House Oversight Committee to question top gun-makers about role in gun violence

A critical House Oversight Committee hearing will press top gun manufacturers for answers to the rampant gun violence epidemic in the U.S. and how they market their weapons.

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32 thoughts on “House Oversight Committee to question top gun-makers about role in gun violence

  1. Why isn’t liberals blaming every cell phone maker and cellular company for every traffic death and injury due to distractive driving?
    Oh that’s right, because those companies are woke too and contribute to their campaigns

  2. In Breaking News, The Butterfly Effect is real!!!

    Here is my analysis, if YouTube stop blocking and removing my comments 😒

    Hhhhmmm. I said this before and I will say it again.

    "The Butterfly Effect" After A Mass Shooting

    What did the shooter (The Joker), that clown in Uvalde, TX said to the students? In summary, from different YouTube News channels.
    • 18 yr old background check shows he is good to go. As other background checks that shows mass shooters they are good to go.
    • 18 yr old buy some tools that are currently trending and advertised as WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Go and have fun.
    • 18 yr old goes to elementary school where it all started & planted a seed, a "Butterfly Effect", for more mass shootings yet to come.
    • 18 yr old burst into class
    • 18 yr old says a joke to the students,  "what our elite leaders, The Sons of the Patriots, say to the kids of the future?"
    • 18 yr old look at the kids, dead in their eyes with a smile and say these last words, "YOU HAVE NO FUTURE", "IT'S TIME TO DIE"

    Wow. For a dark humor, it is a terrifying reality and a tough pill to swallow.

    Welcome to Jurassic Park lol.
    Welcome to America lol.
    Welcome to The Circle of Life, America Circle of Life.

    America Circle of Life: You born, you become the shooter or get shot at, you die. Rinse & Repeat.

    How much you want to bet, the kids that survive mass shootings will grow up

    A) purchasing a weapon for self-defense, since they learned the truth that cops failed them or

    B) purchasing a weapon and become the next mass shooter because they learned the truth that cops failed them and will fail again.

    When there is a hero, there will always be a villain.

  3. From the movie Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage. Is what criminals wants to keep promoting and advertising in our divided but still strong country, "CAAAARNNAAAGGEE!"

    Let me make this crystal clear. Just because people like me that are dealing with mental health issues – like Anxiety and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – DOES NOT indicate all types of people, like me, are criminals, potential mass shooters, homicidal or deranged citizen that is Coco for Cocoa Puffs – laugh out loud 😅😂 – and what not. We don't got time for that lol.

    If you think I'm a threat for just speaking of what I think is true or facts, then watch these two fine gentlemen that says it best. And remember, I'm black, they are white 🤨.

    Do you know how many times I hear people repeatedly say, "I never thought it can happen to me, or us, or here in this bla bla bla"? Too many times. And yet, something tells me this is not gonna be the last time someone will say the exact same thing or similar to conclude the exact same meaning.

    It is getting old when people think we are still living in a peaceful society, that a mass shooter won't hit their home, or a criminal won't hit their home.

    That is why I armed up to defend myself at home from home intruders and criminals by following Castle Doctrine, which is similar to Stand Your Ground Law. I also carry my Byrna Launcher SD (Nonlethal CO2 Self Defense Handgun) a Byrna Bullet Resistant Back Pack with Bleeding Control Kit, and Byrna Banshee: a military-grade, 130dB personal safety alarm capable of producing an ear-piercing alert that draws attention to you and thwarts potential attacks, when out and about.

    Thank you white supremacist fuc🖕🏽s. I am now awake and I am now aware. It is sad that many are not.

  4. Mass shooting is now become a competitive game for unethical and dangerous people. It's become a game of which one can do it better. That's why we are seeing a new trend, a dangerous and unethical trend, mass shootings. We see that a trend of mass shootings right now surpassed the counts from last year; and we are only in the middle of this year 😳😥.

    Remember, back then we didn't have constant mass shootings, we had constant serial killings. Serial killers did not have ARs, they used knives, chainsaws, an ax, a machete, a tool that can kill silently, and all that. The ideology and method of killing has change as we change in this world.

    Waste of sperms at its finest. Their moms should have swallowed them; their dads should have worn a condom. Now we have to deal with these waste of sperms because they are one of many reasons why I have to go above and beyond to feel safe nowadays.

  5. In Breaking News, Let There Be CARNAGE!!!

    Here is my analysis, if YouTube stop blocking & removing my comments 😒

    As politicians, law makers, legislators, elite leaders are going backwards; potential  mass shooters are going forward.

    Potential Mass shooters are watching and taking notes of what the last mass shooter did right and what they did wrong. 

    I told a friend that the civilians were lucky because if that shooter in Highland Park, Illinois 4th of July Parade planned it better on collecting more body counts, instead of escaping,  he could have hid among the people in the parking lot, the parking garage or store, then surprised everyone by shooting right then and there, within the group that tried to hide from him.

    THANK THE GODS that he didn't plan it like that; he would have collected more body counts and just set the bar for future potential mass shooters to surpass. 😥

  6. The only Universal Language criminals understands clearly when you speak to them – using "Castle Doctrine Law" or "Stand Your Ground Law" – is Gun Language. Point, blank, period. 🤨

    Here are 3 videos that clearly shows criminals will continue to go out their way in getting guns to hurt good people like us. So we need to go out our way to get guns to defend ourselves and our families from them – by following the "Castle Doctrine" or "Stand Your Ground Law".

    I pray you heed my warnings and purchased some protection:
    Byrna Launcher SD (Non-Lethal CO2 Self Defense Handgun) – NON-LETHAL! A Byrna Bullet Resistant Back Pack that also comes with a Bleeding Control Kit (also sold separately), and Byrna Banshee (also sold separately): a military-grade, 130dB personal safety alarm capable of producing an ear-piercing alert that draws attention to you and thwarts potential attacks, when out and about.

    Because if you don't due to the level of trust in the police department that still have crooked cops or cops that lacks critical thinking skills, to save you on time, like they are freaking Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, or any of the Justice League, like time will stop/pause for you until a cop comes by, when a criminal sees you, your business, your home as an opportunity, and if you don't speak the language (gun language) criminals only understand, then you are as GOOD AS DEAD. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD 🤨.

  7. I brought 1 shotgun because my eyes woke up after the Top Supermarket Mass Shooting by that white supremacists clown 🤡, then followed with Uvalde TX school mass shooting.
    Then slowly I start buying ARs. But then I brought more ARs than attended because my own left wing party are targeting ARs. Like it's the AR fault for gun violence that happens since gun exists.

  8. In Breaking News, It's The ArmaLite Rifle Fault 🤭!!!

    It's the AR fault 🤭🤣. Yup! Always has been. Blame it on the AR 15 🤸🏼‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️ . Wait what. An ArmaLite Rifle was not used 🤔? Are you sure? No, well then we cannot use this to fit our narrative, to ban ArmaLite Rifles 😒. Only give us news when an AR was used 🤭🤣.

    In Breaking News, It's Not The ArmaLite Rifle fault, it's you!!!

    YouTube stop blocking/removing my comment 🤨.

    You Can't Handle The Truth.

    Stop indoctrinating everyone, including kids, in having them to believe it's the AR fault. 
    I'm tired of you 🤬ucks saying "Ban Assault Rifles". How about you do your homework, go review every and I say EVERY gun violence, which also includes mass shootings, and remember what we define a mass shooting you "peons", and tell me what weapons were used more often. I bet you it's not an AR 15 🤨. Stop saying it's the AR fault. It's the people. It's you. It's me. It's freaking everybody.

    These protesters screaming "Ban ARs" need a friend. Here is an AR fam, so you can feel empowered, safe, and have something to defend you and your family from criminals. Oh you want to wait for police. Is that right? Oh you didn't see the Uvalde, TX "mass shooting" video regarding the blues stopping the killer and saving lies 🤔? Look how useful those roasters 🐓 and cows 🐄  (cowards) were 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣.

    Check this out. What happened to the fundings that was supposedly go to the school for better security, to have doors fixed on time the moment it was reported broken,  to have doors that didn't lock when it was supposed to, to have radios that actually work in the areas attended for, to have a shooter alarm to warn everyone, and school security officer at all times? Huh. You speak garbage to ignore THE FACTS that Uvalde failed, TO THE MAX, to prevent that killer, and any future school shooters from accomplishing his/her goal.

    If this does not get your attention and the attention it needs to make all the necessary change/upgrades to programs and protection of the school as it was supposedly be implemented from the beginning, and the change of law enforcement engagements that we see, time after time after time, showing they are protecting themselves and not protecting us, and not protecting  our children, THEN NOTHING WILL!

  9. Are all alcohol companies liable for domestic violence and dui drivers. So I guess maybe Pelosi’s husband driving intoxicated should make the auto makers and alcohol producers liable? Stupidity is rampant in this country. White Supremacy again? What isn’t white supremacy? Keep grasping for straws. Isn’t going to stop the red wave in November. People are suffering because they can’t pay their bills. That’s what’s on the ballot. This Copperfield switch tactic isn’t going to work.

  10. Gun makers made over a billion dollars sense the cov . Its been reported
    How many of these politicians have made money in stocks from that ? Let’s ask Nancy’s husband.

  11. Soundbyte theatre…. She’s just looking for campaign ad bytes in her quest to keep her seat vs Jerry “The Penguin” Nadler. The hearing was just as much of a clown show as the Judiciary committee on HR1808 was.

  12. I don't care if they make guns. I just do not think they need to mass market.
    I do not need to be on a bi-weekly mailing list with blowout sales every week.

  13. Taiwan's deputy defense minister was a spy for the Chinese Communist Party. There are many spies in Taiwan's society, from technical positions to high-ranking officials, who were bought for black money from China. There is information that TSMC leaks the blueprints for foundry semiconductors commissioned by the US and Europe to China, and when a stealth aircraft such as the F-35 is introduced to Taiwan, the US stealth technology and electronic warfare information will be sent to China due to spies who secretly covert the key positions in Taiwanese society. It is very likely to leak. This is why the US should join hands with South Korea's Samsung rather than Taiwan's TSMC

    Foxconn, one of Taiwan's leading companies, and SMIC, a Chinese foundry, and Tsinghua Uni, a leading Chinese semiconductor design and manufacturing company, entered bankruptcy restructuring procedures. It is a part of the Chinese authorities to revive the strategic semiconductor industry. The Taiwanese authorities say they will come up with an excuse that it happened without approval, but it is questionable whether such a thing happened without acquiescence at this point. This can be evidence that there are a lot of pro-Chinese spies in Taiwan's politics and industry in general.

  14. What about the Democrat Party's role in gun violence? Every Democrat policy is harmful to people, especially to minorities and in cities controlled by Democrats. In addition, their anti-God, anti-white, anti-America, anti-police, gender-confused woke agenda promotes anger and mental illness that pushes people to the breaking point and violence.

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