3 killed in mass shooting at Indiana mall l GMA

At least three people were killed and two others were injured, including a 12-year-old girl, in a shooting at an Indianapolis-area shopping mall on Sunday evening, police said.

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46 thoughts on “3 killed in mass shooting at Indiana mall l GMA

  1. What the #### are you all doing? Every day there is a mass shooting over there! This is 2022! You have too change the laws. How can you not understand that it is the liberal gun laws that makes this mess? People are depressed and enraged all over the world for all kinds of things but the majority can't buy heavy arms together with vests and multiple magasines . Do you like to be afraid when you go out? How can one not be afraid when going out in America knowing how many guns there are out there in the wrong hands? Don't you understand that the costs for this are huuuge? How much in medical bills, police investigations, lawyers and court, funerals, destroyed property, destroyed human capital? Why not use this money for education, housing or infrastructure? Why waste lives and money like this? I don't get it. What the hell, they are shooting kids! You are arming teens!!! Hello, wake up! You have been brainwashed by your biggest companies who have spent billions lobbying and advertizing for you to make extremely weird arguments protecting their profits instead of your fellow americans.

  2. biden how about u teaching the el salvadorian president how its done. clamp down these criminals that operate in ur soil. good american spirit seeks justice. so in effect. gang units should b anti terrorism units. remember insurgents get smoked out they hole. no wait they in ur soil? 😦jeez

  3. dangerous country every week listen news shooting in us,where anyone could has gun uhh in asian east or Southern asian,just police who have gun,people can't have it ….I was scary to go to us

    Pray for us

  4. halo america, how it feels to be terror by your own terrorist after all "war" you did againts all "terrorist" all around the world, don't make another gunman with gun license kill another body in the country that fight "terrorist" all around the world, think about your people

  5. I don't know the exact range the hero shot from.. but the police say that it was quite a distance… he managed 8 hits from 10 shots.. and probably saved at least a dozen lIves plus many others from being ruined…. all politicians who oppose legal gun ownership should resign or be held accountable when police are not able to respond in time…. every offence..

    So I knew I was RIGHT, the BIMBO that stood with Dr Death(Fauci) wrote a Book about the China Plague, it says in there that SHE LIED about Everything to SCARE the People and LOCK DOWN the Country, just as they are Still LYING in LA, and Yes they got Caught in their LIES this week too!

    So America the Socialistic-Marxist Nazis didn't like Our PRESIDENT TRUMP that Made America a Great Place to Live in again, they want their New World Liberal Nazi Order, just as I said for YEARS, so don't feel bad when your Natural Instincts kick in and say……I Think that Moron is LYING to Us, if it's a Dumocrap the answer is YES!!!

    So come this Fall the Socialistic-Marxist Nazis are gonna LIE some more and try Once again to RIG the ELECTION as they did in 2020, Oh Yes America they did and We the People have the Proof, so don't Listen to them and point out the LIARS so We the People can Take Back Our Country before it's Too Late!!!

    Did you all see that the Murder of a Police Man in the DC INSURRECTION of May 29th, that was BLM & ANTFIA's Attack on the Capitol that the Socialistic-Marxist Nazi News won't talk about, and there was at least 12 death's in that RIOT, so the Murder is in court finally, he is CHARGED with MURDER of a Police Man…..That's the DEATH PENALTY……HANG HIM HIGH!!!

  7. Our Government can't protect us, the law enforcement agencies have been politicized to the point of being castrated, criminals are flooding the country thanks to our current administration, dangerous felons are being unleashed on us by woke prosecutors. The People must defend themselves. Gun laws do nothing to stop criminals. WE must protect ourselves.

  8. I see the TRIAL for the INSURRECTION of May 29th have started, where a dozen Americans were KILLED in DC by the RIOTERS of BLM & ANTIFA, First is the MURDER of the Police Chief….HANG HIM HIGH!!

  9. The shooter killed 3 people in less than 15 seconds and the Legal Conceal Carry Permit Holder Killed the Shooter in Less than 20 Seconds. Strange how Not One Single Anti Gun Protester Rushed the Gunman.

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