New witnesses for Jan. 6 committee

The panel will hear Thursday from former deputy White House press secretary Sarah Matthews and Matthew Pottinger, a former member of the National Security Council.


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48 thoughts on “New witnesses for Jan. 6 committee

  1. mike pence was busy for four hours transferring all of washingtons hardrive information with the help of the rouge secret service. then pence took off for 3 months to conduct shadey business deals. the transfers were made digitally which is why it was "erased" by the secret service. pence was doing exactly what trump wanted. the mob was a distraction from it. it was all planned and executed as planned by the experts. the stolen washington hardrives digital information allows the rich to decide digital elections and tap into the federal reserve for money and allows the rich to tap into the dhs digital network at will. pence is a lying, fascist supporting, seditious traitor. parscale got all of the information transferred for them with the help of rupert murdochs , elon musk and the flyn brothers designer bush and cheney pentagon digital network. they stole and cloned the information to control it into the forseeable future. it was the secret service special ops green beret sweep for the fascists and swiss bank. it was the cia , pentagon, and fbi digital device replacement in the basement at work. it was no accident the evidence is being erased. Now, as a result of the jan 6th insurrection , every election around the planet can be rigged at will by the ultra rich. also, we can all be spyed on 24-7 with no reason or warrant on a global scale even if they try to shut off the dhs spy network. our digital devices can be controlled remotely including our vehicles from the pentagon or the saudi princes house or the swiss alps bank, or trump hotel suite. the economy can be crashed by secretly digitally printing to much money with the press of a button. thanks corrupt supreme court. thanks pence. thanks trump. thanks blackrock. thanks roger stone and steve bannon. thanks chris wray and mike pompeo. thanks paul manafort.thanks erik prince and mitch mcconnell. thanks saudi arabia, thanks israel, and thanks to the pentagon, the cia, the fbi, and swiss bank and bush, koch, soros, rupert murdoch and the fascist warmongering military industrial complex for putting skynet online. thanks for trying to control and spy on us all digitally and start false flag wars ,and digitally control the media. thanks for the censorship and the lies on fox every night to us all and to brainwash and weaponize the public and do coupe de tates worldwide. thanks for fucking up america and the planet without consent or right. its time to amend the filibuster to pass bill h.r.1 to, like a miricle, hopefully get one last fair election in 2022 . if we dont its the end of democracy forever. we need to get america back on track. time to vote progressive social democrat like never before.

  2. Ok so Trump wouldn't run in 2024. Big deal you just wasted a year and a half of tax payers money in your delirium to make Orange man bad! Get ready for midterms and 2024.

  3. The January 6th Bolshevik committee full of ignorance and arrogance politicians have been doing this to each other for years now we are watching the pus spew out of the infection as they tell you. You will be assimilated you will become a part of the collective resistance is futile…

  4. The United States of America must help Ukraine quickly now, before tomorrow, with all the highly advanced programs and cannons with a range of more than 300 km and without conditions, because the victory of Ukraine is the victory of the United States of America. If Russia wins, it rules the world, but if Ukraine wins, America rule the world

  5. Who cares because no one's watching. It's a waste of time and resources. You need to worry about President Biden. That's running this country into the ground.

  6. These unarmed guys trespassed and are getting years in jail. The Colbert 6 did the same thing and have already had the charges dismissed. This is Democratic Party corruption at it's finest!

  7. I can not wait for the Republicans to win in November. Things are going to be real interesting after January when the new GOP Congress takes over.

  8. The witnesses to date haven't said anything but hearsay, and that's not allowed in any trial…so this can only be called a kangaroo court.

  9. So the same prosecutor for this sham hearing just dropped charges against Stephen Colbert for breaking into the capital and banging on GOP senators doors and harassing them. The hypocrisy from the left is SICKENING!

  10. 3 MM illegal immigrants under Biden, so far. That means 1 out of 50 people living in America will be a Biden illegal before the end of his term – most will be a huge burden on local and federal resources until they are up and running. It's the worst domestic failure in at least the past 100 years of US history. But please please… keep talking about the fake "insurrection".

  11. Eric Holder as AG under Obama refused his subpoena and not a damn thing happened to him. If it was fine for Eric Holder to ignore it, why not mr. Bannon?Eric Holder as AG under Obama refused his subpoena and not a damn thing happened to him. If it was fine for Eric Holder to ignore it, why not mr. Bannon?

  12. Oh, hi there! You caught me while in the middle of delicately probing the anal glands of my cloaca with my preternaturally precocious prehensile proboscis. This is how I embrace my liberated authentic (and very special) self, in a very authentic way! Afterwards, I'll walk in my majestic unique truth while hoisting a protest placard (I'm full of grievances and just generally miserable) as I pull all of the levers in my wheelhouse in order to uphold and defend our sacred, sacrosanct and sanctified democracy. My filthy mouth, full of obscenities, exposes my abysmally low I.Q., resentful vindictive perspective, and severely compromised emotional state. This is an inflection point of unprecedented uncertainty. I'm empowered and perpetually outraged.

  13. weird how now they come forward. Its almost as if they are getting paid. Dumbass democrats been trying since 2016. Will their brainless followers still think they will get Trump in 2028, 2038, 2048? One thing about retards is they stay focused on their games

  14. How will they top the "bombshell" testimony of Hutchinson? Still waiting for the media to ask where the SS agents are that offered to testify against her.

    This entire thing is a tax payer funded clown show. They have ZERO interest in any witness that might go against the narrative being created.

    Anyone that supports this is nothing more than a left wing q-anon member.

  15. A DOJ memo in May indicates that Garland isn’t going to prosecute… because we’re already too close to an election. 😳🙄

  16. Fake News ABC Tell America About Fake CHENEY and Obama Selling The Largest Urainum Mine In WYOMING to Russia . Like Biden Sold Millions Of Acres Of Farm Land In America To CHINA And Warehouses In America . Now We Know Where Obama Got His Money to Build His Multi Million Dollar House In HAWAII From

  17. It seems to me that this country is shredding it's self. Perception seems to matter more than truth. Trust has been destroyed. America is gone and million are not yet awake. Who is leading America? Seems all of this is theater for fools who keep buying the tickets. All we like sheep… (imo)

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