Sparks fly at Uvalde school board forum l GMA

Victims’ families were visibly emotional as they demanded accountability and transparency following the report on the police response to the deadly massacre at Robb Elementary School.

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  1. Taking up arms and being in charge of your own safety can be scary but if the very people who's job it is to keep you and your family safe find every excuse to not do their job you're pretty much left with no choice.

  2. Armed military veteran security with armalite rifle 15s. Train them one Saturday each month for fast deadly response to active shooters and teach them no mercy. Cameras won't deter a scumbag and locks can still be breached. All it takes is a smart kid.

  3. Up to a year?! This is one of those times I'd absolutely support a riot, as long as it wasn't aimed at innocent members of the public. Those bastard cops also need to be run out of town traditional American style – on a rail

  4. Sure door wasn’t locked? Like the shooter with a AR15 couldn’t shoot the lock off! Let’s blame the no locked door when 400 cops coward around each other singing Kumbaya my lord! 👏👏 shame on every cop there!

  5. More than a year for the autopsies???? That's b.s. they are just hoping all this will be brushed under the rug and force people to get back to "business as usual" and this b.s. about pro-life and family values. They kill kids and protect weapons of death. I would NOT send my DOG to this school! The police department and the school board should be sued for gross negligence and for second degree murder.. if that's even possible.

  6. The fact that police have an unaccountable monopoly on information is horrible. They twist things so much. A YEAR for a report on the already completed autopsies? Give me a break. That is wrong. Have to put their spin on it.

  7. Uvalde, Texas has got to be the most dysfunctional town in the United States today, and I shudder to think there could be another one even worse! From top to bottom, this hell-hole town is led by a collection of total idiots—-and that is on a good day!

  8. I cry for these lost souls and their families but I'm also angry and disgusted at how nonchalant the people who can put a stop to this craziness are. Those who have the power to change the gun laws, those who can implement new regulations, shame for your lack of care !!

  9. These meetings should be at full capacity of concerned parents and teachers but there practically empty which is very very strange, just as strange as the 77 min video

  10. There was no systemic failure, just a group of cops who chickened out. If one of the cops children were in the classroom during the incident, it would have been a different story, I bet the cop 👮‍♂️/father of the child would barge in and take down the shooter instantaneously. Chickens who were hiding behind a wall an refuse to engage the perpetrator.

  11. A year to do autopsies? I find that hard to believe. They should be expediting them. Get pathologists from other places to help out. Makes me wonder if the delay is because they don't want the evidence to prove that lives could have been saved by faster action on the part of the so called police officers.

  12. Its bulletin. They should be held responsible. We prosecuted national soldiers for following orders, why not now. Police stood by an hour and a half knowing children were being killed. Prosecute.

  13. I have been following Uvalde, Texas. My most sincere condolences. Not sure if Texas understands but this lack of security is ALL OVER TEXAS! Edinburg, Texas included!

  14. No one is coming; you're on your own.

    Anyone want to tell me I don't need a gun? Anyone want to tell me the police will protect me? Remember 200+ cops, local, state, and federal stood around and listened to kids getting executed. 200+ cops stood there and let kids bleed to death.

    Don't outsource your or your family's security. You are responsible for your and your family's security.

  15. Systemic problem that goes much deeper than the coward cops who refused to confront a madman, even as 10 year olds called 9-1-1 begging for relief. Cop culture dictates "brothers before others" instead of serving the public. 1. Stop the cop FOP….way too much power has coalesced in the cop union, and, as we see in Uvalde, no matter what they do, cops are not accountable for anything 2. Decline the Blue Lyin' – these folks operate with just slightly more dignity than the I-talian mafia. 3. Abolish qualified immunity- power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 4. empower citizen oversight. It's not the perfect fix but it will go a very long towards pulling these out of control folks back towards equilibrium.

  16. A 22 year old man stopped a mall shooter armed with an AR-15, the bystander had literally just a Glock. When a 22 year old bystander, in a mall, in America, can stop a shooter from killing more people after already killing 3, but a POLICE FORCE dressed like bootleg navy seals do nothing, it really shows that something has gone wrong-

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