Jury selection begins in Steve Bannon criminal contempt case l GMA

Jury selection begins Monday in the trial of former President Donald Trump’s ally over his defiance of a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
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50 thoughts on “Jury selection begins in Steve Bannon criminal contempt case l GMA

  1. Fascists playing god what a surprise! We bring you pain suffering and poverty while making ourselves richer but hey steeple look at our shiny shiny court cases because of mean tweets! Also Why is this taxpayer funded charade proven to be filled with liars still going on at public expense to satisfy corrupt politicians like cheneys ego who still leeches from the public purse despite being given the boot from her own constituents so tell me why is cheney and so many other fossils still there and doing what they want against the will of Americans?????

  2. Can we stop with the anti trumpism. Republicans could run a rabbit in the race and it would beat Biden at this point. You don’t need to hammer anti trump sentiments. It’s not going to get over the fact that Biden is a failure of a president.

  3. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022

    Americans say Jan 6 is the 'Big Lie'. The World says Jan 6 is 'Gullible Americans'

    'Stupid' is already FUNDRAISING off his DEAD WIFE Ivana

  4. I'm lookinf for the news on this ABC is not real news. it't run by former DNC Campaign workers and the former Chairman of the DNC George Stephanopoulos who ran the campaign for Bill Clinton This is just leftist propaganda channel. If you scroll down it's all leftist Comcast/Disney socialist narrative. I miss unbiased new like Walter Cronkite. Edward R Murrow…. anyone that didn't work for the Democratic party, or cry on the news cast when Hillary lost, would be fine

  5. The corruption is staggering. 6 long years the dems have been trying to put trump in jail and this is not the first time they've attacked and threatened someone close to him to force a statement incriminating trump. Not saying trump is an angel/ but this never ending attack on a man who did more good for the country in the last 50 years than any other president is even more sickening than all of the fools who voted for biden.

  6. The camera NEVER lies… Go on REVOLVER NEWS …
    See RAY EPPS the Dirty FBI Cop at play they will never show it to the American People along with James Knowles Undercover FBI agent's REPORTon the Proud Boys …There was NO Insurrection .NO Weapons .NO Trump contact. NO entering the Capital Building Knowles Report …You Tube CNN & MSNBC are trying to SILENCE the truth and fool their viewers once again. Jan6 Committee and Lz Cheney are toast…..I await your reply

  7. There is nothing intellectual in Steve Bannon's statement about going medieval at his Contempt of Congress Trial, however he is exploiting the Generic Freedom cited in the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution and his 7th Amendment Right to a Court Trial that his attorney said is a waste of time.

  8. Don't you ABC viewers every get tired of all these nothin' burgers? At least they ought to give you a little "beyond meat" patty or something to go with these empty buns.

  9. This guy cracks me up whenever he’s on camera going in and out of court hearings he waves to the supposed crowds that he wants you at home watching on tv to think he’s waving at. Nobody likes this drunk and nobody is supporting him outside the courthouse so what is he waving at? What a dig dong traitor pig

  10. This is a farce, no one has ever been convicted of Contempt of Congress! This will not go anywhere, this is just being used to go after political opponenets!

  11. As has been rightly said in an Op Ed by US prosecutor….Trump should be convicted of manslaughter bc he knew the mob was armed and didn't care. He had malice and intended for ppl tp get harmed. In fact he didn't care bc as he said 'they are not coming for me' and as Mark Meadows said to 2 staffers 'you heard, POTUS doesn't want to do anything and he thinks Pence deserves it'.

  12. He probably would have been the only one telling the truth before the committee And why would anyone care about dragging on the Jan 6 public display of caught up in the moment. Stupid yes, but nothing compared to the burning, looting and destruction of the summer of love rampage. These people were applauded for 'peaceful protests'. Guess there is 2 different sets of laws.

  13. Prosecuting Bannon is like putting Jesus on the cross when compared with democrats smearing our faces with White Privileges' Pelosi should be tried on insider trading oh I forgot White Demo Privileges' , Like Hunter smoking crack, falsifying legal documents and looks to sexual abuse of Joe supplied hooker. Hunter will never make it to jail, he will die soon of overdose or fentyle poisoning and Joe can boast about open boarders. Hunter just a casualty of Joe's stupidity.

  14. All you vaxx’d stupids on trial…come on outside so my sun ☀️ can judge ya 🔥🔥🥵all y’all will be removed from my earth …ya kids godda go too 💀👀 prepare for gamma radiation

  15. Steve Bannon is the kid in school who talked big. But whenever some other kid said, "Okay. Let's settle this after school" Stevie never showed up. And then would tell his friends, "He's lucky I couldn't meet him after school cuz my mom asked me to go with her to the grocery store because of her carpal tunnel. Otherwise I would have put him in the hospital."

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