonrats, set a precedent you can't undo. We're coming for all of you next. Bunch of corrupt Democrats hold a Kangaroo Court, no judge, no jury, no defense, and you all believe it's legitimate. GTFOH.

  3. How stupid do you think the American people are ha let me know how that whole charging thing goes ha most Americans are not stupid nice try Lonnie ray

  4. Oh give it a break already. Trump didn't do a damn thing on Jan 6th. This whole thing is a total sham show. You people make us all sick to our stomachs.

  5. And it will never make it to a criminal trial. The Democrat and liberal media narrative on Jan 6th would never survive the scrutiny of Due Process. The last thing these modern day inquisitors want is for Americans to know ALL of the truth. Sad to see ABC News has lost it's last shred of credibility over one man.

  6. 😁 ya don’t even hint it. He will run off 😐☝️🤔🤪😜🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
    If trump and bannon and well I’m sure you know who’s who get away with this ☝️. Definitely corrupt government and justice department. Period ☝️🙄!!!!

  7. Surely we aren’t waiting on a criminal referral by Congress or the J6 committee… and I understand the DOJ’s job is more meticulous when making all of the pieces connect, otherwise it could be a mistrial or thrown out all together!! But we must prioritize this case against trump so this history doesn’t have a chance to repeat itself!!! And that goes for that funny looking governor in Florida, Desatan!!!🤨😡🤬

  8. I thought they said "tons" of people were watching before…. I know I have watched every single one… I don't know if I trust this poll… I think plenty of people are watching and paying attention. But also, the point a lot of people are trying to make is that they already now what Trump did and know he is guilty, so some may feel they don't need to watch the hearings because they already know Trump is guilty… we are very aware of what is going on…. investigate the Secret Service…investigate every department… there is corruption everywhere… in every department in this country…

  9. Your almighty savior. Joe Biden, was going to unite the country and bring civility back to the U.S. When??????
    From the comments on here, I believe none of you received that memo..
    You people are so hell bent on one man (who actually did something for the American people) that you are too blind to see the total failure that currently resides in the White House.

  10. People want to believe this opinion but in reality the January 6 hearings are super fun and epic and show
    what a joke 45 was!!!!!

  11. Please do all you can to get Merrick Garland off his ass and do his job, if not we will all lose and maybe this country is going to be run by a dictator. We will not be free in America, just look at the new supreme court being run by Trump appointed members. Trump has done so much damage to all our freedom already including the hillbilly Republicans that if you listen to who are mega supporters don't even know what they are supporting. Again just goes to show you how ignorant these hillbilly Republicans are.

  12. "Decision on Trump criminal referral not yet made" I call BS. I have no doubt the decision was made long ago. The decision to muddy the waters, mislead the public and let Trump and his fascist cabal off. The wealthy have always been above the law and Trump and his cabal are just doing the work and will of the very wealthy oligarchs that are turning this country into the next fascist Germany. I don't mean any disrespect to the current Germany and it's people. If the people of this country do not take a united stand right now we are lost.

  13. after seeing biden's lack or productivity in office… i see why jan 6 happens. i didnt vote for either side because our options were: satan vs a soft ass unargumentative with the wrong ppl ass mildly racist ass hypocrite.

  14. There is no Justice when one guy is killed over a twenty dollar bill on live TV, and another
    guy attacks democracy causing deaths and mayhem, and isn't charged with any crime yet.

  15. The ramifications of an indictment are huge. It will also mean nullifying all prison pardons, and returning people to jail, just to name a few things. If trump goes to jail, so will a whole of other people, as the pnadora's box is flung wide open!

  16. Once things for sure: Trump is avoiding making the single most potent statement of all. Whether he's running or not. To know he's running will bring enormous division and tension, and will probably affect the committee result.

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