Mike Pence is trying to define ‘his own political future’: Sarah Isgur l ABCNL

ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke with former Trump administrator Sarah Isgur about the Donald Trump-Mike Pence campaign rivalry.

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29 thoughts on “Mike Pence is trying to define ‘his own political future’: Sarah Isgur l ABCNL

  1. I would vote for Mike Pence because after what trump did he should be the president. Vote for someone that not going to destroy America and not someone that lies.!

  2. Pence .The lesser of two evils .
    Though he's a delusional christian religious believer that wants to force his beliefs on the rest of the American people by taking away women's rights and freedoms to their own bodies, discriminating against gay people and forcing the false teaching of biblical creationism in schools denying the scientific facts and reality !

  3. The bad people and the enemy's never like when the truth comes out and get expose for there lies and b.s in the United States and the world 🌎🌍…EVERYONE MUST READ THIS IF ANYBODY INTERESTED….They lawyering up because they know they are guilty…why text messages only get deleted in those Pacific days 🚩🚩🚩🤔 secret service agents are corrupt and ain't following the rules and act high and mighty 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩 under oath they will face the truth and now secret service needs a whole new update and fully background checks every 6months….🚩🚩🚩⚖️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗄️🗄️… Thomas family are all guilty and wife and husband need to step down and face the truth…to all the people who go against the subpoena and don't want to come in will face the truth and will face the punishment by all counts guilty and they broke there oath to Constitution as Trump organization did as well… people who got subpoenas in the pass and try to run will face punishment and to those who follow 🚩🚩🚩⚖️📕📕🤝🏽….All the information will come out and it will not stop until there punished…Garland gots all the information and knows there's big crimes committed but will be stand with the truth⚖️🚩🤔📰📰📰🗂️….The truth always come out and the bad people never like when the truth is out and to those who run and don't come in know they are hiding…Constitution ⚖️📜⚖️🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩⚖️📜💥🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🕵🏽🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️📕📝they all guilty in everything from fundraising and donations from the people as there LAWYERS needs to to lose there licenses and (under oath) the truth will come out and they can not run from it as all the organizations of the Trump tree and CEOs…They all guilty in all counts most of knew and can not run from it they started the riots in the United States and then took it to capital and started attacking the cops and breaking into the building and smashing everything and then cry about it when 🚩🚩🚩🚩🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🕵🏽🕵🏽🕵🏽🚔🚔🚔🚔when cut red handed doing the crimes because they didn't want to believe the truth that Trump had lost and Joe Biden won and started the big lie of his b.s through out the United States while the Republicans followed Trump and there organizations of CEOs and others and then blame everything on the good people of the United States for standing with the truth and the PROFF and Information is all over the news channels and else where and the world knows the truth …(Trump sat behind the TV and watch the attack happen and was happy and then got mad because they didn't succeeded and to top it off it was all planned by the Trump organizations and there followers where mad to and planed something and didn't succeed and failed as there followers failed and all guilty in all counts and the Trump organization as well for there crimes they did and breaking there oath of the Constitution and office and nobody can't not run no more and be stripped away everything they owed of every stepping into office or president and to those who follow will face punishment as well and to those who help to).. WHEN Trump and the Trump family, McConnell, Cruz, Graham, Harley, McCarthy, Gaetz, Bannon, Stone, Jordan, Greene and MANY OTHERS GOT MAD and started calling other states and threaten them and trump to stop counting the counts and to overturn the elections and many other things…🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️🗃️📕📕📕📝📝📝📝📝📝📝📝📝📝🤭📚📚📚📚📚📚📚🌐🌐♟️⚖️📌📌📌📌📌📍📍📍📍📍🗄️🗄️🗄️🗂️📂📰📰📰📰📰📰📰🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖🕢🕗🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚🕦📜🚩…we the people can make a change for the better future for the family's and friends in the United States and world 🌎🌍🚩..In the Constitution they try to follow but then yet under oath they break it every time and when the Constitution is under threat and is being harmed it can reinforce and make new laws to protect the Constitution and good people of the world as most organizations and trump and most Republicans take advantage of the system and people…

  4. JAIL 'STUPID' 2022.

    Americans say Jan 6 is the 'Big Lie' while the Rest of the World says Jan 6 is 'Gullible Americans'.

    'Stupid' FUND RAISED off his DEAD WIFE Ivana.


  5. I have an obvious question: Stump was impeached! Doesn't that prevent him or any other former president bar him from ever holding public office again??? He was impeached 2 times! Nixon was impeached & left office. Clinton was impeached, he finished his terms. Come on every body!, We all know what he is like, & how he acted like a temper tantrum little boy who didn't get his way & terrorized the Republican party & made empty threats, hid in the White House until it was time for him to depart the White House & left a mess for Biden's administration to clean up after him. Then made threats about more to come. He was hinting about the capitol. He doesn't deserve to get another chance. It's constitutionally wrong!. Stump doesn't care for our nation one bit. Every time I see his property in Vegas, I get sick to my stomach. Who would want to work for him?. Not me. I pray that he is not nominated- He is not eligible. He will repeat the actions he did the 1st time. Our nation's reputation, & our safety will again be placed in a risky position. NOT HIM!.

  6. Shout out to George Floyd on 792 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!!!

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