Sesame Place under fire as new questions emerge about alleged racial bias

ABC News Contributor and SiriusXM Host Mike Muse discusses the viral video at Sesame Place that appears to show a costumed character snubbing two Black girls, and the park’s response.
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28 thoughts on “Sesame Place under fire as new questions emerge about alleged racial bias

  1. You should apologize if something was done wrong. Just because it appeared to be racist to them doesn’t mean it was and therefore the apology was unwarranted.

  2. I grew up on Big Bird and Too see that, break 💔 my heart. The Rosita needed to be fired and company needed take care of little girl, Because they feeling hurt make it right. God bless a fan of Big Bird.

  3. The little girl is dramatic I bet her mom curses and yells at her all day
    "Get my ciggs from the kitchen table."
    "Bring my Pepsi out of the fridge"
    "This is my house if you dont like it you can get out.:
    This is regular black people behavior

  4. Shout out to the mom
    For going hard for her babies
    She instinctively felt
    Like that wasn’t right .. and she is speaking out
    Poor babies my baby is 3 and she loves Rosita she would been
    Really sad if this happened to her and it would have because we are brown

  5. Season street and characters were made by black people for black kids!!!! What a shame they got racist wearing the costume and not knowing the history!!!

  6. That is so disturbing. How did he or she not see these kids when they obviously giving high fives and hugs to others that is caucasian and then when it's time to get involved with other children now they can't see. Come on now!

  7. This family wants something out of this. Pretty sick that the parents are going against make believe characters. Not every child can be attended to in a parade.

  8. This is a disaster also black kids in the world they will be traumatise in a situation like this I don't even wish my enemy kids experience this , shame may god heal fast this poor innocent kids

  9. That first statement makes no sense in regards to this case. That Rosita character OBVIOUSLY saw the girls. That’s messed up. Is the character devastated because she got caught??

    As for the other two instances, I played all three instances several times. The first one, the one that went viral, is an obvious ignoring. The other two, I don’t know, I feel like there may be some blind siding happening inside the costumes in those two cases because it doesn’t seem like they saw the kids in those instances. Anyway, anything intentional need to be reprimanded and addressed.

  10. The Rosita character performer is devastated……..devastated that someone recorded the incident of blatant bias and that it went viral 😠 SMH

  11. Please do your research to learn about the origin of Sesame Street which is the parent of Sesame Place. 1968 Sesame Street’s Blackness
    How Harlem Influenced the Iconic Show. Ironically the ‘target child’ was the 4‐year old, inner‐city, black youngster.”
    The Sesame Place executives should mandate a training of all it's employees to be educated and made aware of the origin of the Sesame.brand. Also the execs should post an image of all it's employees (masked and unmasked), so parents can be made aware of it's racial diversity and hiring practices. How inclusive is the Sesame Place HR when it comes to hiring people from racially diverse backgrounds?

  12. WHY are they not showing the Character that was walking VERY AGGRESSIVELY towards the little girl that could not have been more that 3 years of age and bumped the child with there knee and she fell to the pavement on her bottom .. And then pretended to make a motion to break her fall after she was already down had her Mother not been right behind her she may have hit her head on the ground .. THIS was worse because that character MADE PHYSICAL CONTACT with this near toddler

  13. Its funny how most black people whine about "inclusivity" when they themselves exclude the most with their black this and black that communities, clubs, and everything else

  14. If a corporation that is known for its diversity message has a theme park with a known-to-be-diverse character that two 6 year old children were beyond excited to high five, and that character high fives numerous white children along the road, THEN very obviously snubs the black children, who SEE that character go on to high more white children, they should have immediately announced their sincerest apology for how those girls felt, and gone on to announce a human resources investigation into that employee's behavior-especially since more videos of that same character and possibly employee, have popped up all over social media. A 6 year old understands the pain and embarassment of being left out. the 'one not picked'. The one who didn't get a birthday invitation. For a child to unexpectedly experience this from her beloved character from a favorite show, only to hear adults say it's because of the color of her skin, whether an intentional act or not, is traumatic for a child and you are GD right they should be on the hook for counseling. To have a job entertaining children, then intentionally avoiding certain ones is malicious and cruel, and if an investigation and shift footage shows a pattern they should be fired and the company should apologize to any kids who had this experience. They obviously need to put employees through rigorous diversity training because in that second video where a very small child approaches the character and a smug blonde employee, they roll right past without even looking to make sure they don't knock the poor kid down! At Disney, I saw characters crouching down to children all day long, because making a child feel seen and special is what they are selling. * For those commenters sneering about companies having to pay for counseling for every racial incident, your insensitivity, lack of self awareness or empathy tells me you are probably white and vote Republican. You and your offspring don't experience racism, so your minimizing it when tiny children have felt publically rejected is sociopathic and unacceptable. More people need to challenge this gross behavior, it's not ok.

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