Jan. 6 committee to detail Donald Trump’s actions as supporters stormed Capitol l GMA

ABC News has learned that the committee obtained outtakes from remarks the former president made following the insurrection and will feature additional testimony from his top lawyer, Pat Cipollone.
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41 thoughts on “Jan. 6 committee to detail Donald Trump’s actions as supporters stormed Capitol l GMA

  1. WHEN WHEN WHEN is Donald Trump going to be arrested? ➡In Mar-a-Lago, Secret Service step aside and allow authorities to come in and arrest this criminal TODAY!!!

  2. That was a George Soros escapade. Totally a democrat plot to bring a sitting President down so he will not run in 2024. Or if he decides to stay in office. Of course he is still the President because he was unanimously was.voted in this time . Biden id a fraudulent president. Just ask omar.
    She was on her way to Michigan with av envelope of ballets all joes.

  3. They will use this farce to come up with whatever they want. Saying no person is above the law is the biggest lie they could say. The Democrats have dirty hands but nothing happens. They hate Trump because he is not one of them. I don’t care what they say, Trump is a greater President than Biden ever could be. America was for the people under Trump. Under Biden he will forget the average citizen suffering to attain his two supreme goals, get rid of fossil fuel and doing everything possible to make Democrats the only party that could ever win an election thus dictating to the people of this nation.

  4. All citizens must identify all these corrupt Democrats politicians who have lent themselves to this shameful show! The nations of the world must be laughing at them!!

  5. You do know anyone with brain cells knows your lying and so is pelosi Liz Biden Cortez waters McConnell and the media you are traders to America paid by George soro’s your a disgrace to this country

  6. Ridiculous Committee! TOTAL SHAM!
    PT wanted more Nat. Guard. Pelosi refused. Capitol police did NOT do their job. The break in was only encouraged. People entering WERE UNARMED!
    PT had no part of it. This is a SHAM!

  7. 81 people voted for Biden? Really? You believe that? From 20 cars honking at his rallies? Really? You believe it? Omg! Really?

  8. A most incompetent and inept person to have ever been president of the USA. Only Putin could have manipulated our elections, otherwise trump is truly $tup!D.

  9. I heard from Fox news that this committee has called 1000 witnesses and have in their possession over 100,000 documents and according to Hannity has not proven anything and has been a complete dud costing 10 million dollars.

  10. "Failed to act", Trump authorized the use of the National guard and the democrats in Washington failed to utilize them, on purpose. They should be looking at Nancy and Chuck for insurrection.

  11. 2016 had an fbi investigation. 2020 had the democrats self proclaimed a fair election after being caught lying about Russian collusion in 2016 so why on earth would anyone in their right minds trust the democrats again come 2020 without anther fbi investigation to verify their hear say again ????
    Not to mention the censorship regarding voting fraud as a petty means to rewrite history.
    Biden’s empty campaign rallies are no different than his low poll#s since the day he become president.
    Pa, illegally had a state change ballot due dates specifically when Biden was losing, something only the legislative branch of government has the power to do, federal written law our constitution article 2 section 1, clauses 2&3
    Pa again 2020 counted ballots filled out incorrectly, yet 2022 Trump endorsed candidate Dr. Oz the democrats did want to count ballots filed out incorrectly.
    There is no justification of these actions other than to simply skew the outcomes of elections

  12. Yes lets talk about this because we need to ignore how this country is going down the ** and has nothing to do with Jan 6 !!!!! Lets all Welcome ALL illegals into our neighborhoods shall we ?!!! and these Idiots are worrying about Jan 6 ?????

  13. Can we get a accounting of the capital police doing absolutely nothing also. Oh never mind they did shoot one person that was doing nothing. Can we concentrate on now before our country is decimated

  14. What another waste of our tax dollars. Are country is fallen apart and all democrats want to do is play the blame game. Sick of the media and the Biden admin failure.

  15. No crime was committed by President Trump…still waiting for ANYONE to produce where he said

    " After the speech I want you to go past the police barricades and police and violently go into the Capitol and take it over!" NONE of the sham edited hearings have produced that, and they won't.

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