Uvalde school shooting report reveals ‘systemic failure’ in law enforcement response | ABCNL

ABC News correspondent Mireya Villarreal discusses the first detailed investigative report of the Uvalde school shooting that reveals a “systemic failure” in law enforcement.

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41 thoughts on “Uvalde school shooting report reveals ‘systemic failure’ in law enforcement response | ABCNL

  1. 2:25 – look at these fucking COWARDS, Scared of their own shadows. Absolutely DISGRACEFUL. Dude didn't even attempt to help his own WIFE, wonder how he feels now that she's gone and he was too scared to protect her. Ugh disgusting. There is blood on their hands and I hope they think about that EVERYDAY, I hope they NEVER get a moments peace, they don't deserve it.

  2. Afghanistan and America have so much in common. They both attack the school and kill their kids and their dreams. A safe school should be a fundamental right everywhere.

  3. The bullshit coming from 2nd amendment nutters about how teachers can hold off gunmen with our wee purse guns or that armed good guys will rush to rescue us makes me SICK. I NEVER want hear it again from that macho crowd of cowards. ALL CREDIBILITY GONE!

  4. This could be peaceful??!! Wow , no words!! How can it be peaceful if he’s already obviously committed murder!! Kids still calling for help !! All those officers inside should be fired , all of them and for the cop that his wife was texting him ..Shane on him , he had every reason to go in! His own wife was with the killer only feet away !! Cowards all of them ,,, rip babies and educators!!

  5. Wait! Greenwood Mall Shooting One civilian with no body armor with only one handgun and 1 ten round magazine eliminated the shooter in 30 yards In 12 seconds and only 3 Died! Uvalde 376 well equipped Cops took 76 minutes to eliminate a shooter and 21 Dead! Doesn’t make sense to me!🤦🏼

  6. Where was the Robb Elementary Schools Resource Officer? Why hasn't that individual been questioned? The Officer could have set in motion, the first set of emergency alarms, right after that vicious devil, crashed his truck and shot at the people, who "WALKED" to him, from the funeral home. Those valuable minutes could have saved some of those kids & teachers. Where was the school Resource Officer? Was he on duty? At the school? HOW MUCH MONEY IS SPENT ON LAW ENFORCEMENT IN TEXAS (City, Town, State & Federal)? Are Tax dollars being wasted? The release of the Body Cam footage has been very informative. Now we know why some of the government officials didn't want to release the footage earlier. They claimed it was because of the families, of the victims, but, all along, it was to hide their incompetence.

  7. Had it been an unarmed black man with his family in a car pulled over on a traffic stop you would have seen the bravado and bravery of These Fine police officers who shoot first and ask questions later

  8. The school need to get some of the blame. The gunman wouldn't have even made it in the building if the exterior doors were able to lock smh

  9. Egregious. Disgusting. ALL 376 need to be stripped of their badges, pensions, 401k’s, fired, and possibly/probably criminally charged.
    The amount of firepower and protection that these (near) 400 men had was exponentially more, in fact 100% more, than those children and teachers had.
    Working in health care I can tell you, without a doubt, lives could’ve been saved if they’d followed protocol and entered/engaged/neutralized the threat when supposed to… When they were trained to… When they took an OATH to.
    Let’s be honest and real, those children and teachers were blown to bits with an assault rifle and the remaining victims bled out over the course of 78 minutes.
    Imagine the few survivors, the fear, what they experienced haunts me. I imagine them wondering, “when, WHEN, are they going to save us? I’m scared. Can someone please help us?” ….That should haunt every one of those “officers.”
    They set up a perimeter and wouldn’t listen to family members begging to help, they took the gun/shield from Mrs. Mireles husband, and stood around with no authority, listening to a random EMT holding them back?? What a group of unqualified cowards. (Mrs. Mireles bled out in the ambulance on the way to hospital btw. She couldn’t survived.)
    If you think I’m wrong about any of this, watch the full surveillance footage, listen to the only surviving teacher, listen to the children. Then read the oath and contract for those police officers.
    Protected and served, right? What an utter disgrace and miscarriage of justice. Smh. RIP beautiful children and heroic teachers. I pray for you and your families everyday. 🙏💕

  10. 400 officers can’t all be incompetent or cowardly. Systemic failure makes more sense. Maybe now people will get past the blue lives matter rhetoric and see actual problems with policing that’s not individual but systemic.


  12. This report was only released because someone leaked it. Otherwise I’m sure that the government would have delayed release a few weeks so things could ‘blow over’ or the media could focus on some new tragedy.

    Note that the town and DPS express their disappointment with the report being leaked, however they had never publicly committed to any release or timetable.

  13. I don't understand how CISD (school district) Police Chief Arredondo can claim he didn't think he was in charge and thus didn't issue any orders. You're the chief of SCHOOL police. There is an active shooter in the SCHOOL and you're physically there. Taking charge of the situation IS AND WAS your job. Just another empty uniform.

  14. How come over 100 officers with full riot gear take 77 minutes to confront the gunman but a single armed civilian took less than 2 minutes to take out the gunman in the mall? That’s more than just embarrassing for the police.

  15. He came across a field and some one saw him and his gun he called the school and told them there was some one running towards the school and he had a gun WTF

  16. They should have said there was an unarmed black teen that smelled of "marijuana" in the hallway. Cops are hella brave if you're by yourself.

  17. Charge these officers and see if officers have rights like any other citizen. You ass news talk like these officers are robot and have no rights just go where you are pointed to. Let’s the Supreme Court decide on this issue. The people to blame are the supervisors not the patrol officers

  18. They just need to be fired just fire them they used the excuse to evacuate the other children because they didn’t wanna confront the shooter they where scared

  19. Biggest bunch of COWARDS I have ever seen not a man amongst them all them men and women I'm Ashamed to be a Texan and LE official very very sad all that training for what why put that uniform on everyday why why train you didn't use it when it really mattered let that been an unarmed black male they would've blew the entire building up with the kids in it. RIP 🙏🏾 BABIES they failed yal.

  20. I just understand 'Why' that teacher the left that door unlocked why he didn't check to see it was lock, nothing wouldn't happen,but again "WHY" that sheriff should be fired because he took to long to get to theses children 😱😱😱😱

  21. I'm sorry, but if I knew there was still shooting going on–the killing of innocent people–I would storm the doors, guns blazing, with no thought of my own safety. These guys are a bunch of pussies. They did not do their job to serve and protect. Shameful.

  22. Well folks. USA schools ( for now in Uvalde and Dear Park districts in TX) but coming to a city near you will soon have armed guards and security in full military gear. Is this how our children should attend school. Whats next? Concentration camps compete with barbed wire and guard towers. Take your children out of school now and home school them.

  23. …”she texted her husband” as he stood just outside the door with a gun and a vest…hummm—I’ll bet his father-in-law will be having a talk with him!!
    … I know mine would have just walked up to me and shot me in the head…

  24. If they took the 1 cops gun. I would quite then their they wouldn't be family anymore if they didn't go in try save his wife and the students. I heard 1 cop even had kid in class at beging so I have doubts in him as he was staying way to calm I am sorry that husband was way to calm to know his wife was in classroom with a shooter

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