Sesame Place lawsuit

The theme park is being sued for $25 million following alleged incidents of racial discrimination at the park. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii has more.


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  1. Another fake racism! These fake news media trying to start a race war. Some of these people in costumes are black so this will get thrown out of Court. There parents are crazy 🤪. The real facts will come out, like the Nick Sandmann incident where he won defamation lawsuits against these fake news media. Fake news. 🤣

  2. I remember when I was younger and I was at Chuck E. Cheese. The person in the costume didn't interact with anyone. I remember him being rude towards me. It wad awkward, but I got on with my life. People today just have thin skin and feel entitled.

  3. Top 10 Techniques used to CONCEAL the system of white supremacy racism:

    1. Denying: totally ignoring racism or simply asserting that racism does not exist.

    2. Deflecting: insisting that any inequality is based on class, culture, ethnicity, family values… anything, but race. Or using words like “diversity” or “ethnicity” when you’re really talking about race –– because any acknowledgement of race may be an admission that there’s racism.

    3. Coding: using certain words, symbols and images to evoke racial fears––but not explicitly mentioning race––so as not to appear racist. (Words such as “gang member,” “illegal alien,” and “welfare queen”––all frequently associated with images of people of color––are routinely and strategically inserted into policy debates. Political ads––such as President Bush Sr.’s use of the Willie Horton ad to conjure up white fears of black men, or former California Governor Pete Wilson’s ads of undocumented immigrants––were racist tools used to win elections.)

    4. Confusing: cleverly appointing token Black people to positions to act as spokespersons or leaders to promote and justify racist measures or deny that something is racist.

    5. Personalizing: blaming individuals, instead of institutions, for anything that may seem unequal or racist.

    6. Exceptionalizing: acknowledging that there may be an extremist or “bad apple” responsible for a racist act, but never conceding that there is any institutional accountability or systemic inequality.

    7. Scapegoating: holding people who are adversely affected by racism responsible for their own plight, blaming things on their “pathological” value and lifestyles, such as laziness, promiscuity or lack of “personal responsibility.”

    8. Mythologizing: appealing to the great American myths: anyone who tries can succeed (myth of meritocracy); everyone/everything is equal (myth of the level playing field), or race is irrelevant (colorblind myth), etc.

    9. Decontextualizing: ignoring the context of racism so that things appear to be isolated incidents, rather than part of a pattern or bigger picture. The evening television news is notorious for this, portraying, for example, a violent crime in a black neighborhood without any examination of the causes or.context. Similarly, when white people raise charges of so-called “reverse racism,” it ignores history, white privilege and the ongoing existence of a very uneven playing field.

    10. Lying: simply asserting that racism doesn’t exist even when you know it does. It’s easier to lie since telling the truth might mean having to admit responsibility. In fact, sometimes the bigger the lie, the more people believe it.

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  4. Some people are upset and suing for money they will never get. So what? Africa is rich in minerals but Africans live in horrendous poverty. European countries, Asia, Russia are raping the land of resources. In South Africa the indigenous people serve the colonists with about a quarter of the population living on less than $2.50 US a day. Stop crying when black people try to get some money. It does not compare to the permanent HIDEOUS greed of other races. Black people would not be here if non black countries did not establish a slave market where human beings, who were not prisoners of war, were kidnapped and ripped from their families because non blacks did not want to pay an honest wage for labor. Instead they forced the kidnapped human beings to perform their work for no pay. They even took their identities and sold their wives and children as property. The kidnapping of human beings and forced labor without pay directly contributed to the economic rise and power of the United States. Black Americans are America. You are welcome.

  5. JEEZUS, I see black characters dancing in the parade, Bunch of Opportunists! And where in the heck did they come up with $25 million!? I wouldn't touch 'them' either because parents like 'that' would sue you for assault on their children.

  6. There was no racism. I've been a child who wasn't "high fived" , raised my hand to volunteer and felt left out . Also the last time the mascot was black. So maybe a light bulb would go off in these peoples heads about now.

  7. It looks like the kids are in front of her. When they get high five she goes into to get on le but the character has moved on. Kid needs to get in position in the front row and not wait for somone to offer a high five needs to be proactive about it.

    It is not racism the kid just sucks. Why is this a news story?

  8. I’m thinking back 50 years ago when I was 10 years old. I distinctly remember Mickey Mouse not giving me a high five. Do you think I can get $25 mil for that

  9. I personally suspect that the person in the costume is following an agreed code made by fellow workers. If they see a child on the yellow line they justify a nasty snub by following the rule to the letter. Anyone who has a job knows this kind of dirty behavior. I used to drive a semi. Hostile truckers consider anything on four wheels to be the enemy. Yes, they cut you off on purpose and pretend not to see you. They literally do not care if you are harmed. In fact, the bad ones will put you in harms way.

  10. A bunch of bs. The only racist is the parent, teaching her kids how to be a black Karen. Thats how racism is kept alive,making up scenarios and convincing their kids everyone in America is racist, dumbass.

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