At least 16 people are dead in Kentucky floods

At least 16 people, including two children, are dead from devastating floods in Kentucky. Gov. Andy Beshear said he expects that number to “get a lot higher.”


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  4. Absolutely nothing could’ve been done to prevent this from happening!! This was an act of Mother Nature! It’s so easy for people not from eastern Kentucky to point fingers and play the blame game but truth be told eastern Kentucky is nothing but small hollers with homes next to creeks there isn’t anywhere else to put a home but next to creek and when it rains for a week straight the creeks are going to rise no amount of drainage is going to stop the water period !!! This was was an act of God !!

  5. Climate change is here and getting worse. This area is dominated by people who deny it and hate government handouts yet vote republican, the party who denies climate change and does not care about people. VOTE DEMOCRAT FOOLS!!

  6. When I hear about people in some western states talking about water shortages, I think if there was a way for them to get some of our rain. The trouble with Kentucky rain is that it usually rains so much each time. It doesn't rain like it does in Washington state. The flood of 1977 was horrible but I believe people had more warning. We didn't lose anyone back then. My condolences to all those people 🙏

  7. This is happening in Ky because Mitch McConnel is to blame. After all, he does not care about the people of KY. So, McConnell just lies through his teeth, good providence but screws his base in the ass. McConnell is a climate change denier and a despotic and deadbeat politician, and these morons still vote for him.

  8. The 1921 storm in central Texas was 38inches of rain in one day. Brushy Creek was 10miles wide. I can't even imagine that happening today. Those storms in Kentucky sound similar, where you'd never expect a creek to suddenly be the size of a huge river.

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