Rising temperatures, wildfires in Europe spark climate change concerns | ABCNL

Scorching temperatures and deadly wildfires are causing more concerns about climate change. Climate researcher Richard Betts discusses the global climate crisis.

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18 thoughts on “Rising temperatures, wildfires in Europe spark climate change concerns | ABCNL

  1. Over the past two centuries, the United States has cemented itself as the world’s largest economy. In its rise to becoming the global superpower it is today, it has released huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from fossil fuel combustion, making it the biggest carbon polluter in history. As of 2020, the U.S. had emitted almost 420 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (GtCO2) since the industrial revolution – far more than any other country.

  2. There are close to a hundred million vehicles in the USA and 1.5 BILLION in the world. Just a few EVs are produced each year in America. How many years will it take to junk the gas/diesel engines? The problem with earth warming/climate change is that most of Asia including China and India, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, and other areas on the surface of the planet are the ones responsible for polluting the atmosphere. Search the polluting areas and you will have trouble finding any vehicles with catalytic converters. American cars, except for the 'oldies but goodies' have Cats. The Biden admin is dead set on destroying America while keeping eyes wide shut on the real enemies of our climate.

  3. 'Climate change has made this new record possible.' Said without any evidence or data to back it up. Don't question it. Just accept it, or you're a climate biggot.

  4. Fossil Fuels company say burning Natural gas is climate solution?!
    It's totally Wrong. Because burning Natural gas will emission “More Methane” to the atmosphere that warm the Planet Earth.

    Don't lying 🤥🤥

    Fossil Fuels company don't care about Climate Change. They just care about making money 💰.

  5. 🤔 Climate change has everything to do with the Sun not our planet. 🤦🏾‍♂️ We are millions of miles away from the Sun. Our smog cannot effect what the Sun is doing.smh Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️ However, the Frequency on this earth is rising and that energy from a higher consciousness of people's radianting and connecting back with the Sun. Y'all characters better wake up. ⚖️ Ase'SM1973💪🏾🤴🏾👣⚔️

  6. Keep burning rotten fosil fuels for comfort, luxury and development!

    Wow we live in a perfect world, a bright future for upcoming generations!

    Global warming, Pollution, Heat Waves, Exploitation of natural resources, Exclusive access of resources to select wealthy groups, tax provisions for business and rich to exploit, taxation on salary for middle class and poor, Growing difference in wealth division- growing gap between rich and poor, Unemployment, Inflation, GDP instability and decline, Plunging of currency value, falling stock markets, increasing dept, International issues and political tensions, multiple governments projecting false utopia, Weakening of multiple democratic counties, false reporting by media, distraction based journalism not highlighting the real issues that affect future generations, and ignorant masses of public!

  7. Revelation 6:8

    " and I looked and behold a pale horse  and his name that sat on it was DEATH and HELL followed with him and power was given unto him them over a fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, and with hunger and with DEATH, And with THE BEASTS OF THE Earth"

  8. Global Warming is a terrifying terror. Oops, Climate Change is a terrifying terror. Oh, wait, it's summer, so it's Global Warming again.
    The Leftist scam artists had to change the name to Climate Change, because the "science" was completely wrong about "Global Warming".
    That's the problem with reality – you can ignore it, but it won't ignore you. But Leftists are never wrong, they just flip the script on the scam.

    "With Global Warming, we could only tell people what to think and how to live and raise taxes if the planet got warmer.
    With Climate Change, if the planet gets warmer we can tell people what to think and how to live and raise taxes to save the planet.
    But if the planet gets cooler, with Climate Change we can still tell people what to think and how to live and raise taxes to save the planet. It's a win-win-win."
    illegitimate President Joe "you ain't NOAA" Biden

  9. lets revers climate change in our life time!!!
    we are the human race we can do better than slowing the speed of climate change.. if we dump carbon in wet environments at convergent plate boundary's the carbon will not rot back to the atmosphere.. so if we dump our plastic and other carbon trash into the gulf of Carpentaria (Australia)the Caribbean sea or the Mediterranean sea , we could build land into the sea. if we grow and bulldoze a forest that collect carbon and dump it into the sea that carbon is GONE!!! if we regrow the forest and do it again, 2 forests are now under the sea.. the same land can dump more and more carbon and make land at the same time. we just have to dump more carbon than we emit and we can burn coal and make coal faster.

  10. The concern for this feedback loop was predicted 20 years ago.Indeed in 2021 we saw an increase of 17ppb in methane, an unprecedented increase,due no doubt,to melting permafrost.
    Corporate interests are now in charge of our evolutionary steering mechanism…that will not end well.

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