Family demands accountability after alleged racial bias incident at Sesame Place

Sesame Place apologized for the incident and said employees would undergo bias training after the video went viral.


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42 thoughts on “Family demands accountability after alleged racial bias incident at Sesame Place

  1. Keep this same energy when the gangbangers shoot up black men, women and children on a regular basis. Yall focused on petty stuff like this in order to get a payday. Y'all are nothing more than pimps

  2. That's funny because the same thing happened to my WHITE children but I don't whine and cry about it calling racism asking for special treatment. This movement which is the continuation of Sharpton racist divisiveness and now being taken up by Crump and B'Ivory 😅 here is a joke. It's so disgusting how these frauds cry racist and the cameras come running. It's part of the fake news narrative that these frauds are in bed with. Don't let them divide us. Don't judge until you've worn that huge mask with the little holes to see out of.

  3. BOYCOTT stop spending your money with company who are clearly racist… It is time. It took this to happen out loud and in your face type of racist to children, not just one child on one day. What about the other days? BOYCOTT wake up and smell the BS.

  4. They are the most overrepresented, over celebrated, over credited people in our society, AND THEY STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERY GOD DAMN THING UNDER THE SUN. I guess I would too if I was able to extort guilt and hush money. Blatant, shameless opportunists.

  5. I love the arrogant smug look on that black woman standing there. As if she's rising up from oppression, fighting and overcoming overwhelming odds. YOU GO GIRL!!

  6. They sure have maxed out that race card.
    I just can’t believe a thing they say anymore when it comes to racism.
    As it turns out, the person in the costume was a gay black woman.

  7. This mother thought having kids would guarantee public assistance, looks like she’s working another angle. Any fathers are involved?

  8. For all the WS in these comments saying the kids need to get over it, there are several videos showing them theme park characters ignoring black children its not just a one off its pattern. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. More importantly why is abc/ youtube cuddling black ppl by earsing comments. abc/youtube thinks ok when some calls me rac!st but when I stand up for myself my comments get earsed.The irony

  10. They needs to fire the 💩 out of that idiot a child shouldn’t have to experience 💩 like that racist no soul as people better change before judgment day because hell is where you’re going wait on it.

  11. Of course…. didn't take long for the money grab. Mistake may have in fact been made but these lawsuits are equally obnoxious.

  12. This stink being raised over this is ridiculous. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    The mother is just a grifter trying to get some money.

  13. 😐
    Playing the race card. Of all things to sue, they’re suing a mascot performer of Sesame Street? How desperate can this lawyer get? 🤦‍♂️

  14. This is what you get when everyone voted for Obama, who said racism is over after he got elected and did nothing for Black people for 8 years.

  15. I'm sure these people who play these characters are not Harvard Graduates I'm sure you dont need a Masters Degree to play one of them It was just pure stupidity the way he acted

  16. Another pointless lawsuit. Absolutely no racism in the video at all. None. The person in the costume even shakes their finger 'no' at a 'white' woman, but no ones talking about that. Regardless tho, they shouldn't have ignored the children, at least wave to them! Sadly, just another 'play the race card' lawsuit. All lives matter, you're either a good person or not! And yes, Sesame definitely needs to do a lot better when interacting with children! 🤷

  17. We are going to kick the heads of ALL racist we find.. like football.. through the goal…
    no more racism in america.. find them, clobber them.

  18. My God. I would not have made it to adulthood if my parents acted like these people. A lawsuit over not getting a hug……from a performer in a costume? If this isn’t about money, don’t ask for money. The company apologized but it wasn’t good enough….Oh no, you want to drag this person and ruin their lives because YOU FELT that your child was overlooked because they are black? Mental health care for 6 year olds over not being recognized by a character in a costume? They would be better off having counseling for the mental harm being handed down by their parent. It’s things like this that take away from people who truly do experience racism. At this point no one takes this nonsense seriously and it’s entirely because of people like this. Grow up and stop telling your children that they victims of EVERYTHING. Just enough. ENOUGH

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