ABC News Prime: KY floods death toll rises; POW prison attack in Ukraine; Will Smith breaks silence

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24 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: KY floods death toll rises; POW prison attack in Ukraine; Will Smith breaks silence

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  2. Hour of Prayer  by William Walford  in 1845
    Sung by Steven F Gooden-Cohen.

    William Bradbury

    Sweet hour of prayer! Sweet hour of prayer!
    That calls us from a world of care,
    And bids me at my Father’s throne
    Make all my wants and wishes known.

    In seasons of distress and grief;
    My soul has often found relief,
    And oft escaped the tempter’s snare
    By thy return, sweet hour of prayer!

    This hymn goes to the heart of one of the most intrinsic Christian practices: prayer. For William W. Walford (1772-1850), prayer was an intensely private affair where one seeks refuge from temptations and trials and pours out the depths of one’s soul before God who already knows our “wants and wishes.”
    Sweet hour of prayer
    Sweet hour of prayer
    That calls me from a world of care
    And bids me at my Father's throne
    Make all my wants and wishes known
    In seasons of distress and grief
    My soul has often found relief
    And oft escaped the tempter's snare
    By Thy return, sweet hour of prayer
    Sweet hour of prayer
    Sweet hour of prayer
    The joys I feel, the bliss I share
    Of those whose anxious spirits burn
    With strong desires for Thy return
    With such I hasten to the place
    Where God my Savior shows His face
    And gladly take my station there
    And wait for Thee, sweet hour of prayer
    Sweet hour of prayer
    Sweet hour of prayer
    And wait for Thee
    Sweet hour of prayer

    The kind of prayer fostered in this hymn is private prayer, rather than prayers of the body of Christ gathered in worship.

    Stanza one focuses on petitionary prayer that responds to “seasons of distress and fear.” Stanza two focuses on prayers of thanksgiving where the singer shares “the joys I feel.” Stanza three returns to petitions, but the focus is on the God “whose truth and faithfulness engage the waiting soul to bless.”

    The text appears to come from Walford, an obscure, blind lay preacher who served in the hamlet of Coleshill, Warwickshire, England, in the mid-19th century. He owned a small trinket shop in the village.

    The story goes that a Congregational minister and friend, Thomas Salmon, stopped by Walford’s shop one day in 1842. Walford asked if Salmon would write down his new poem on the subject of prayer. Three years later, Salmon was in the U.S. and showed the poem to the editor of the New York Observer, who printed it in the Sept. 13, 1845 issue.

    The text first appeared in the 1859 Baptist hymnal Church Melodies, edited by Thomas Hastings and Robert Turnbull. The famous American gospel song writer, William Bradbury (1816-1868)—who composed music for so many beloved gospel hymns such as “Just As I Am” (Charlotte Elliott), “The Solid Rock” (Edward Mote) and “He Leadeth Me” (Joseph H. Gilmore)—also wrote the music for this favorite hymn in 1861.

    The tune and text appeared together for the first time in Bradbury’s collection Golden Chains, from which it has become a staple of hymnals around the world.

    The late William J. Reynolds, noted Baptist hymnologist and former author of this column, questioned the authorship of the hymn as described by Salmon. His extensive research could not locate a William W. Walford in Coleshill, but did note that there was a Rev. William Walford, a Congregational minister who served as president of Homerton Academy, who wrote several books including The Manner of Prayer.

    Coleshill and Homerton are about 110 miles apart, more than two hours by car today, but much longer in the mid-19th century. Reynolds noted, however, that there are similarities between The Manner of Prayer and the hymn.

    It is entirely possible that Salmon embellished his story to the editor of the New York Observer. It is also possible, Reynolds suggested, that William W. Walford of Coleshill and William Walford of Homerton are one and the same.

    The original stanza four has been dropped from many hymnals today, but it stresses the eschatological nature of prayer as the gateway to heaven:

    Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer,
    May I thy consolations share,
    Till, from Mount Pisgah’s lofty height,
    I view my home, and take my flight.

    This robe of flesh I’ll drop, and rise,
    To seize the everlasting prize;
    And shout, while passing through the air,
    Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer.

    At the risk of offending some, I should point out that this view of devotional prayer, while certainly valid, should not be confused with public prayers of thanksgiving, adoration, petition, intercession and blessing that are a part of the gathered body of Christ.

    While I believe this hymn has a place in a hymnal, it does not for example stress prayers for the world—or prayers of the people, as they are sometimes called. This is not a hymn that fosters corporate prayer, but private devotions.

    The romanticized language adds a tone that stresses withdrawal from the world rather than engagement with the needs of the world as the body of Christ.

  3. This is exactly what we are now all going to have to get to see live with and wake up too thanks to all of us who have been doing sweet f all to change our own personal habits and lifestyle choices exploiting this planet and now that we are all seeing the results this is t even the worst of what will hit us this is just the biggining I’m so angry and it’s not at the weather it’s at the selfish self centered politicians and criminal attitudes that have led us all to this gross situation millions will have there lives ruined by all this climate change

  4. Do not let these Americans rebuild!
    Capitalists are all ignorant because “capitalism produced communism” (Ferdinand Lundberg) because capitalism is such oppressive slavery, yes the wage is also slavery! He also said correctly that “technology is a threat to capitalism”! So these rich slaves will always have huge salaries but BILLIONS WORLDWIDE will be starving to death, literally, as capitalists eliminate ALL jobs! Americans will also be homeless and starving, even though all houses and apartments are empty, because there will be NO WAGE JOBS!

    They don’t know that USA has been violently forcing all attempts at an alternative system to fail, killing millions every year! See ROGUE STATE by Wm Blum, and many others at Third World Traveler!

    Billions are starving to death because there are no jobs!!!
    Entrepreneurialism is a capitalist lie! Rugged individualism is another capitalist lie!
    Capitalism is not love thy neighbor which means make sure NO ONE ON EARTH is STARVING!
    Make sure everyone has all their needs met, while capitalism is PROFITS ABOVE ALL ELSE, PROFITS FOR THE FEW RICH OWNERS!

    So capitalists are all insane mass murderers! Because capitalism produced communism! (FL)

    Communism means all people own all things worldwide, which obviously sounds more SANE than letting just a few rich people own everything, and evil corporations which are actually modern SLAVE PLANTATIONS! Once again, because the WAGE IS SLAVERY!

    Think if you have a brain: why aren’t all families in USA able to join gyms? LOW WAGE!
    Why don’t all families take vacations, flying far away for many weeks? LOW WAGE!
    Why can’t all people in USA (including illegal immigrants) buy ALL TYPES of insurance (idols)? Low wage!
    Why can’t all people in USA buy cars and houses? Low wage!
    Why can’t all people afford high (& low) rent? LOW WAGE!
    Why can’t all people in USA buy the healthiest food? Low wage!
    …pay bills on time? Low wage!
    And on and on.

    Capitalists don’t know that THEY caused all the famines that they say were caused by communism!

    Capitalists think it’s right to give all the money to a few rich people, and leave billions to starve to death!

    Capitalists don’t know that we should have built only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide, by all working part time!
    And capitalists don’t know that we were all forced to need money over the millennia (WCRTW page 252), so we shouldn’t need money, and then the world will be cashless, which is happening now! And most money is just numbers in computers now, so that shows it’s time to eliminate money, and thus, destroy capitalism!
    And then we’d end world poverty, proving further that capitalism is/was WRONG!
    And no one can save capitalism, the evil beast, aka Satan, the Devil, which is amazingly IN THE BIBLE!
    Revelation 18:11 “…and the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her [the harlot capitalism] because NO ONE BUYS THEIR JUNK any more”! See all of Revelation 18 for the destruction of capitalism! And it warns capitalists to “get out of her” turn against capitalism, if only in your heart, because for now we’re still forced to need money to buy food!
    Then every person worldwide will have free lifetime computer learning, with no more schools or colleges, and all people will BE doctors and scientists, to some degree,
    And we can all help destroy capitalism by NOT BUYING ANYTHING, especially from corporations, which are slave plantations, remember above??!

    And automation also means dumb capitalists are destroying themselves, because when no one has a job/income no one will be able to buy their junk, including food in USA!

    After capitalism is dead, all people will have free computer learning lifelong. And everyone will be doctors and scientists, to whatever their desire and ability.
    Then all people can work part time, cleaning up the EARTH, while recycling everything.
    Because that will end world poverty! And that goal should be the only goal!

    When you BUY something, the rich are richer and you’re poorer! Save every penny for the coming apocalypse when all jobs are eliminated by automation! And your houses and vehicles are destroyed by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, tsunamis, ETC!

  5. Don’t let them rebuild! Leave them homeless like most people worldwide
    because there are NO JOBS! NO JOBS!
    Let Americans feel what it’s been like for billions of people worldwide
    who we left starving because there were only jobs in USA!
    Leave all Americans homeless and starving joining billions worldwide!

  6. Prayer is saying that you’re going to do something, without actually doing anything. Besides, didn’t the Invisible Man in the Sky cause the flooding? Maybe the people of Kentucky pissed him off? Too much inbreeding?

  7. Where’s Mitch and Rand ? You’d think since it’s their home , they’d be there helping their constituents. Kentucky, please vote for ppl w your best interest at heart.

  8. So, he says " We have to recognize that there have been more jobs now more than any in the course of the United States History." What a bunch of Hogwash! People can't get to work or buy any food for their families if the price of gas keeps going up.

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